Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Replenishment Kit

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Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Replenishment Kit is a brightening skin care kit that dramatically lightens dark spots to reveal a brighter, more youthful looking complexion. The kit works with any Clarisonic facial cleansing device to deliver a clinically significant reduction of dark spots, dark spot intensity and overall hyperpigmentation. The kit includes: Sonic Radiance Brush Head, Skin Illuminating Cleanser (100mL), Skin Renewing Essence Boost (236mL), and Brightening Activator Serum (29mL).


Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Replenishment Kit


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I have been using this for a few weeks. I bought this is a have some pigmentation issues from acne yet still in my 30s I still get breakouts and have very thick oily skin. The best part about this kit is the brush head. A lot softer and dense than the delicate brush head. Cleanser is nice and foamy, really foamy actually I unintentionaly end up blowing bubbles around the bathroom from my nose! the essence I think is a toner? A bit confusing as it claims to be a moisturiser? Well it's as thin as a toner/water. And I use it as a toner. The actual moisturiser cream is too heavy for my skin unless I feel particularly dry. Even then I can only wear it at night. But my skin does look brighter in the morning. I do wish the brush head could be bought seperatly as I can't justify buying the whole kit every 3 months simply for the brush head.
The skin illuminating cleanser leaves your skin feeling clean and smooth. I use it with my foreo because the clarisonic is a bit harsh on my skin. It is a milky texture which spreads easily with water but does not lather up unlike other cleansers. I received a 30ml size in a David Jones Christmas pack. I can't seem to find anywhere that sells just the cleanser not in this kit above.
This kit was given to me as a gift and is a great kit for leaving skin brighter and more illuminated. So easy to use just attach the brush head to a Claris pic cleansing devise and cleanse skin thoroughly. The brush head is  a soft and gentle, not at all abrasive and gets into pores, used in conjunction with the renewing essence boost and brightening serum it works beautifully to erase dark spots and it leaves skin illuminated like it is lit from within. This is a great way to get salon perfect results at home without the expense of salon treatments so is great value for money, I absolutely love it and highly recommend it