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Clarisonic Mia 2 is a lightweight and compact sonic cleansing brush that uses a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to deeply cleanse the skin more effectively, yet more gently, than traditional superficial cleansing or simple rotating brushes. The cleansing brush features two speeds (delicate and universal) and allows for interchangeable facial brush heads. Skin is left noticeably smoother and more radiant. Rechargeable and waterproof for use in the shower. Comes with: Universal Voltage pLink Charger, Sensitive Brush Head, Sample Size Cleanser (30mL), and Travel Case. 

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Clarisonic Mia 2


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Best face cleaning device!!

This cleaning machine works and it cleans my face really well!! My face feels much cleaner using this than using my hand. It vibrates but it's not too harsh on your face. You can also control the level of the vibration to suit your skin. One full charge can be used for quite a long time (around 3-4 weeks at least). Therefore, I think this is very user friendly and does the job of making sure your face is clean!! I would highly recommend this to everyone!!
The mia 2 is great for someone who is looking for a better clean of their face. I was finding that I wasn't able to remove all makeup residue easily, and that I was quite congested from that. I spoke to people at mecca who recommended this. I bought the foaming cleanser with it which foams up on the face using the clarisonic, and I know that it truely is not leaving any makeup in pores. I try to use this 2x a week for a thorough clean. The only annoying this is having to buy new brush heads, annoying because the product itself was already super expensive.
I have been a loud and proud owner of a Clarisonic Mia2 for three to four years now. Since taking possession of this wondrous product, I can freely admit to completely changing my approach to my in-shower facial cleansing (in particular). Cleansing has become more of a ritual, and my bathroom is a place of true indulgence. There is something so pleasurable in this sonic cleansing process, where your face is pulsed away (and timed to boot). My only criticism is the cost of the brush heads (gee they're a bit up there) and I wish they were more accessible. Other than that, the fact that I've had the same cleansing device this whole time and it's still going strong is a testament to its quality.
I've had my clarisonic mia 2 for over 3 years at this point, and I 100% believe its the best investment I have made for my skin. I love that it comes in a range of colours and limited edition patterns throughout the year, I got mine in a hot pink that just makes me super happy to use it. Mine also came with a hard travel case, which is perfect for me as I tend to travel quite frequently, and it keeps it protected. I use my clarisonic daily and even after 3 years, it keeps its charge really well. I have to charge it maybe every second month. I have gone through quite a few of the sensitive brush heads over the years and its such a gentle exfoliation that my skin reacts well to. Recently I swapped the sensitive out for the deep pore brush head and it has been a life saviour for over summer, my skin gets way more oily and super clogged normally, but with continued use of the clarisonic I can keep that all in check. I love that the mia 2 comes with varying speeds, so when I feel like I need a deeper clean the option is there. I also love the little "alarm" that lets me know to move onto the next part of my face, I usually use it in the shower and thats when my mind tends to zone out, so the little reminder means I get all of my face done without overdoing or underdoing and areas. Usually around the time my battery runs flat, and I'm too lazy to charge it, I may go up to a week without using the clarisonic and think eh it wasnt doing that much anyway!! But when I do charge it and use it again, oh my gosh I remember why I love it soo much! My skin is smoother, it is brighter and my skin care absorbs soo much better. The price is a bit of a killer, but mine has lasted over 3 years and is still going strong. When combined with the difference I see in my skin immediately after use, I can definitely say that when the day inevitably comes that my current one dies... I will be running to the shops for a replacement!!
