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Clarisonic Mia Fit is a compact sonic cleansing device that works to cleanse skin, ridding it of dirt, oil, makeup and impurities. The device features two settings to target every cleansing need. The first setting provides a 60-second delicate cleanse, while the second one offers an 80-second power cleanse for an intense, deep clean.

Available in three shades.


Clarisonic Mia Fit


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I travel internationally on a frequent basis and my skin Gets pimples outbreaks from time to time from traveling long hours on the plane. So I decided to invest in the Clarisonic mia fit as it is very portable and convenient for travel. I have used it for two months now and I can see that my skin has improved a lot. My pimples have died down and in control. Highly recommend!!!
I purchased the Clarisonic Mia Fit after a friend had highly recommended the Clarisonic devices. There are different models available but I chose the Mia Fit as it was the most compact of the models. I travel a lot for work, so this was perfect as it's a reasonably light and compact device.  It comes in a gorgeous pink colour and the brushes are replaceable. Each brush lasts a few months and there are different types. I have tried the gentle/sensitive brushes and the exfoliating brushes. I think, for my sensitive/combination skin the gentle brush suits me. When I purchased it, it came with a 30ml travel-size skin illuminating cleanser, which I liked so much, I bought a full size version. However, you could pair this with any of your favourite cleansers.  When you use the device, there are 2 settings (high/low). The device gives off a slight vibration and by moving the brush gently across your face it exfoliates your skin.  After cleansing, I feel the device has given my skin a truly deep clean by exfoliating away dead skin cells and clogged pores. The vibration, in combination with the bristles, gets the circulation going in my face and I notice it leaves me with a nice glow (without appearing red). I notice that my skin looks visibly brighter, smoother and polished. After being on planes, I feel my skin can become dull, and dry, and so when I get to my hotel, I love to be able to use this to reinvigorate my skin. When putting my face oil and moisturiser on afterwards, it settles into my skin and feels softer.  I use this as part of my daily skin care routine. When I have the gentle brush attached, I use it daily and with the exfoliate attached, 2-3 times per week (as it is a little more vigorous).  The Mia Fit is rechargeable by USB power but it lasts quite a long time! I get about over 3 weeks before I need to recharge it with daily use.  I love the Mia Fit! 
I received this electronic exfoliating brush as a birthday present this year from my family. Although it is probably something that I never would have thought to purchase myself, I have been absolutely blown away by the results and now cannot picture my skincare routine without it.   The one I got is a cute pastel pink colour with silver trimming. It is really compact and fits surprisingly well in my hand. I haven’t travelled with it yet, but I am excited to do so as it will not take up much room in my bathroom bag. The brush also came with a dock-style charger and a travel size illuminating cleanser.   The brush is really easy to use. It is completely waterproof, so I just take it in the shower with me to avoid making a mess in the bathroom. I just wet my face and the brush, put my cleanser straight on the brush, use it all over my face and neck for a couple minutes, and rinse. I generally use setting 1, but if I have rough or dry patches I will use setting 2 as it is a little more thorough. I use the brush at least once a day, as I find it gentle enough on my skin to allow me to do so, and using it this often I find I have to charge it, at most, once a week.   I have acne-prone oily skin which doesn’t seem to respond well to many products. On top of this, my skin if often sensitive and easily irritated, so I cannot use a lot of exfoliating scrubs/treatments. I adore this brush as it allows me to exfoliate my skin daily without irritating it. On top of this, the results have been great so far. Although I still do get breakouts, I have found the number to be decreasing and the ones I do get are nowhere near as big or sore are they were. I have also noticed a healthier glow to my skin and the size of my pores are significantly smaller.   I never would have purchased this product, especially after learning it retails at $315, but after using it and seeing the massive improvement in my skin I will never be without this product again. It comes with a two-year warranty, so even at full price and breaking the day after the warranty expires, it costs under $160 a year. When I think about the amount of money I have wasted on exfoliating products and salon treatments, I honestly believe this product delivers great value for money.   I would recommend this product to anyone looking to step up their skincare regime, especially if your main concern is a lack of exfoliation. As I said I have sensitive skin and this product has been gentle yet effective on my skin, so I believe it would be suitable to all skin types. It is my favourite (and most used) present I have ever received, and I am so thankful that my family thought to introduce me to it.   Positives: -       Effective -       Suitable for all skin types -       Waterproof -       Compact and travel friendly -       Replaceable brush heads -       Two-year warranty -       Easy to use -       Two different power settings -       Can purchase multiple brushes and hygienically share device -       Can purchase in-store or online   Negatives: -       Price (RRP $315)
