Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème

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Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème is a permanent hair colour with leading shades, even salon shades for up to 10 minutes. The ergonomically engineered brush delivers salon quality application. No roots, no greys.

Available in 7 shades.

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Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème


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Handy for at home root fix

This hair dye is quite useful for root touch-ups and is great with colour matching. The brush applicator it comes with makes applying the dye very easy. Whenever I need to retouch my dark roots, this is the dye I use. Also it is is gentle and not damaging to my hair.
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Disappointing not enough product to do my hair

I recieved this to review. I am very disappointed and wouldn't recommend. You get the tiniest tube of colour and developer it is not enough to do the roots on your whole head. I got the light blonde shade and the 10min time to develop is not enough at all, 40min later and my roots are still brown. I now look like I am going for 90s grunge blonde with patchy regrowth. Just buy the full sized colour product.
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Great coverage

This product came just in time for my regrowth. The instruction were very easy to follow and the product easy to mix and use. l did leave mine on for an extra 15 minutes as my regrowth was pretty bad to my surprise it did cover all of my greys. My hair felt very soft after l used this creme and l will be using this on a regular basis now.
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Easyy to apply, great coverage.

This was a great product to use. Very simple to mix and apply as well as having a pleasant fragrance. Great even coverage over grey roots however I didn't feel as though it held the colour for as long as I would have liked. By the end of the second week, I was wanting to cover it again. A good product to get me by if I can't get in to my regular salon when I need to.
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A little disappointed

I was so excited to try Clairol Root Touch-Up Permanent Crème in Reddish brown as I get greys and was looking to try something to cover them in between my visits to my hairdresser. I have to say I have mixed feelings about this product. It has so much going for it and promised so much but honestly I was left a little disappointed. It is a really easy to use and I absolutely loved that I could touch up my greys with ease using the brush applicator and I did it with ease and no mess whatsoever which I loved. There was none of that horrible smell that you get so often with hair dyes instead it was a pleasant smell and nothing like a strong chemical smell. I waited the 10 minutes for the colour to work and then rinsed and dried my hair. I was a little deflated as it didn’t work as well as I thought. I’m not sure if it’s because I have very thick curly hair or it just isn’t a strong enough dye. I think for some people it will be a fantastic product but just not for me.
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Handy for touch-ups

I found this product easy to use and quite effective for covering my bit of grey regrowth at my temples and hairline but like all DIY colours nothing seems to hold to the greys for too long. I’ve only given four stars as I still prefer to mix my own colour because I can customise my shade and it’s a lot more economical when I have to cover those greys every couple of weeks but if you’re not confident with DIY and prefer a box dye then this one is actually fairly good. The range of colours is a bit limited so you may need to pull the colour a little further through your hair to get a good blend. I actually prefer the Clairol Root Touch-Up Colour Blending Gel as there are quite a few applications in the tube and although it may not be quite as effective and long lasting as the permanent creme it’s a lot more economical.
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It only took 10 minutes to develop

I normally dye my own hair a chestnut brown colour which takes well over an hour to do at home. I was very excited to trial Clairol Root Touch-up which takes just 10 minutes to develop. I found everything I needed in the box including a mixing tray and application brush. I chose 5R Medium Auburn which matched my current colour. Although the colour cream and lotion were quite small there was more than enough to colour the hairline around my face and part with some left over. I used the excess to colour on either side of my part so I didn’t have to part the exact same spot every time. I was quite impressed with the results. Even though I had coloured only a fraction of what I normally would a lot quicker than usual my hair looked so much better than before. I would highly recommend Clairol Root Touch-up for in between full colours or if you are rushed before an event for a hair refresh.
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Easy and fast. Great for touch ups

I like this product. I gave it the after ‘work mid week test ‘to see if it really was easy, and it was. I didn’t make a mess and the brush was easy to use. The colour was strong and lasted well. I’ll used it again
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Quite Impressed

The Clairol Root touch-up I chose was Light Brown (6) it has covered my grey roots. I found it extremely easy to empty the contents of the tube and the bottle into the provided bowl and to thoroughly mix until it was all completely blended. I also found that it was easy to apply the colour to my visible roots with the brush. I made sure to saturate those roots with the colour left it on for 10 minutes and then rinsed it off. This is the first time that I have tried to cover the grey roots myself and I am so far very pleased with the results. I will have no hesitation in colouring my grey roots in the future as it is a perfect way to extend the time between having a full hair colour at my hairdressers. Thank you very much Beauty Crew for giving me the opportunity to try this product.
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Efficient Application to Rid Greys

One of the easiest hairdye product I have ever used. The applicator makes the process fuss free as the dye gets evenly distributed on the hair without the usual big staining of my hands . The amount was also more than sufficient as I not only applied on my greys but almost the entire of my bob style. Excellent for people who want to cover their greys in a flash.
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Girls Best Friend

As someone who has dyed her hair for the majority of her life, anything to speed up that process is a god send. I was slightly skeptical of the time guidelines, but let me tell you, this product does not disappoint. Quick, easy and efficient, colour was a beautiful blonde shade. No mess, no fuss and most importantly it didnt waste half of my day. I had never thought to try such a profduct before but this may now be my go to product in between full hair dyes. It smells typical of your normal hair dyes but doesnt react badly to my dry scalp. Would purchase.
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Colour and So Much More!

