Clarins Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel

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Clarins Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel is a gel that immediately soothes feelings of uncomfortable skin while deeply hydrating and refreshing it. It also helps protect skin from external aggression and redness appears reduced while helping to promote a more even skin tone thanks to the formula’s pearls and pigments. White horehound extract helps protect against the harmful effects of pollution, while clary sage has beneficial and soothing properties. 95% of its ingredients are from natural origin.


Clarins Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel


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Soothes redness, hydrates skin

This is a really hydrating gel that is perfect for soothing and calming redness. It is a light avocado green colour and works to correct skin discolouration and soothe redness and I love that it’s natural. I tend to get a lot of redness around my nose area and I noticed after using this gel for only a week my skin looked and felt calmer and the red on my nose was much less. It is light and comfortable to wear with a pleasant scent and lasts quite well. It comes in the classic red and white packaging clarins is famous for and it’s a high quality product. I use the gel after cleansing and moisturising and it’s really hydrating and soothing. Love it and would buy this product again

Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel

I applied the Clarins Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel over my emulsion on days where my skin is red. The redness corrective gel is light green in colour and I found that it had the same light slightly floral like scent that the emulsion and oil also has. When using the redness corrective gel my skin had the sensation of instant relied and comfort. After a few weeks of use on days where my skin was red and needed extra comfort I have found the redness corrective gel provided instant comfort to my skin.


The Clarins Calm-essentiel Redness corrective gel comes in a white box with the classic Clarins red writing. The tube itself is once again white with the red writing and pink detailing around the neck of the tube. To use this gel I first cleansed my skin, toned, applied my Clarins Calm-essentiel Soothing emulsion mixed with Clarins Calm-essentiel Restoring treatment oil and then went to apply the gel. I used this as part of my morning skincare routine. I removed the lid and had to pump it around 25 times for the gel to come out. The gel itself is green in colour. A light creamy green like pistachio ice cream to be more descriptive. It's thick and is the same consistency of the Clarins Emulsion. It also smells the same as the Clarins Calm-essentiel Soothing emulsion. I found that 1 pump was the perfect amount for me and I patted it all over my face. I tend to be a bit red under my eye area at the top of my cheeks and around my nose. It absorbed into my skin quickly and my skin felt very happy and hydrated. It didn't leave my skin feeling oily or looking shiny. After about 1 hour I noticed that the areas of my face that do tend to be red looked much better and were no longer red. My skin looking calmed and also felt calm and relaxed whist being super hydrated and looked luminous. After a few weeks of using this I have noticed how calm and relaxed my skin looks. It's longer looking red and bothered. It honestly feels so calm and hydrated like never before. Has to be used with in 18 months from opening.