Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head

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Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head is a body cleansing brush head to be used with Clarisonic’s Smart Profile, PLUS and PRO cleansing devices. It is designed to exfoliate rough, dry skin on the body while providing a smoothing sonic massage. Made with super-soft, quick-drying DuPont® Tynex® Supersoft Filament, each bristle provides a gentle and comfortable cleanse.


Clarisonic Smart Profile Turbo Body Brush Head


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If you love the Clariosonic for your face,you will be blown away by what it can do for your bod. Fitting the very same Clariosonic tool as you use on the face (so the Clarisonic Smart Profile),this brush head fits it as well (albeit a larger brush obviously...i would hate to be doing my whole bod with the face brush),but is a tougher,exfoliates deeper and is harder wearing than the face brushes.....leaving you with a clean you won't believe.Now remember,it is designed to exfoliate rough, dry skin on the body while providing a smoothing sonic massage (exactly like the calming,soothing massage you know),so don't get all excited and go for broke on your face...keep this for elbows / knees / feet / hands / back / chest (it's not "scrub your pans" harsh...rather a "lets get to works on those rough callouses on you heels and whip those elbows into shape" effective). When i first tried this,i used it to prep for a faux tan (so i did my whole body),used it with a normal bodywash, and noticed after drying off that my skin looked somehow "whiter" (like really deep cleaned),felt softer and it helped with the dryness on my elbows,chest (sun damage,i admit it) and heels.When i did faux tan,it went on every bit as smoothly as if i had used a manual exfoliating gel.I love the fact that the brush gets into all the nooks and crevices,and that it works every bit as well for hubby and his "never seen a body lotion ever"....he actually adores it on his feet (for which i give him his own brush) and used it daily as a pamper after work. So,how long do these brushes last ? Well,with daily use (you can do a quick wash setting,but i adore the longer setting which only takes a few minutes) by two people,it lasted around 3 months,which is darn good going i think.If you take the $40 price point,add up what you spend on body scrubs / pumices / loofahs etc,it really does work out cheaper with this (plus you get a massage effect,so don;t forget that).Oh,and did i mention that this may infact help if you are prone to those pesky "backne" breakouts ? Well,i don't suffer with that,BUT i do get lumps and bumps on my arms etc,and this helped smooth those to a less obvious state after a few weeks of use (try it with an anti-bac wash and see if it helps). All in all,if you are serious about treating your bod as you do your face,this and the Clariosonic tool are a match made in heaven. TIP:Use this like i did...prior to a faux tan.It deep cleans,exfoliates AND leaves you feeling like you have been hand scrubbed by a beauty therapist.It makes the tan go on smoother and more even.
I love my Clarisonic Smart Profile it has to be the best purchase made last year and was well worth the money. I love the two Smart profile heads for the Clarisonic both the face and the body brush.  The Smart Profile body brush is larger than the face brush, the bristles are soft yet have enough bite to really exfoliate your whole body in 2 mins. What I love about these heads are they are programmed with different washes. I use the full body wash but there is a foaming wash that only takes 30 seconds. I think it's worth paying for the Smart Profile brush but you can easily swap any other Clarisonic brush head on the Smart Profile too.  I keep my Clarisonic in the shower and it's easy to change the heads you just need a little bit of force. You push down and then twist. It's super easy and quick. I love that I can do my whole body and then my face in about 3 mins. And it's easy enough to switch between the settings as you just hold down the +/-- button for three seconds.  I love using this brush before I fake tan as it really gives me a thorough clean. I have used Clarisonic body products and also differing scrubs and body washes. It works well with all kinds of washes and scrubs.  My hubby is also a fan of my Smart Profile and loves this brush. I suffer from those little bumps (chicken lumps) on my arms, I find if I use a scrub and the Smart Profile brush it clears them up, and I have tried lots of things and spent lots of money on various brushes and exfoliators to help clear them.  I haven't had to replace the body brush and it's been a year! Amazing value!  Well worth the money, if it did decide to break down. I would definitely repurchase this brush and the Smart Profile.