I started using this three years ago - I felt that my skin was just really dull and was hoping this would help to get rid of some congestion and get back my glow. I initially used this with the sensitive brush head. After the first month I didn't really see a difference, nor did I ever experience any purging. When I hit the 2-3 month mark, people began commenting how good my skin looked. I kept using it for the next year and a half and then accidentally left it overseas and didn't use it for about 6 months. In the 6 months I didn't use it I got all these bumps on my forehead, and acne on my lower jaw line (which I have never had before).Eventually I got my Clarisonic back and after a month returning to use it, my skin started clearing up almost immediately. Now it's just over 2 months back to regular use and my skin is glowing again, zero acne. I absolutely love this thing. It really keeps my skin clean. I don't use soap or cleanser with it - I use Moroccan clay and a little water than a spread around my face, then use this with a little more water to make a lather. If I need a more deep clean I will use all natural olive oil soap,especially if I've been using MAC makeup. This would have to be one of the best skincare buys of all time.It’s great and highly recommended. PROS Helps to rid skin congestion and gives back your glow Waterproof so you can also use it in the shower CONS The price may seem high but for the results I think it is worth it. The brush heads need replacing every few months which can get expensive. I personally change mine around the 6 month mark. TIPS Keep at it. You won't get instant results, but long term you will see a difference. Make sure you regularly detach the brush head and clean behind it as well as the device. A lot of gunk and bacteria gets trapped in there and will reduce the effectiveness of the device. I clean them with water, vinegar and a bit of tea tree oil. This will also help to extend the life of the brush heads. Also make sure you dry the device well after use and keep it in a dry and airy place when not in use so the bristles dry out.
I love my Clarisonic! I use it 3-4 times a week and I feel like it gives me a nice deep cleanse, and depending what head I use it also helps to exfoliate the skin and sloth off all those yucky dead skin cells to reveal beautiful fresh skin! I’ve had mine for about 2 years and it’s still going strong, and honestly I feel like I rarely have to charge it either the battery seems to last me at least a month. So far I’ve used the sensitive head multiple times which is a great starting point to those new to the Clarisonic and the cashmere head which I find to be great at creating a lather and is way more gentle on the skin. I’ve recently changed jobs and i work in a dusty dirty environment so I really love to come home and use my Clarisonic as I feel like there is no way there’s any speck of dirt left on my skin after using it!
Clariosonic is a name synonymous with great beauty buff would be caught dead without having done her twice a day cleanse without it,and i now get why.I was ecstatic when i received this a few months ago,and have given it quite the workout ever since.So,WHY would you want to fork out a couple of hundred $ for something you have done with your hands for years.Let me tell you why (and why your following products will work better than you ever imagined) This gorgeous,baby pink device cleanses (and for that matter,exfoliates) deeper than any pair of hands could do...using a sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second (try THAT with just a pair of hands or the old Buffpuff) to deeply cleanse the skin far more effectively, yet more gently, than your traditional superficial cleansing (hands or,ahem,a washcloth) or simple rotating brushes.Add to that the addition of a timer method (20 seconds for forehead, 20 seconds nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek.....60 seconds,et voila....the quickest,deepest cleanse ever) and two speed settings (Delicate...for all you who prefer a less intense,yet still amazing clean,and "go to",and the most effective as far as i'm concerned.If you are one of those "touching my face with even the purest silk irritates" types,then i don't suggest you even think of this option.You may also notice a real "purge" of congestion within your skin when you first start DON'T try this for the first time when you have an event to go to,lest you find yourself needing all manner of "coverup" to hide the fact that you now have super clean,but super "errupted" skin ),and you have one skincare essential that will make you think how you ever survived without it. Being totally waterproof,that means that this baby can go with you into the shower (convenient much? ) and it is so portable,that it can be thrown into your gym bag,overnight bag OR into your carry-on at the airport (great for when you want to keep up the "good skin routine" away from home (comes with a very handy waterproof ,hard plastic case for just these events).But what of the device's "upkeep" (yes,there is a bit of upkeep on this): Replacement heads:Buy replacement heads AROUND every 3 months for somewhere in the $30 price range. (depending on your needs AND the amount of useage. I am currently loving the deep pore cleaning one,and find that it is amazing at really ridding my skin of all the nasties that a normal day throws at me. Charging:Initially,charge the unit for a full 24 hours.This charge will hold for a good week (at least) with two of us using this twice a day,then just do that again every week to maintain full power always.Fantastic when you go away and don't want to lug around the charging unit everywhere. Brush head maintenance: Look,this is not by any means a "must