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Clarisonic Smart Profile is a sonic cleansing brush that helps remove up to 11 times more dirt and impurities than cleansing by hand. The cleansing brush uses four speeds and a body turbo mode, SMART technology to auto-adjust speeds based on attached smart-enabled brush head, an intuitive user interface, and has an enhanced battery life for easier usage and more powerful results. Rechargeable and waterproof for use in the shower. Comes with: Universal Voltage USB pLink Charger, Dynamic Facial Brush Head, Turbo Body Brush Head, Sample Size Cleanser (30mL), and Sample Size Body Cleanser (60mL).


Clarisonic Smart Profile


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I am a long time Clarisonic lover, and upgraded from a Mia to the Smart Profile. The Smart Profile manages to incorporate everything I loved about the Mia and what it did for my skin, but elevates it even further. Where the Smart Profile really shines is in its pre-programmed timers that conform to the brush head you're using. I've used the Radiance, Normal and Acne brush heads, and the Clarisonic has different routines for each of them. I rarely use the body brush head, but having the option is nice, especially as my Mia couldn't be used with the bigger brush attachments.  This product is also compatible with the Uplift face massager attachment, which has improved my skin tenfold. With once a day use, the Uplift head has made my skin feel so much tighter and smoother, and really de-puffs my face before makeup.  The Clarisonic definitely doesn't come cheap, but it is an investment that continues to pay off through younger looking, smoother skin that rarely gets a breakout.
This clarisonic smart profile gives salon worthy results for skin without the expense of salon treatments. The initial outlay is well worth it as it delivers amazing skin results, really professional, I absolutely love it. This is so easy to use, the brush is super soft and gentle non abrasive and leaves skin baby smooth and soft. Just use a great cleanser, I use the matching clarisonic range and the results are noticeable, I get comments on my skin since using this so it definitely works, love the timer telling you to move to the next area, too easy, easy to charge as well it's a great product. This minimises the pores and deep cleans, I can't live without it now, I highly recommend it
Love this product! I found that it really improved uneven texture on my skin within a few weeks of using it. It made my complexion super bright and baby like, plus it buzzes to let you know once you can move onto the next section on your face - genius! I've found that this product works best with foaming cleansers. Cream cleansers don't give you the same amount of satisfaction as you work the product across your face and into your pores.  The battery power lasts quite a few weeks but on the downside this means it takes around about a whole day to charge.  I must say that I'm not a particularly big fan of the body brush though. I found that the bristles were too hard and felt very abrasive on my legs. I'll just continue to use the normal face cleansing brush in the mean time. Love this product overall! The price point is quite steep - but it definitely lives up to the hype! 
I have been using my Clarisonic Smart Profile  for nearly a year now.  It's an amazing product and well worth the cost.  I decided that this was the best in the range and I loved that you could do your face and also body with it using different heads.  For years when I have been overseas I've longingly wanted one, and I finally bit the bullet and purchased one for a Christmas present for myself online from Clarisonic last year.  The Clarisonic Smart Profile comes with two brush heads and a charger. The instructions are simple and I had it charging in no time. They recommend that you charge it until you get a green light. It's amazing how long a charge lasts me. I have charged it three times in the past year and I use it everyday! It lives in my shower and it looks as good as when I first got it and works well.  I am now due for a brush change on my face after 9 months.  The charger is really cool it's like a little magnetic curve that attaches to the handle and you can charge by USB or power. I normally go power but the USB would be so handy for holidays.  I love that it has a handy timer that lets you know when to move onto the next area of your face. You do your forehead first then your nose and chin followed by one cheek and then the other.  It's simple and doesn't take anytime. I use it with all kinds of different scrubs depending on my mood. I did love the trial of the pore scrub that I got with my Clarisonic. I have noticed that by using it my pores seem cleaner and my face always feels clean. I don't really suffer from any pimples since using it.  There is a 'turbo' button if you want some extra boost. I normally use the turbo for an extra clean!  It's light an easy to hold an all round great product . If and when it dies I will certainly buy this model as a replacement unless there is something new.  The body bush is great too but I use it mainly on my face.  I will use the body brush to exfoliate more come summer when I'm using fake-tan. An expensive product but well worth the money, you won't be disappointed.  I happily rave about this to all my friends.