I have been a Clairol Nice and Easy user for more years than I want to admit. I've tried other brands, even had my hair coloured professionally, but I always come back. I've been wanting to try this for quite some time now and I'm so glad I did! It took a little bit of fiddling and practice to get the hang of the application brush, but once I did it was so easy! Same wonderful colour, shine, and texture. Clairol goes beyond just colouring your hair (and now happily just my roots when they need it) - my hair actually looks and feels better when I use it. It's easier to style, and holds the style longer. And the shine! Nothing else compares. Why would I spend over a hundred dollars for a root touch up in a salon when all I need is an hour of "me time" and this magic little box. This does what it says and more!
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Great grey coverage in 10 minutes

This is a great, single use hair colour designed to quickly and efficiently fix grey roots. I was impressed that the universal shades are designed to match various hair colour brands. Therefore the Dark Brown shade I tried did match my previously coloured hair well. The root touch up kit contains a precise application brush that lets you apply the hair colour directly to roots. It has a creme formula so there’s no dripping or red, irritated eyes! The hair colour does work in 10 minutes and after rinsing, I was so pleased that majority of my grey hairs were gone! I think this is a must-have product for a quick and hassle-free way to cover grey hairs.
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Perfect solution between colors

I was very excited to try out the new root touch up. The results were fantastic, perfect color match with the medium blond I usually use. The product was very easy to apply and only 10 mins waiting before quick. I am finding as my hair is turning more grey, the roots seem to be more visible much more quickly and this is the perfect quick fix. Will definitely purchase in the future.
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Great to extend salon visits to hide pesky greys

I normally struggle to use home dye kits and rely on my hairdresser to do a full head of foils nearly every visit to try and cover my increasing greys. This is not only expensive, but extremely time consuming. The root touch up is perfect for in between colour sessions as it is inexpensive, super easy to apply and actually covers all the greys - which foils can miss. There is no nasty smell when colouring or after either. I would highly recommend this to anyone with greys that might not be able to get to the salon as regularly as their greys seem to think they need to.
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Excellent at home colour

This is a great at home hair product. The time it saves is so good especially when you don’t have the time or the money to visit a hairdresser. Excellent coverage and also super easy to apply. Blended well and really took no time at all. There was a good amount of product so I was able to really get a good amount where it was needed! Another thing I liked as well was that it didn’t have a strong smell like others I have used in the past. All of these reasons would make me want to use it again and so highly recommend this to anyone.
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Great result & Easy to use!

I was so excited to receive this product, since I haven’t tried Clairol before. I used different brand and so far haven’t been satisfied with the result. Clairol root touch up was so easy to use, didn’t leave unnecessary mess and the most important thing was , it really cover my white hairs that start growing around my face. It has been almost 2 wks now since the first application and still stay put. Love it!
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Clairol root touch up so Easy !!!!

Wow, What a product! It just saved me a trip to the hairdresser and so easy to use. 15 minutes is all you need to look revamped. Root Touch Up is a great product for me as a busy women on the go. It only took me 15 minutes prior to my shower following the instructions. Grey hairs on my temples were gone immediately. The colour I used was Dark Brown No 4. It makes my hair look really natural. All up, a great product to use and I will definitely use this again.
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A fantastic solution for inbetween colourings!

I have very white/grey hair so my roots come through looking very visible very quickly. This is a fantastic option that is quick and effective and covers those pesky noticeable greys without a load of fuss or a great mess! Very easy to use just having to mix the colour and the developer in the little pot provided. Pop on the gloves and grab the brush (also both provided) and you have everything you need. Once applied to the most noticeable hairs like on the hairline and part it takes only 10 minutes to take effect before you can simply wash it off in the shower. The colour blends in nicely with the remainder of my hair and looks very natural. One word of advice though - make sure you put some moisturiser or vaseline on your forehead or remove any product overspill as soon as possible as it does stain the skin quite quickly and is difficult to remove. If you have hair like mine that grows quite quickly and you need to cover up those grey/white hairs sooner than later after your colour, then this product is definitely for you!
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good coverage in short time.

Tried it 1 weeks ago I followed the instructions on 10 to 15min. It comes with a small application brush and small plastic tub? to mix 2 mixture of colors. Love the brush very much its very easy to put it on the roots&side of your hair line. But it stingy at first and it gets ok. The result was pretty good covered about 95% of grey hair but I can tell its not completely covered. Maybe if I live it between 15 to 20 min will have better results. Thank you for letting me try this product i find it very happy with the result will definitely buy it for sure.