do",but i wash my brush head with anti-bac wash after each use.The job i do is pretty grotty most days,and i simply don't want THAT on my beloved Clario...i look after my baby.For basic care though,just give the brush a wash with some mild cleanser (even baby shampoo will work well) every few days for optimum hygiene. So there you have it...a set of basic,easy guidelines for your Clariosonic that will ensure you get the best out of it...and therefore,the best out of your skin. The difference i have seen in my skin is vast...clearer,fresher,more radiant AND better product results when i follow up with my serums etc. And therein lies why you really DO need this in your skincare repertoire.Trust me,your skin WILL thank you (so will your following skincare products) TIP:Try having two heads in use at one time:use the basic,regular cleansing one for the daily cleanse,THEN have the deep pore cleansing one to use a couple of times a week for a serious boost to your regime.Maybe make that obe part of a weekly pamper (for when you do a mask / double cleanse with a balm and tehn a cream.Oh yes,one last thing...stick to either foaming OR lotion / cream cleansers here,as i feel balm and oils MAY damage the head (and be a devil to clean).Just my thoughts,but keep in mind
After hearing so many mixed reviews about electric cleansing brushes, I was excited to try out the Mia 2, and I am so glad I did. My initial concern was that the Mia 2 would be too harsh or abrasive on my skin. My skin is oily/combination and sensitive, so I wasn't sure whether using an electric brush would irritate my skin and cause it to break out. I was pleasantly relieved to find that the brush was super gentle, and works in 'pulsing' motions rather than fully spinning around like I had imagined it would. There are two modes of pulsations to choose from: a standard mode and an even gentler mode as well.    The brush has an automatic timer that beeps after each section (60 seconds for the complete routine) so it is really easy to follow. When I first started using the brush, I would 'push' it too firmly against my skin, which I soon realised was completely unnecessary. The brush is very efficient and gentle, and only needs to be held gently across the skin to get the full effect. The pulsing motion foams up my cleanser, allowing me to completely remove all traces of makeup and dirt on skin. It also gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and supple, as well as better able to absorb serums/moisturisers afterwards.   I did not experience any purging periods, because I was careful to start off gradually by using the brush only once a week, and then increasing to three times a week, and to now using every second day.   The brush is 100% waterproof, so it is safe to use either in or out of the shower. It has an electric charger that clicks on to the outside of the brush, so there is never any need to buy other batteries. It conserves battery really well, allowing me about twenty uses in between charges. The brush feels very sturdy to hold in your hand, and comes with a hard-shell plastic case, so it is perfect for travel.   It is an expensive product, but in my opinion, definitely worth the investment given how easy it is to use, and how effective it has been in clearing up my skin. I would highly recommend it to people of all skin types, even to those with sensitive skin, but I would suggest adding it slowly over time to allow your skin to adjust.  
The Clarisonic was the first time I had ever used an electric facial brush in my life and I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I have read both positive and negative reviews regarding the clarisonic so whether it would work for me would be a toss up.  Considering the high price tag I knew it would be a huge investment or a waste of money.  I figured that I would never know until I tried it out so I made the purchase on a whim.  My skin concerns that I was hoping to address with the clarisonic was to make it more bright, even and to clear any congestion in my pores.  It was a bit intimidating at first as I wanted to use it properly to get all of the benefits.  The brush head was firm but not abrasive, allowing it to really give your skin a good cleaning without being too harsh.  It wasn't until I had used the clarisonic that I realised how much makeup I still had left on my face after using face wipes!  Paired with my foaming cleanser my Clarisonic lifted up all the dirt, impurities and makeup that had clung onto my skin that hadn't been properly washed off.  After using for only several days I had noticed an overall positive change in my skin.  For the most part I haven't had too many problems with my skin but there was always room for improvement.  The electronic brush is obviously way better than manual cleansing so it was able to get rid of any dead skin cells accumulating on my face.  My face has been looking a lot brighter, the texture of my skin is a lot softer and smoother.  I find that my makeup looks better, my skin looks much more even and I am happy that I decided to purchase the clarisonic.  The pores that I have around my nose and cheeks aren't as congested as before and it has become a great part of my skincare routine!
Worth the money, you have to use it to believe the amazingness of this device. The technology in this device is magic and cleans every pore on your face. Enough said.
The Clarisonic Mia 2 is 100% worth the money. While it maybe seem quite expensive to outlay I have been using mine for over 6 years (obviously with different heads) I don't think any other cleansing brush does as good a job, the clarisonic works differently to other brushes in the way it works so there is no harsh scrubbing. My skin has never been so good.
