Clarisonic Delicate Brush Head

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Clarisonic Delicate Brush Head is a cleansing brush head to be used with any of Clarisonic’s facial cleansing devices. It is ideal for delicate skin prone to irritation and dehydration. Made with super-soft, quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft Filament, each bristle provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse.

Price above is for a single. Also available in a twin pack.


Clarisonic Delicate Brush Head


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I use my Clarisonic every day, at the end of the day to clean my skin and remove makeup.  I have used the normal brush head before but found it a but too harsh and wanted something gentler. I purchased this after it needed replacing and have used this brush head ever since! I don't have super sensitive skin, but do prefer to err on the gentler side products, and found this to be perfect for daily use but still being effective.  My skin feel cleaner and fresh after each use. 
This is the perfect balance between the Sensitive and the Cashmere head! It's so gentle for my sensitive skin and I actually feel like I am cleaning my face sufficiently.. plus you can adjust the speed on your Clarisonic to suit your pressure preference. I have tried all of the heads (except the green one for Acne) and resigned to using the Sensitive one and alternating between the Deep Clean (blue one) for years after I was told the Delicate wouldn't be sufficient! It doesn't irritate my eczema patches or if I have a breakout it's not harsh going over it.. so glad I decided to buy this head, it's so WORTH IT!!  Totally recommend, you could impulse buy before feeling it and (hopefully) be satisfied!!
I have tried all the brush heads in the range and still return to this brush head because I find it strikes the perfect balance between all the brush heads in that it is not too abrasive and not so gentle that I don't feel that my face has not been properly cleansed. I have always experienced a bit of an adjustment period with all the other brush heads, but with this brush head, my skin feels soft and refined after each use.
I bought the Clarisonic Mia a few years ago and surprisingly it is still going strong (a friend of mine wasn't that lucky with the battery life of hers). I loved the buffing cleansing effect it provided and always felt that it left my skin soft and glowing after each use. However, i wasn't a huge fan of the original brush head that came with the Mia, I felt it was a tad bit rougher than I would have like so I ordered the delicate when it was next due to be replaced. It was the best decision as the delicate head left my skin equally polished and soft but didn't feel harsh whatsoever. Regardless of whether you have sensitive skin or not I would recommend the delicate head as it is a lot more gentler on the skin while still performing the same level of cleansing you would get from the original brush head.