Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head

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Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head is a cleansing brush head to be used with any of Clarisonic’s facial cleansing devices. It is ideal for all skin types with enlarged pores. The dual-action bristles help flush and dislodge oil and debris that clogs pores. Made with super-soft, quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft Filament, each bristle provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse.


Clarisonic Deep Pore Brush Head


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I recently bought this brush head to swap out the sensitive brush head I had been continuously repurchasing for years. Whilst I feel like this will be a little too harsh for my sensitive skin come winter time, during the summer I get super oily, clogged skin and it has been my absolute savior!!! I have been able to get the extra exfoliation my skin needs without adding another step or spending extra on my current routine. My skin feels super smooth after using it, and if I am too lazy to use it for a few days, my skin definitely shows the difference. My skin feels textured and clogged and dull and my makeup sits on it awfully and I will get more breakout. Switch back to using it and all those issues disappear!!
I LOVE my clarisonic. I use it every morning and night. I was very excited when they come up with all these new line of brush heads to match each person's specific need. The deep pore cleansing brush head is the first one I try out of the normal brush head. Overall it feels nice and soft on the skin. I failed to notice a significant difference on my overall skin compared to the normal brush though. On the plus side, this brush cost exactly the same as the normal brush head, and also it did not irritate my skin despite my frequent use. I think this is a nice replacement brush head that works equally well as the normal one.
I have used a few different Clarisonic brushes and I find I always come back to this one or the sensitive one, depending on my skin's needs at the time. The deep pore brush is perfect for people with enlarged pores and congested skin. I've found the texture of the brush, combined with the oscillating movements of the Clarisonic and my chosen cleanser work together to deeply, yet gently, cleanse and refine my skin. The Clarisonic helps to increase the effectiveness of products by enabling them to penetrate further into the skin, so you will use less of your serums & moisturisers, while seeing better results. Using this brush twice daily has lead to clearer, less congested skin, so you could understand why I've rated this product a 5/5.  I recommend trying different brushes to see what works best for you, however always purchase Clarisonic brush heads via a reputable seller (e.g., via the above link). There are a lot of counterfeit brushes on the market, and they don't work properly with the device. The Clarisonic is a very worthwhile investment for anyone who is looking to go above and beyond with their skin care routine, and the deep pore brush is a great option for those looking to decongest and refine their complexion. 
I recently bought a new brush head for my Clarisonic and this time I chose the deep pore brush head. This is really suitable for my congested acne prone skin. I feel it is giving me an even better cleansing than the previous brush head I was using. After using it for around two weeks I can see an improvement on my skin. The congestion seem to be lesser and my face is glowing clean. It is not harsh on my skin and even when I have a face full of pimples I can tolerate this brush. For people suffering from blocked pores this is really a good brush head to try as it will help to unclog your pores and give your pores a deep clean.