AMAZING! If you think soap, water, makeup remover or makeup wipes is going to get rid of all the dirt and makeup on your face, think again, this product will prove you wrong. My Clarisonic Mia 2 is honestly my new best friend. Not only does it make my skin feel extremely soft and very clean but it looks cute and is super easy to use. This product gives me a brighter skin tone and really makes my skin feel hydrated after moisturising. and must I say allows my makeup to go on so much nicer because my skin just feel so much smoother after using. I use my Clarisonic every morning and night to cleanse my face- I have pretty much substituted my hands for this fantastic brush.You do need to charge the Clarisonic but it does last a long time. I charge it every 2 weeks which is pretty good and it does charge extremely fast. There is a variety of colours to choose from which is fun. One feature that I love about the Clarisonic Mia 2 is that it has a vibrating timer on it so it tells you when to move to other parts of your face (great indication if you are not sure of how long you should be cleansing). If your thinking about getting a brush, I totally recommend the Clarisonic Mia 2. Yes it is quite pricey but I believe it’s worth every cent. It really does wonders to your skin and you actually are getting the most from your products when you use this. I couldn't miss a day without it. I would highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone that wants to feel extra clean and refreshed. I have seen a remarkable difference in my skin and it makes me confident in wearing no makeup when I don't need to because I feel super clean. I love my Clarisonic! 
Love my Clarisonic! My skin is pretty good, so I tend to use mine twice a week. The charge lasts really well and is convenient to store. I use the deep pore brush heads for body exfoliation - works a treat!
After months of deliberation on whether this device would be worth the money I took the plunge and it has been such a great investment for my skin. The device is easy to use and there are a range of brush heads to suits different skin types. There are also 2 speed settings, and a pulsing timer so you know how long you need to spend on different areas of the face. I use the sensitive brush head and the delicate (slower) speed setting which I find to be gentle on my skin. I use this device once at night, which is quick, easy and convenient. I remove all my makeup first, then use the Mia 2 together with a small amount of the clarisonic cleansing gel. It really works to give your skin a deep clean, and my skin feels softer and smoother after using it. I have found it to be an alternative to expensive facial treatments, and I love that I can use it at home, and that it only takes a few minutes!  Over a few weeks I have noticed a difference in how much brighter my complexion looks and it has helped to clear my skin texture issues. It works really well in giving my skin a deep clean, as I use a lot of long-wearing makeup during the day. I also love that it is compact, portable and  great for travel. It is also easy to charge and the battery life lasts a long time (about a month before I need to recharge). I found that my skin did go through a purging phase, when I first started to use it (where I had some breakouts), however once this cleared up my skin has never looked better!   PROS - Convenient, quick and easy to use, it only takes a few minutes - Provides a deep clean without the need for expensive facial treatments - Portable, lightweight and great for travel   CONS - Price makes it a bit of an investment but your skin will thank you for it in the long run! - My skin went through a ‘purging’ phase where initially I experienced some breakouts. However this only lasted a short while and after that I noticed an improvement in the smoothness and clarity of my skin.
The Clarisonic Mia 2 is undoubtedly the best beauty investment I have ever made. I purchased the device about a year and a half ago, and have been using it daily ever since. I use the Mia 2 twice daily, with my night time cleanse a double cleanse (first using my fingers, then using the Clarisonic).With twice daily use I get about 20 days of usage before needing to charge it. I find the device very user friendly, with a comfortable hand grip and easy to change brushes. The cleansing profile for the Mia 2 is 20 seconds for forehead, 20 seconds for nose and chin, and 10 seconds for each cheek. The device momentarily pauses at each timed interval so you know when to change to a different section. After the initial investment (purchasing the device) you will need to replace the brush heads every 3 months. Fortunately, the brush heads are reasonably priced at about $35. The only maintenance I do with the Mia 2 is clean the brush head every few days with antibacterial soap - this helps keep the bristles fresh and bacteria free. When I first started using the Clarisonic my skin went through a purging phase. This was because it was being cleaned deeper than it had been before. Usually I would give up at this stage (since I have acne, I am reticent to do anything that exacerbates my skin issues), but the novelty of the device kept me using it through the couple of purging weeks. I’m glad I persevered,as I find my skin is now better than before: cleaning my skin using the Clarisonic increases the effectiveness of products, while using less product. I’ve always enjoyed a deeply cleansed feeling, and this product gives me just that. I’ve used it with a few differently textured cleansers to see what works best for me, and each cleanser worked well with the device; so,chances are you will be able to continue using your favourite cleanser with this device… just with more effective results. As your skin needs change, you can keep using the device, but change up the brush head, speed setting(delicate or universal) and cleanser to tailor the cleansing combination to your needs.   My only word of caution is that the buffing motion of the brush heads (even the sensitive one) could still be a bit too harsh for any super sensitive guys and gals. Overall, I would 100% recommend the Clarisonic Mia 2 to anyone who is interesting in amping up their cleansing routine or looking to get better results from their current skin care. 