Good and beautiful skin is achieved by having a dedicated, twice daily routine, using the correct products and tools and a bit of inner happiness surely does help. I've worked so damn hard to get the skin I have today, it didn't happen because I just sat around waiting and hoping for it. Twice a day, I double cleanse, first with a cleansing oil, then with a cream or exfoliating cleanser all wiped off with a soft facial cloth. I then massage in a serum and a day or night moisturiser, again massaging in thoroughly to boost my natural glow. Once or twice a week, I will use a clay or cream or gel mask, I often use a sleeping mask at night and as well as that, twice a week I will boost my cleansing efforts with an electronic cleansing facial brush, like this Clarisonic Mia fit. I've owned the original Clarisonic Mia cleansing brush, and I absolutely adored it. It gave me such a deep, yet gentle, cleanse in only a few minutes, and products I used afterwards sank in better and worked a lot better too. It was quick and easy to use, even in the shower, it boosted my glow through a deep exfoliation and my skin became more even, smooth, hydrated and radiant over time. When I saw this new miafit version on the adorebeauty website, even with a  price tag of $315, I knew I had to try it out myself. It came in the most pretty pink colour, which is my girly favourite, and was so sleek and compact in size. I massaged my cream cleanser over damp skin and turned on the device to the first setting, 60 seconds, to start with. I gently moved it over each section of my face, starting at the forehead all the way down to my chin, and after one minute it vibrated twice to let me know it was done. I then massaged serum and moisturiser into my skin, which was now so lovely and soft, and smooth. It was so quick and easy to use, and after a few weeks, I noticed the condition of my skin had improved by a huge amount. It was more smooth, soft, even, and with a lovely radiant glow to it. I had less dry, flaky patches and redness, and I broke out a lot less than I used to.  This device has become a major part of my skin care routine as the results speak for themselves, even from the very first go, and weeks down the track. The compact size means I can use it so easily in my shower or take it with me travelling, just popped in my makeup bag and off I go. My skin looks and feels better in many ways and skin care and makeup products I use afterwards sink into my skin better and work so much more effectively. If you want great skin, it takes hard work, dedication, inner and outer happiness, and brilliant devices like the Clarisonic Miafit cleansing device. Buy and try it yourself, it's worth every penny and takes so little of your time, and in no time at all, you will be rewarded with smooth, soft, hydrated and radiantly glowing skin, all with the press of a little pink button. That is the power of beauty.
After months of internal debate, I finally decided to purchase the Mia Fit. I got it online from Clarisonic for $315 and it came with a 30ml travel-size skin illuminating cleanser.   At the moment it comes in three colours: white, blue, and baby pink. I got the white one (with silver accents) and I think the packaging is sleek yet cute. It is such a compact design, fitting easily in the palm of my hand and packing nicely into my bathroom bag. Oh and best of all, it is completely water proof!   Initially you have to charge the device for like 18 hours. However after this I have found that I only need to charge it overnight maybe once a fortnight.    The cleansing routine is super easy. You wet both your skin and the brush, and then apply a generous amount of cleanser. The device has two speed settings to cater to your daily needs: delicate and power-cleanse. Once you have finished your cleansing cycle, you simply rinse both your skin and the brush and pack it away.   After using this device my skin immediately has a natural glow that I have struggled to find for so long. I have noticed a massive improvement in the appearance of my face, particularly regarding skin dullness and blocked pores. I have super sensitive skin, but I have had no issues using this device to date. I actually find it much gentler on my skin than other cleansing devices and chemical exfoliants I have used previously.   I honestly love this device and am so glad I finally decided to treat myself. So yes I would definitely recommend this product! For anyone considering making the purchase, Clarisonic are currently selling them for $220 (30% off) as of September 2017. I actually just picked up two more to give to my sisters for Christmas haha.   In summary: Pros – waterproof, compact, gentle yet effective, time efficient, easy to use, easy to clean, 2-year warranty, can purchase single replacement brushes. Cons – pricey. Suitability – all skin types (including sensitive skin).