Clarins SOS Hydra Face Mask

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Clarins SOS Hydra Face Mask is a moisturising face mask for thirsty skin. This ultra-refreshing gel-cream face mask helps skin find its ideal moisture level in just 10 minutes. Deeply quenches for skin that is supple, refreshed, smooth and toned.


Clarins SOS Hydra Face Mask


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Instant Hydration

I have been using this Mask twice a week for the past month and I'm loving how it hydrates me skin. It comes in a 75ml tube with a screw top lid. I would prefer to see a flip top lid but that's just comes down to personal preference I guess. The mask itself is a lovely baby blue colour and has a creamy consistency. To use the mask I simply apply an even layer onto my freshly cleansed skin and let it sit for 10 minutes and then I gently wipe off the mask with a warm damp cloth before applying the rest of my skincare. Immediately after removing the mask my skin feels hydrated, supple, soft and toned. It doesn't leave my skin greasy at all afterwards. The mask has a subtle fragrance which I don't mind at all. If your skin is looking dull and feels dry I would recommend giving this mask a go. It only takes 10 minutes and you get instantly hydrated soft skin.