The Clarisonic Mia 2- my one true love. Okay, let me start from the beginning. I purchased my Clarisonic because I had heard wonderful things about the brand and the device's deep cleansing abilities. I am someone who wears heavy full coverage foundation, concealer, powder, you name it. I have acne prone skin and have been religiously taking my makeup off before bed each and every night since I was 16. The Clarisonic Mia 2 makes the process much faster and a lot more effective. Pros: *I ONLY need to use my clarisonic with my normal cream cleanser and ALL of my makeup is removed! *After using it to remove my makeup you can see that the brush is now foundation coloured but dont fret- it washes straight off ! * The device beeps to let you know when to move to a different part of your face *I didnt experience any breaking out or 'purging' when first using the device *Couldn't believe how soft my skin was after first using it *Is entirely waterproof so is so easy to take with you into the shower *Doesn't feel flimsy at all, is quite a solid and durable device *Feels like my moisturisers and serums are working better because my skin has been properly cleansed/exfoliated meaning you aren't wasting money applying your creams on top of dead skin cells *I only need to charge it about once a month *Supercute and functional design *When you take into account the money you save using makeup removers, cleansing wipes, not to mention the time it would normally take to remove the days makeup, the Clarisonic Mia 2 is well worth the investment Cons: *Absolutely NOTHING Overall I cannot fault this product in any way. It is easy to use, easy to charge, transports away for the weekend simply by tossing it in your overnight bag, and always does what it claims. I have been using mine for a few months and the brush head still looks brand new. The Clarisonic mia 2 has revolutionized the way i cleanse my face. Everyone needs one of these in their bathroom.
After using my Clarisonic for about 2 years now, I don't know how I could live without it ! I love it and I use it every day. It gets all of my makeup off and my skin feels so soft and clean afterwards. I have acne-prone skin and this has helped to clear up my skin. Even when I do get the occasional blemish, I've noticed they they heal up much quicker. The battery lasts for about a month and it comes with a cute little travel case.
I've heard so much about the goodness of Clarisonic and now i know why. Clarisonic Mia2 is my new best friend every night, a must have for anyone wearing make up during the day. My skin and pores feels so clean and refreshed after use. Definitely recommended!
Love love love. The clarisonic is amazing, i look forward to using it every 3 days as my second cleanse after my oil cleanser. My skin has never felt so good since I've been using my clarisonic. And it makes makeup application so flawless as your skin is so soft and smooth. Fantastic product. I find the regular brush head that it comes with a bit too coarse for my skin so i use the delicate one. The built in T-timer helps so much and makes cleansing a breeze as you never have to guess how long you should be focusing on a certain part of your face and it also prevents over-exfoliation! The brush itself is such good quality and will definitely last for many years. Fantastic, i cant live without my clarisonic!
Clarisonic brushes offer deep cleansing without strippingnatural oils and is suitable for virtually all skin types. It has beenclinically proven to clean 6 times more effectively than manual cleansing.Clarisonic Mia 2 has a sonic frequency of 300 micro movements with a choice oftwo speed frequencies (I feel this is an adequate choice of speeds and why Iprefer this model over the other Clarionic brushes). Like the other Clarisonicbrushes, it features the one-minute pulsing T-Timer and comes with a protectivetravel case. The brush is also waterproof and can be used in the shower orbath. Regular use will result in cleaner, softer and smoother skin and it also helpsto prepare the skin after cleansing for better absorption of serums, creams andmoisturisers. I don’t go a day without it!