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Clarisonic Plus is a sonic cleansing brush for face and body. The cleansing brush features three speeds (delicate, universal and powerful) and a body setting. Rechargeable and waterproof for use in the shower. Comes with: Clarisonic PLUS, Universal Voltage Charging Cradle (100v-240v AC; 50/60 Hz), Sensitive Brush Head, Body Brush Head, Sample Size Cleanser (30mL), and Sample Size Body Cleanser (60mL).


Clarisonic Plus


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Most of the fantastic features of the Clarisonic Plus are outlined in its description.  My favourite features:  Waterproof Rechargeable (and battery lasts for a decent amount of time) Interchangeable heads (so my partner and I both use the same Clarisonic with heads to suit our skin types ... okay okay, he doesn't do much of the using - but the option is there :-) ) Can use for face AND body Can use with any product of your choice Helps product penetrate and actually have some impact Feel like it makes my skin cleaner, clearer and actually receive the full benefit from my products.  I always use in the shower - works great with water and obviously don't have to worry about the water + cleanser dripping or anything.
I love my Clarisonic. My skin is brilliantly soft, clean and break outs are fewer. My skin glows!