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Clarins Lip Comfort Oil is a nourishing lip oil that’s always glossy and never sticky. Its formula is enriched with 93% naturally-sourced ingredients, including ultra-moisturising Jojoba and Hazelnut oils, as well as Organic Sweetbriar Rose oil to protect against environmental damage. Wear alone for a sheer tint of colour, over your favourite lippy for added shine, or use Shade 01 Honey as an evening lip mask before bed. Available in eight shades, five of which contain intelligent pigments that react to your lips’ pH level for a made-to-measure shade that’s as unique as you! Discover the shade range: 01 Honey, 02 Raspberry, 03 Cherry, 04 Pitaya, 05 Apricot, 08 Strawberry, 09 Chocolate and 10 Plum.


Clarins Lip Comfort Oil


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Clarins Lip Comfort Oil 03

This is one of my all time favourite products. I have been using this since the packaging was a rectangular prism and 03 was called "red berry". I love how nourishing the formula is - It's also lightweight and "melts" into the skin without being sticky. The colour is very subtle, so don't be alarmed by the colour to the naked eye - I see this as a wonderful lip tint and a great alternative to lip colours when you want a change. The tip is much larger than your average lip gloss for smooth application. I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a great all in one product.
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Your new go-to!

This lip oil lip gloss is honestly a game changer, hand on my heart haven't tried a lip product that I love this much in so long! The applicator is so lovely and soft on the lips, I cant go passed without giving a mention to it. The Lip oi/gloss itself is wonderful, nourishes my lips with the faintest tint and delicious scent, this one is a winner. The only aspect that stops me from buying a billion of them is the price tag. A little bit of a splurge for an everyday wear however, you wont be disappointed.
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Really great lip oil!

Amazing texture, smell and feel. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is definitely one of the better lip oils I have tried. The texture is so smooth, and the applicator feels amazing on your lips. I have used the Raspberry flavour and the smell is so delicious!! If there were to be one downside, I would say the product doesn't last that long on your lips, and I felt it would dry up within about 15 mins and would feel the need to re-apply. The shine on the other hand does last a long time. For the price point, I think this is a great lip oil and would recommend. Will definitely be getting another soon!
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So heavenly…

I was lucky enough to receive this as part of the beautycrew summer VIP box and I was suped excited when I found out I was getting it as I have been eyeing it for a while. I received a pink shade of this lip oil. My first ever lip oil and I am very impressed and hooked. Might have to try another shade. I’m a pink lips kind of girl and this lip oil was so nourishing and felt super comfortable on my lips. I dislike overly sticky lip products and thankfully I didn’t find this sticky but it was rather very comfortable to wear and the hint of colour it gives is perfect for everyday wear. Thank you for the opportunity to try this!
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Really impressed with this lip oil!

I was lucky enough to receive the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in shade 03 Red Berry as part of the BEAUTY/crew VIP Box. I’m generally not a fan of lip-glosses as I just find them too sticky for me, so I was interesting to trying a lip oil and seeing how it differed from a gloss. I really liked this Clarins Lip Oil! It’s smooth and almost watery (it reminds me of a face serum) when applied but there’s no stickiness or tacky feeling once on the lips. The large doe foot applicator reminds me of the tarte Shape Tape and it’s the perfect size to be able to apply in one or two swipes. The lip oil’s colour is very translucent (at least with shade 03 Red Berry) and nearly completely clear. This will be living full time in my bag from now on!
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Absolutely divine!

I couldn't love the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil more if I tried! I used the shade 'Strawberry' (08) and it looked great on the lips and was a natural colour with slight tint to it. More importantly, it felt incredible on my lips. The Lip Oil isn't oily, and certainly isn't sticky - the consistency is like a lip gloss that feels really smooth and nourishing; and leaves a lovely gloss shine on the lips. The tube looks really fancy and luxe. It is a transparent plastic, with a silver twist lid and a Clarins banner around it. The applicator is one of my favourite parts of this gloss because it is like a little cushion pad and applies the gloss really evenly to all areas of the lips. This one is great worn on its own, but just as good over lipstick.
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A very decent lip oil! I usually steer clear of lip oils because of its tackiness and thick nature. This lip oil is surprisingly comfortable to wear and applies with ease. It is thicker than some of the roll on lip oils (which turns my lips into sand paper). This lip oil sat well on my lips and was very nourishing. I didn't find my lips to feel super dry when I needed to apply, which is something that happened with some of the other lip oils. My lips felt moisturised and nourished. I love reapplying this lip oil!! The scent is lovely and sweet but not over bearing. It also gave me a nice shine like a lipgloss. Sometimes id pat a little onto the top of my lipstick. This is a great little number for my handbag or the dresser. There's a lovely range of tint and non tinted oils. It is quite expensive for a lip oil, but after trialing so many different lip products, I would rather spend a bit more on one that works.
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Love it!

