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Clarisonic Aria is a sonic cleansing brush that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. The cleansing brush features three speeds (delicate, universal and powerful) and allows for interchangeable facial brush heads. Skin is left noticeably smoother and more radiant. Rechargeable and waterproof for use in the shower. Comes with: Universal Voltage pLink Charger, Sensitive Brush Head, Drying Stand, Wall Adapter, and Sample Size Cleanser (30mL). 


Clarisonic Aria


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I have been using clarisonic for several years now. There is no return to general face washing with hands now. The machine is well designed to fit handling movement easy. The make is quite durable as well. My machine has lasted me for 4 years and going strong. The upside of this facial cleansing machine is that it cleanse the facial skin more thoroughly than hands and remove more impurities. I particularly like to use it after makeup removal. The main downside of this machine is the short battery life. I basically have to recharge it for a good 6-8hours every week to keep it going. This makes traveling with the cleanser less convenient. I recommend clarisonic to a friend, unfortunately she found it too harsh and gets skin peels. So those with sensitive skin may need to watch out.
I’ve heard many good things about Clarisonic but never thought of buying one myself because of the price tag. My husband bought one for me recently and I was excited to unbox it. The device came with a Sensitive brush head, drying stand, USB charger, wall adapter, a 30ml sample size cleanser and an instruction booklet. The first full charge took 24 hour! It is a long waiting time for someone very keen to use the device but I understand it’s necessary for ensuring better battery life down the track. I have normal skin type with a slightly oily T-zone. The Sensitive Brush Head came with the device is a great starter as it suits all skin type. There are interchangeable facial brush heads available for us to choose based on skin type and need. Aria has 3 speeds: delicate, universal, powerful and an adjustable T-timer. I went with universal speed and default 1-minute timer. My skin definitely feels softer and brighter after using Aria for just a few days. My pores are also less visible because they are being thoroughly cleansed. The Pros: The device has an ergonomic design for easy handheld and it is waterproof for use in shower which is very convenient! The sonic movement of the brush head cleanse the skin thoroughly without damaging skin so I can use it everyday. Skin and pores getting deeply cleansed, so my skin is well prepared for application of face serum and moisturizer! Different brush heads are available to cater for different skin needs! The Cons: Brush head can be tricky to be detached, needs more practice to get it right. Brush head should be replaced every 3 months No travel case for this model. Overall I feel that investing in a Clarisonic is definitely worth it. There are many face cleansing device in the market but nothing compares with Clarisonic. Having a healthy and radiant skin is better than spending lots of money on makeup products. My skin has never felt so clean and refreshing before. I'd love to recommend this to all my friends and family!
I use mine ever single day and recommend it to everyone I can. The fact that it is waterproof is a feature I never thought to be important until winter came along and I could cleanse my face in the warm shower! My skin always feels clean and ready for my moisturiser. I'm a clarisonic convert, that's for sure!
I bought the Clarisonic Aria in black (bought in the US) and the boxed device comes with a universal voltage pLink charger, sensitive brush head, drying stand, wall adapter, and 30 mL sample size cleanser. It also has detailed booklets with instructions on how to use and maintain the device.  The device has a round head and a curved handle which is comfortable to hold. The surface of the Clarisonic is smooth and the joints sealed shut and water-proof. I can take this charged device in the shower with me and not worry about it getting ruined by water. The Aria has a grey silicon speed and power button embedded in the inner of the device handle. It has a tiny round light embedded discreetly near the power/speed buttons that turns yellow/green when fully charged and turns red when the battery is low. For cleansing I pop the sensitive brush on the Aria, wet the brush head and put a pea-sized amount of cleanser on the brush before turning the power button on and moving the device over each area of my face in a gentle circular motion. The device beeps 20 secs or so apart indicating its time to move on to the next area of your face. 20 seconds over each area of the faceis enough to give my skin a deep cleanse without overdoing the exfoliation. Post cleansing my skin feels clean, soft and smooth.   I detach the brush head and clean the brush with some liquid soap after each use. I usually clean the device about once a week. I don't clean the device every single day simply because I don't feel I need to.  I use my Aria for a deep cleanse 3-4 times a week. This device gives a good cleanse and removes makeup that I didn't think was left over after using micellar water to remove makeup beforehand. However, I don't think its necessary to use the device everyday for *me* but it could be different for others.  The Clarisonic Aria is a beautifully designed cleansing device to give a deep cleanse to keep my skin clean and free of congestion. It is a staple in my skincare routine and I will definitely repurchase this beauty.