Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream

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Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream is a facial scrub that is gentle enough for everyday use. It polishes away rough skin, leaving the complexion refined and fine lines reduced. Coconut oil works to nourish the skin.


Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream


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I have been using Clinique 7-day scrub for years! Like every other clinique product, it is colour and fragrance free. The product consistency is like a thick facial cream with grainy materials in it to help with exfoliating effects. I find the product extremely effective in exfoliating my skin and yet it is gentle enough for daily use! I love bringing this product along when i am traveling because it is multipurpose.
Physical exfoliants are good! They suit some people more than chemical and I think this specific physical exfoliant is a great place to start I had a massive amount of these from the little gift packs you get when you spend over X amount and I loved every single one of them. The product comes in a standard, but sturdy squeeze tube which is perfect for travel and easy to cut open to get every last little bit out right at the end. The exfoliating beads within it are very fine and only mildly abrasive - you don't feel like you are scraping your face off when you use this. I apply this to a fairly damp face and gently massage it, almost not pressure on it. It gets rid of any flaky patches on my skin and leaves it incredibly smooth It rinses off cleanly and doesn't leave my face red, dry or irritated.  I find I can use this up to 3 times a week without going overboard and I would say I have fairly normal skin with occasionally sensitivity! 
I got the Clinique 7 day scrub in the Cinique's 2018 advent calendar and was very excited to try. I wear makeup to work every day so it is very important for me to do thorough facial cleanse every evening. This scrub is has a thick texture with very fine exfoliating particles and it is super gentle on face removing all the makeup residues on my face. I have used it for 7 days and for the first few days of use, my skin looked clean and radiant but my skin felt a bit dry towards the last few days. So I don't think my skin type (dry) is suitable to use the scrub daily.
I have quite sensitive skin so I normally avoid scrubs completely and don’t include any scrubs or facial exfoliants in my skincare regime. However, I received the Clinique 7 Day Scrub as part of a gift with purchase, and I honestly love it!  I use this product after cleansing, and it is so gentle on my skin and makes my skin feel instantly fresh and so smooth. I use it one-three times a week, but it says you can use it daily, and honestly it is that gentle that even with sensitive skin you probably could. The smell is pretty mild but pleasant, with a fresh light scent.  A little of this product goes a long way, and the small beads feel good when you are massaging the product in, it isn’t rough and it’s almost relaxing.  Every time I use this product my skin feels instantly soft, smooth and my complexion feels so clear afterwards l. I love this product and I will definitely purchase the full sized product and continue using this as part of my skincare routine. 
I received Clinique 7 day scrub as a deluxe sample, part of a Gift with Purchase. This is a micro-exfoliant with fine grains and a very gentle effect on the skin. It has a pleasant, mild, slightly earthy scent. I found that I only needed a small amount to cover my clean face in gentle massaging motions. Afterwards my skin felt soft, smooth and clear, my complexion was glowing with no feeling of tautness or dryness - a wonderfully gentle facial treatment, all in the comfort of my own home. I was a little reluctant to use the scrub daily, although we are assured the product is gentle enough for this. I have had some bad outcomes with chemical exfoliators which left my skin dry and flaky - a pretty horrible experience I'm in no hurry to repeat! So I have used it a few times a week with no adverse effects, the coconut oil hydrating my skin while the micro beads slough away dead cells. I then follow this with a hydrating mask, which is absorbed so much better through clear and refined skin layers. Dermatologists tell us that regular exfoliation of nasty dead skin cells is the best way to maintain a smooth, glowing complexion and delay the beginning of ageing and fine lines, and this 7 day scrub really delivers.
This facial scrub is so gentle, that it doesn't really feel like an exfoliant, even though it has beads in it. I also found that I need quite a lot of product as it does not spread easily due to the texture. There are much better exfoliants out there that do a better job. I honestly feel like this is just a wash and you still need to use an exfoliant/scrub twice a week even after using this daily.
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream is a facial exfoliator, that is very gentle, and therefore suitable for daily use.   You use it after cleansing, so use on damp skin and apply the product gently and massage over your face.  The cream is like a thicker, white paste, and really doesn't have a strong smell at all.  I like to use this scrub in the morning, it seems to wake up my skin and get my skin ready for all the skincare and makeup that is going to follow.  It is lovely and gentle, totally non irritating and does not make my skin red, irritated  or tight.   I like that you can use this exfoliator every day, it really help to rid the skin of build up and dead skin cells.    Therefore my skincare is absorbed better and my makeup goes on and stays on looking better for longer.  My foundation or BB cream has a much more even base and my skin looks clearer and healthier.  A great daily exfoliator that makes your skin look and feel wonderful.
Nice gentle scrub that could be used daily. I got a trial size of this scrub as a Clinique gift with purchase and it is a really generous size. I have beeb using the same trial size for 2 months now! The scrub itself is a nice creamy formula, that suspends a small-medium amount of gentle scrubby particles. This scrub is definitely on the gentle side, and can be used every day. I tend to use it ~2 times a week maintenance scrub inbetween weekly chemical exfloiation. I can really notice the difference when I don’t use it - my makeup looks cakey and drier. Overall, good non-irritating facial scrub.
Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse Off Formula sloths away daggy old skin cells making my face feel fresher.   Although it is grainy the moisturising properties in the scrub means that my face never feels dry. The scrubby little particles remove dead skin and clean my pores out making my face feel silky smooth with no congestion. I would recommend this product.
I’m a massive fan of a scrub. Especially one that is gentle enough to be used more than once a week. The small exfoliating beads when mixed with water help to smooth the skin and create an even skin tone. A great way to prep the skin for a mask or your moisturising products. You only need a pea sized amount and considering the size of the tube and cost it’s a worthwhile investment.
7 Day Scrub is one of my all time favourite exfoliators and I have used it since my teens. The product comes in a very handy squeezable tube and it’s perfect for travelling or for my gym bag. The texture is creamy, like a cleansing cream but of course it contains tiny exfoliating beads to gently polish the skin and remove flakiness. I apply a small amount (the size of a 10c coin) to damp, clean skin and gently massage my face in small circles. I can instantly feel my skin getting softer and smoother each time I use this scrub! It rinses off pretty well, although it does leave an oily residue, but no greasy film.  My favourite thing about this scrub is that it’s gentle enough to use 3 to 4 times a week without irritating or drying out my sensitive skin. It also leaves a healthy glow and doesn’t make my skin red or extra sensitive like some harsh scrubs. The one thing I dislike is the slight chemical scent, but I am pleased that’s it’s still fragrance free. This is definitely one of my skincare must haves and I will continue to repurchase it! I recommend this scrub to anyone with sensitive, dry skin.