Clarisonic Normal Brush Head

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Clarisonic Normal Brush Head is a cleansing brush head to be used with any of Clarisonic’s facial cleansing devices. It provides an invigorating cleanse to reveal clear, unblemished skin without sensitivity. It is also ideal for men to help prepare skin for an extra smooth shave. Made with super-soft, quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft Filament, each bristle provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse.

Price above is for a single. Also available in a twin pack.


Clarisonic Normal Brush Head


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When I first received my Clarisonic, it came with this brush head. It did a great job of cleaning my skin, however as I began to use it everyday, I did feel like it was a big too harsh and abrasive. It still did the job, but I have since found the delicate brush to be much better to use, especially if you use your Clarisonic daily like me. 
This is the first brush head that clarisonic cleanser comes in with. I have been using clarisonic for a long time and this is the general brush head I have been using. I use the normal brush ehad up to twice a day. I think it cleanses the skin well and it does not irritate my skin. In fact I like it so much, I introduce clarisonic to a few friends in the early years. One friend has however come back telling me that using clarisonic with this brush head daily has causes her significant skin peeling. I guess daily use is not suitable for people with sensitive skin then. I am very glad that now clarisonic has come up with more different brush heads for suit different skin types. And the good news is that they all cost the same. It may be worthwhile trying a few different brush heads.
I don't always use my Clarisonic every single day. I also usually only use one brush at a time until it needs replaced. This brush works just fine for my skin's needs. It's not too rough for my sometimes sensitive skin,but does enough to throughly deep clean my skin.  Every time I use my Clarisonic my skin feels so clean. I feel like my skin care products go on better afterwards.  It can get a little pricey when buying the brushes every three months, but I feel that it's worth it.
I have both the regular and the sensitive Clarasonic Brush Heads. I revert back to the 'regular' head when out of my routine and using it occasionally.  The head has many soft brush hairs that sit in a rotation disk. It looks high-tech for face washing, but I like technology with my skincare, makes me think it's going to do something productive for me! I have dry/normal skin and using this brush head with a little pH-balanced cleanser gives me a great cleanse. My face looks shiny and clean. It also works as a very gentle and light exfoliation as the little brushes manually sweep across your face.  I have loved this from the first use, although I do forget to use it unless I leave it out to be seen.  After weeks of use I have heard that some people have has a skin 'purge' breakout from the trapped bacteria brought out to the surface, but I only had a few blemishes in my trouble Tzone, so it could be unrelated.  If you are not using the Clarisonic daily, then I use this head. I find I need the sensitive head replacement if using daily. I don't find a huge difference between the sensitive and the normal head, but those with very sensitive skin could. Pro: - I read it cleans a whopping six times better than using your hands alone?! - I love how you can stick the head in the dishwasher- that's my type of gizmo! -  The Clarasonic's are water-proof so can be used in the shower.  Con: - recommended by Clarasonic to replace brush heads every 3 months  - brush heads are a bit pricey I would recommend this for use in the shower, it's an easy way of getting an effective cleanse and light exfoliation.
Personally I didn't notice much of a difference between the brush heads. My skin is pretty hard core so the normal brush head was fine. If you had more sensitive skin it would be better to get the sensitive brush head. However I think the Clarisonic is too expensive as you have to buy a new brush head every 3 months. Personally I think the Foreo is way better and cheaper in the long term!