Clarisonic Mia

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Clarisonic Mia is a lightweight and compact sonic cleansing brush that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. The cleansing brush features one speed (universal) and allows for interchangeable facial brush heads. Rechargeable and waterproof for use in the shower. Comes with: Universal Voltage pLink Charger, Sensitive Brush Head and Sample Size Cleanser (30mL).


Clarisonic Mia


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My husband surprised me with the Clarisonic Mia last Christmas. Before using it, I thought it was just a gimmick.  I thought all of those sales pitches that I had seen on the shopping channel were just that a sales pitch. I was SO wrong!  This little device cleans my face better than any washcloth could ever do! I don’t use it every day because I have sensitive skin. Using it every other day does the trick for me.  My face has never looked better! Kudos to the hubby for that.
I use the Clarisonic Mia in the shower to remove my makeup. I wear quite a lot of makeup and it doesn’t remove it all in the  recommended timeframe. I usually wash my face a bit first and then use the Mia to finish. My skin is far less congested when I use it.
My bed friend got this for me as a birthday present 3 years ago, and it's one of the best gifts I've ever received.  Things I love about this:  - its rechargeable - no annoying batteries! After 3 years its still going strong, I use this daily and only need to charge it roughly 3-4 weeks!  - lights and ergonomic design and easy to hold - it has a timer so you only use it for the right amount of time, every time - easy to clean - I feel so relaxed and like I'm getting a mini facial massage every time i use this  - skin looks bright and clean! Most noticeably the pores around my nose is smaller and cleaner!  I stopped using this for a few months as I had to replace the brush and just hadn't got around to it, and fell out of the habit of using it, and my skin began to have mini break outs around my nose, i noticed my pores were larger and more oilier. 2 weeks of using the Clarisonic again and my skin has cleared so much! This is such a great investment piece! And my husband uses it too, but we have our own Clarisonic heads to keep things hygienic! 
I have been using the clarisonic mia for 6 years now. It is perfect for cleansing skin at the end of the day. The vibration cleans any makeup and dirt out of your pores. My pores look smaller from using this daily. Serums absorb quicker. The only things to avoid are pressing too hard as you will just pull your skin. Also good for chest area in summer to clean sun block out of pores on delicate skin.
I have been using this device for quite awhile, i dont think i could cleanse with only my hands ever again. At the first glance you see a pretty pink sleek device (i had to get pink it looks cute) and the brush head and cover. It doesnt look like a scary device which is good and i love how the brush heads are easy to find and also the variety. My clarisonic is solid and not flimsy, i have even dropped it quite a few times and it hasnt affected the product at all it still looks new too. When using i do a circular motion, i had a dupe before my clarisonic which wasnt cheap but when doing circular motions it would sqeak and felt a little wobbly. My clarisonic is always firm even when cleansing nothing feels like its about to fall apart. For skin wise clarisonic is like using a electric toothbrush, your face feels heaps cleaner than manual. I have used this for a few months now my skin feels great, i dont have any dry flaky spots and my skin is glowing. I have dry sensitive skin i have felt with this i dont need to use exfoliaters anymore, just a cream cleanser or oil cleanser is enough. The manual is easy to read, and the charger is pretty cool although be careful of knocking it while charging as it can disconnect easy. If this breaks i will buy another the model im using is 5 years old and still going strong.
I have been using clarisonic for several years now. There is no return to general face washing with hands now. The machine is well designed to fit handling movement easy. The make is quite durable as well. My machine has lasted me for 4 years and going strong. The upside of this facial cleansing machine is that it cleanse the facial skin more thouroughly than hands and remove more impurities. I particularly like to use it after makeup removal. The main downside of this machine is the short battery life. I basically have to recharge it for a good 6-8hours every week to keep it going. This makes traveling with the cleanser less convenient.
AMAZING! If you think soap, water, makeup remover or makeup wipes is going to get rid of all the dirt and makeup on your face, think again, this product will prove you wrong. My Clarisonic Mia is honestly my new best friend. Not only does it make my skin feel extremely soft and very clean but it looks cute and is super easy to use. This product gives me a brighter skin tone and really makes my skin feel hydrated after moisturising. and must I say allows my makeup to go on so much nicer because my skin just feel so much smoother after using. I use my Clarisonic every morning and night to cleanse my face- I have pretty much substituted my hands for this fantastic brush.You do need to charge the Clarisonic but it does last a long time. I charge it every 2 weeks which is pretty good and it does charge extremely fast. One feature that I love about the Clarisonic Mia is that it has a vibrating timer on it so it tells you when to move to other parts of your face (great indication if you are not sure of how long you should be cleansing). If your thinking about getting a brush, I totally recommend the Clarisonic Mia. Yes it is quite pricey but I believe it’s worth every cent. It really does wonders to your skin and you actually are getting the most from your products when you use this. I couldn't miss a day without it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone that wants to feel extra clean and refreshed. I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin and it makes me confident in wearing no makeup when I don't need to because I feel super clean. I love my Clarisonic! 
