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Clarisonic Alpha Fit is a cleansing device for men that cleans skin up to six times better than using hands alone. The brush works to sweep away dirt, oil, sweat and pollution to leave skin feeling refreshed, cleansed and rejuvenated.


Clarisonic Alpha Fit


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Now,unless you have been living under a rock,most of you will be familiar with cleansing brushes and devices similar in nature,but lets be honest...they are more than a bit "pretty" for the man in your life,BUT we still want them to experience the results that a really deep clean gives.After all,it is known that men tend to have an oilier skin than us girls,they shave regularly (sometimes daily) which can leave the skin a ravaged,they get clogged pores just as we do AND they are more likely to be outdoors during the day and being exposed to pollutants and perhaps they need a device such as the Clarisonic Alpha Fit more than we do. This clever design and ergonomic curve (perfect for slippery shower use), fits the palm of his hand very comfortably,to deeply cleanse and massage the skin....making every cleanse a real "spa like" experience,whilst helping to make whatever particular cleanser penetrate deeper (thanks to that deep sonic cleansing action that cleanses way better than any manual attempts could produce).But why should he care about that ? what does that mean for him ? (trust me,after finding out that you dropped over $300 on this baby,he WILL ASK).Well, that means you get thousands of deep cleansing pulsations,that work to dislodge grime that manual cleansing doesn't have a hope to achieve),leaving him with cleaner pores,a better canvas with which to start the shaving process on (and a safer one.If he has pores choked with dirt and debris and nicks himself with the razor,it way well lead to either some nasty breakouts or an infection..neither is want he will want). But what did hubby actually say about this beauty ? he did mention it felt a little strange at first (a definite "vibrating" feel),but he did love that it was relaxing and "fun" to use.I told him that i was in love with it in a big way after i used my Clariosonic to remove a days worth of sunscreen etc ....all of which came off with no scrubbing,no effort on my part (which is a HUGE plus if you have sensitive skin,which hubby can have at times when he shaves with a not so great razor or when he gets a wind burn from insisting on doing projects outside in then winter cold ).He also enjoyed the various speeds to work if he is really that sensitive,he can start off with the lowest setting,and work up. Another huge plus for theClariosonic is the hygiene factor...change the bristle head,and the device can be easily shared with me if i want to pack only one device when we go away or if he shares with a room mate. And what of upkeep for this beauty ? Well,a quick rinse to clean the bristles,NO SCRUBS to be used with it (so absolutely NO getting fancy and trying to "supercharge" your exfoliation products by mixing them with this),and charge the unit via the standard USB type plug (only needed to do this once for a 24 hour period when it first comes out of the box,then it lasts for a good week of solid use). All in all,i must say that hubby loved this product,loved the masculinity of the device (all manly graphite grey and silver...almost like some power tool) and would recommend it in a heartbeat to his workmates or brothers for a bit of skincare that even the most "in denial" men could grasp..For those of us beauties,of ALL ages,who realise that a thorough cleanse is the first (and most important) step in getting great skin,this should be a product that you invest in for you man...ASAP.He will love the skin he is rewarded with. TIP:Worried he won't use it ? Pop it in the shower alongside yours and show him how easy it is to use.Let himknow that it may just make his skin a whole lot more comfortable,with less breakouts (not something my hubby is inflicted with,but once upon a time,years ago,yes) and a better shave...and he may just come around.
After purchasing the Clarisonic Mia Fit and being absolutely blown away by the results, I decided to purchase the Alpha Fit for my boyfriend for his birthday. Although I don’t think he was expecting to unwrap it, he actually really enjoys using it now after seeing some significant results.   Firstly, I think the RRP listed is incorrect, as the Alpha Fit retails on the Clarisonic website for $315 (the same as the Mia Fit). This includes the device, the brush head, charger, and a 30ml men’s cleanser. I purchased from the website, but I’m not sure if it available from somewhere else for cheaper.   The device is currently only available in a steel grey colour with silver trimming. The device is compact and attractive yet still masculine. It fits easily within the hand, is easy to operate, and is completely waterproof so can be used in the shower.   The charger is super easy to use, you just plug it in and sit the device on top of the charging dock. You have to fully charge the device initially, I think it took around 20 hours, but after that it only requires charging overnight once or twice a fortnight.   Similarly to the Mia Fit, this device is easy to use. Simply wet both the skin and brush, apply cleanser to the brush head, and then use on the face for at least 60 seconds. The device has two power settings, the gentler one is for clean shaven skin, and the more vigorous is for using over facial hair. After use, simply rinse both the skin and the brush (it’s completely water proof so rinsing it super easy) and allow to dry before packing away.   For reference, my boyfriend does not have bad skin. However,he has always been lazy when it comes to skincare and this led to blackheads and clogged pores and just general skin irritation. Since using this device in the shower each night, his skin has completely cleared up and just looks so much healthier than it did previously. I am so impressed with the results, and apparently he is too as he now uses it every single night without me having to remind him.   The Alpha Fit is specifically engineered for men, and after trying it myself I can see why. The bristles are much shorter and firmer than my Mia Fit, and I noticed some irritation after using it (I do have really sensitive skin though). Based on this, I would only really recommend this product for men with normal to resilient skin. However, sensitive brush heads can be purchased for the device separately, so this may increase the suitability of the product as well as allowing couples to share the one device.   Although the device is pricey, I am honestly so happy with the results and do not regret the purchase in the slightest. My boyfriend’s skin has never looked so good, and to find a product that he will actually use more than twice is a massive achievement! If you are stuck for birthday/Christmas present ideas I cannot recommend this product enough.   PROS: waterproof, two-year warranty, replacement brush heads, sensitive brush heads, compact, travel friendly, rechargeable, effective, different settings. CONS: price.   Note – if the only thing putting you off is the price, keep an eye out on the Clarisonic website as they recently had a 30% off promotion running. You can also get 10% off your first order if you sign up online.