Clarisonic Smart Profile Dynamic Facial Brush Head

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Clarisonic Smart Profile Dynamic Facial Brush Head is a cleansing brush head to be used with Clarisonic’s Smart Profile cleansing devices. It is ideal for combination skin and provides a deep gentle facial cleanse that helps remove up to 11 times more dirt and impurities than cleansing by hand. Made with super-soft, quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft Filament, each bristle provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse.


Clarisonic Smart Profile Dynamic Facial Brush Head


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The Clarisonic Smart profile brush is a fantastic brush for people who suffer from blocked pores and combination skin.  I suffer from blocked pores on my chin and nose. I have tried lots of different products but have never really had any luck at managing them.  By using the Smart profile head it gives my skin a deep cleanse, and my pores look great (not large craters as they once were!).  The bristles are soft enough but they seem to really work their magic. I always go for the turbo setting to give me more of a deep cleanse.  It easy removes makeup and  sweat.  I love how using the smart profile brush for only a minute in the shower everyday has helped my skin glow.  I don't suffer from breakouts, my pores look great and afterwards my skin feels really refreshed. I have been using the Clairisonic for nearly a year now with the smart profile and looking back at photos I can see a difference.  The smart profile brush is easy to take in and out. I sometimes swap it out for the body brush. Coming into summer I will swap the brushes more.  Using my brush for nearly a year my Clarisonic  it is now telling me that I should change my brush. This is an excellent feature of using the smart profile as  for hygiene reasons a brush should be swapped every so often.  I will continue to purchase the smart profile due to the great results.