I'd read about this cleansing brush for ages and really wanted one, but it was a little expensive for me at the time. I happened to enter a Mother's Day competition to win a pink brush and cleansing products and what do you know, I was one of the 3 winners. So exciting. I charged it up for 24 hours, as the instructions said to, and used it the next morning, very giddily. I applied my cleanser all over my face, dampened the brush and away I went. It beeps when you've done enough on one area, which is very helpful, and went over forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. It only took a minute all up, so it didn't prolong my usual cleansing routine, and my skin did feel softer, smoother and very deeply cleansed straight away. I used it morning and night for a week, and I was softer, smoother, more even toned, glowy and my other products sunk in so much better. However, since my skin is super sensitive, I did break out a bit using it morning and night every day, so once or twice a week is more than enough for me. It charges up quickly, can be used in the shower, takes just minutes, products sink in and work more effectively, your skin looks and feels softer, smoother, brighter and more even toned immediately and after more prolonged use,and the pink is so pretty,  what's not to love. It is pricey but it's effective, it fits right into your routine, takes so little time and you see immediate and long term results. You can use it morning and night every day as it's very gentle but if you have more sensitive skin, once or twice a week is more than enough. I'm very happy with this ingenious cleansing tool and I can't wait to save up and buy another in the future and I just can't recommend it more highly. It is one of those products that you soon can't live without, I'll say it, it does change your life.
I've had my Clarisonic for years. The best way to describe it is, like an electric toothbrush for your face. It provides a deep cleanse, and allows for serums to skin in a lot better. Some people say that the first week using it your skin may purge meaning break outs, but personally I didn't get that. The main thing I hate about this is you have to replace the brush head every 3 months which is costly and it doesn't hold a charge for long. Personally I think the Foreo is way better, while it might be more expensive at first, it's cheaper in the long run.
Clarisonic Mia is the perfect size to take with you when travelling, showering or need to cleanse after the gym. I was surprised to discover that the device has a little weight to it - it weighs as much as, say 100ml bottle of fragrance. I popped it on charge for 24 hours (and 12 days on it is still going strong!) and started to get excited. The charger (called a pLink) is a funky little device which is about the size of an egg and it connects to Clarisonic Mia via a magnet. That alone was impressive. The next day I took Mia in to the shower with me and after removing my makeup with a face wipe, I then put Mia to the test with the Clarisonic Cleanser that came with the device. I pressed the single button it contains and suddenly the device came to life - the brush bristles started to oscillate and I placed it on my skin. The sensation is nothing like you have felt before - it is super gentle, it is soothing and interesting - except for the nose which tickled like crazy the first time but I have seemed to build up a resistance to the sensation rather quickly. One of the biggest bonuses is that Clarisonic Mia is completely waterproof, meaning that once it is charged, this cleansing device can be used in the shower ensuring that your skin is reaping the benefits anywhere, any time. After 10 days of use, Clarisonic Mia worked to effectively cleanse my skin, leaving it feeling smoother and bringing a few small blemishes to the surface. My skin looks more even textured in appearance - I actually popped in to work for a few hours one day and the girls commented on how I do not need to wear makeup daily (which I do) and I too can see the difference. While I love the cleansing sensation, I am planning on buying the deep cleanse brush because the sensitive brush is too gentle for my skin and the build-up is still an occurring issue that is driving me nuts.
After hearing rave reviews for such a long time about the clarisonic, I decided to give in and buy one. I bought the standard Mia, which has one speed setting. It came with the sensitive brush head which is very soft and gentle and can be used on all skin types.  My skin is oily, with a few acne scars. I dont get acne very often, but when I do the bumps are generally deep and the scars take forever to disappear. When I started using this device two months ago, I had a few pimples on my forehead that had been there for a few weeks. Within three uses, they were completely gone. My face felt cleaner than ever, like all the junk within my pores had truly been cleaned out! My skin became clearer and my acne scars started to dissappear. I started with once every two days, to avoid the infamous 'purging' stage. I managed to avoid this completely by using the device for no more than one cycle at a time. I then moved up to once daily, and am now at twice a day.  Buying this device was the best decision I've ever made. I don't know what I'd do without it. (That's actually a lie, without it I'd break out and my skin would never feel truly clean again)