Firstly, I have to say I am one of those people who have three lip glosses in my bag, one next to my bed and one on either end of our lounge, so you know I mean business when it comes to moisturising my lips. I received the Cherry flavour/colour Clarins Lip Comfort Oil as part of a trial and I have to say I absolutely loved this product. The texture is very smooth like an oil but it isn’t sticky. It has a deliciously fruity fragrance and pleasant taste (not that I was chowing down on it). I’m not big fan of colour on my lips for everyday wear so I was a little sceptical of the bright red colour but when I put it on my lips it was a very slight pink tint which I liked. The application brush is so soft I just want to keep applying, its like a little massage for your lips. The only thing that would stop me from regularly buying this product is the price tag. If I didn’t plow through lipgloss the way I do I would definitely have this on every lounge arm and bedside table in my house.

This one's a keeper!!

I love love love this!!! My new favourite lip product. Whilst this is an oil, I don't know if I would have initially guessed that without knowing it. The product seems thicker than an oil, but it's great and nourishing all at the same time. I am truly obsessed with the doe foot applicator and could honestly run it over my lips for hours, it made the experience of putting it on and wearing it soooooo gooooooood. I can't explain it, I'm sure you're reading this as saying.. it's just a doe foot applicator, but trust me when I say this is a cut above the rest and made the product what it is!! I love so much thought has been put into the applicator and product. The only down fall is the price, and as unfortunately I am the kind of person to pop this in a bag, my car or leave it at work, I often lose or misplace lip products and knowing this one would go missing for that price is slightly disheartening, but that's definitely a me thing!!

Glossy lips

I was super excited to trial this lip oil part of the recent VIP Box on BEAUTY crew. I got shade 02 raspberry which looks bright in the packaging, however once applied it's a nice glossy look which blends nicely with my natural lip colour. I love the applicator wand because it's wide and is easier to apply. The oil has a sticky like texture when applying, which glides onto my lips. The scent of the oil is like a lolly! Being raspberry flavour I would expect a scent to compliement the flavour, and this one did not disappoint. Overall the oil stays on well. It's an oil so you can't expect it to stay on like a lipstick when eating or drinking. My lips feel nourished and it's a lovely product to have in your handbag to top up throughout the day.
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An unexpected surprise!

I have never used a lip oil before, so I was intrigued by it, i couldn't wait to be able to give it a go! And oh my, I absolutely fell in love with it! Clarin's Insant Light Lip Comfort Oil keeps my lips hydrated for hours, and I couldn't help but keep re-applying it - this oil is addictive! It's light-weight, easy to apply, comfortable to wear, and is not sticky in any way (which I was worried about before I used it) - I absolutely love it! I get very dry lips, so anything that will help keep them nourished and hydrated is a huge bonus for me and I will use it religiously. I will be purchasing more of these lip oils in the future; as well as recommending them to all of my family and friends!

Conditioning and hydrating

I had never tried lip oils before but my lips had become really dry so I thought I would give this one a go. I used the shade honey glam and really loves it. The oil is kind of like a gloss and is a medium consistency, it’s super hydrating and I noticed a difference on my lips straight away. I thought the oil would feel oily but it didn’t, it’s not at all sticky and is actually really comfortable to wear, something I was not expecting. After just a few days my lips were really nourished and not at all dry, the oil is really conditioning. It’s nice on its own, quite shiny with a hint of colour, it’s really flattering but it’s also nice over my normal lipstick. I love nudes and the clarins lip oil really enhances these shades. It’s packaged beautifully with the gold lid and lasts really well. I would definitely buy this product again

Clarins Lip Oil 03 Red Berry

I have only recently been really noticing lip oils and whilst I love my lipsticks and lipgloss I was excited to give the lip oil a go, not knowing what to expect I have always loved all shades of lipsticks and lipgloss from nude to dark plum and everything in between so I chose to try the Clarins Lip Oil in 03 Red Berry. Being winter and knowing my lips will be dry and start to peel if I didn’t start treating them fast I was so excited to give this a go! Sheer with the ever so slightest pop of red the oil glided perfectly over my bare lips giving them instant nourishment, comfort and hydration m. The applicator made it so easy to apply. My lips were coated in a beautiful I would say medium consistency not too think and not too thick nor sticky just the right amount to rub your lips together and feel great comfort. I have found that the hint of colour is perfect for when you have minimal to no makeup on as it gives your lips a moisturised glow with a touch of colour, I have also tried it on top of various shades of lipstick when I have wanted a more heavier makeup look which it also worked really well with.