Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap

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Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap is a highly effective beauty treatment that is formulated with ingredients such as Chinese barley and gingko extracts, that help to eliminate puffiness to give more refined features. Within just 10 minutes, sensations of heaviness are reduced, the skin texture is tightened, and lines are smoothed away and repositioned.


Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap


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Victory to Chinese Barley and Gingko

I bought Clarins V facial wrap for my mum as a birthday present so I will write the review on her behalf as a user while I was the purchaser. Mum had been quite relaxed about skincare until she hit 50, she often wake up with puffy eyes and her skin struggles to maintain firmness. I did some research and thought Clarins V facial wrap would elevate some of mums concerns. First sight of the gold bottle is very classy, the ingredients being ginkgo and Chinese barley really appeal to me as ingredients we don’t hear a lot. Mum was pleasantly surprised that her puffy eyes were significantly reduce after using the product and her skin has a glow even after a bad night sleep. I was wondering why the product is called V facial until I saw mum massaging in a motion that lift her face into a V and I literally had a light bulb moment! Give this product a try if you don’t want to use googling chemical names to understand ingredients.