Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation + Concealer

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Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation + Concealer is a lightweight two-in-one foundation and concealer. It provides full coverage with a natural matte finish and 24-hour wear. The doe-shaped sponge applicator is designed to apply customisable levels of coverage. The large side of the wand is suitable for foundation application while the angled tip is designed for concealer. Suitable for all skin types. 

Available in 21 shades.


Clinique Beyond Perfecting™ Foundation + Concealer


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I have dry, sensitive skin. With that in mind I found this foundation to be quite thick, and that it accentuated dryness and any fine lines and wrinkles. As the day went on my face became quite shiny, even after setting spray and powder. I also thought that it oxidised quite noticeably and therefore was unusable for me without looking like a shiny Oompa Loompa. I really like the idea of the product with the concealer/ foundation in one, but I guess with that I should have expected a thick texture.
Last time I took this foundation with me to Thailand and I was so impressed. This foundation has a thick texture but extremely easy to blend out and gave me a medium coverage. The wand applicator allows me to build up coverage on my under eye areas and pimples. The weather was super hot in Thailand so I was sweating non-stop but my face was still looking fresh, just a tiny bit of shine which is expected after five hours under such humid weather. will re-purchase!
I've gone through three bottles of this foundation and I must say that it works so well for my skin. I love that this is a 2 in 1 foundation/cleaner! Its pretty full coverage and i'm a big fan of the applicator (doesn't cause as much of a mess as others) I was recommended this product for my skin type (which is on the drier side) and I have been so happy with it since! This is one of my favourite higher end foundations and I would repurchase this again and again. 
This was one of the first liquid foundations I’ve used and I am a big fan of it. It is very easy to apply - the stick means you don’t over do it with the amount you but on and then it doesn’t dry too quickly so you have time to then blend it in. It feels lightweight and provides a good moderate level of coverage. I do find that come the end of a day I feel it’s a bit heavier on my face and despite the matte finish I do start to feel a bit oily, however it’s nothing a powder touch up can’t remedy!
I have used Clinque foundations in the past and always been pleased with the results.  I saw this one in  my chemist and what intrigued me more was the 2 in 1 of foundation and concealer.  I am  a mature lady with dry skin and I found the colour of Ivory suited my skintone.  The foundation itself perfectly applied to my skin and concealed any blemishes and brown spots.  I was impressed with the results.  I used my usual moisturiser and primer and just used a foundation brush to brush in the foundation.  I found it fantastic for me and Ivory is the perfect shade for me.  I don't look like a heavily made up clown.  My face looked clean and fresh and didn't look cakey on me either.  It was very long lasting, I had it on all day and never needed any touchups.   My only pet hate with this bottle is the wand that just has to be dipped into the bottle and then apply the tip of the wand to my skin a couple of times.  I always have a pump for any of my foundations so this was a little disappointing on opening.  I know that the contents will dry out quicker and having a wand is a bit unhygienic for my liking.   Apart from the container though, I absolutely love the product.  
This comes in a pump top bottle and is thick & creamy. It applies medium to full coverage & blends pretty well. It doesn't have an overpowering scent. I have oily acneic skin so this gives good coverage. Only con is that the shade selection is average and I can't find a good match for my particular skin tone.
I give this foundation 5 stars for its flawless coverage and comfortable wear. The first time I put this foundation on I thought that it was a bit unusual in that it almost felt like it had an oil in it, but once it settled into my skin and dried I loved the smooth coverage it provided.  I like that this foundation stays put all day and doesn’t need reapplication especially when I wear a primer underneath. I apply this foundation by dotting it on my face and then blending it with my foundation brush. I love the colour that I got which is called ‘ecru’ as it’s such a beautiful warm golden colour that really brightens up my complexion and makes me look healthy. It doesn’t have any pink undertones. Another great thing that I found with this foundation is it doesn’t dry out my skin, which is a combination type but lately has a lot of dry patches which this foundation seems to help with. I also like that this foundation doesn’t give me breakouts and stays matte even though it seems quite hydrating. I would recommend this foundation to someone that loves or needs a full to medium coverage foundation that is comfortable on the skin but still provides a lovely matte looking finish.
This foundation has really great coverage and is definitely long lasting. Overall I was really happy as it left my skin with a beautiful and natural skin base. I have normal to dry skin so I find it does need a good moisturiser underneath and I usually always set with powder to help keep in place. Applied with both a sponge and brush and both apply foundation well. I do find that I need to use a concealer separately to the foundation.
This was my first non-drugstore foundation and it worked quite well for me. It is a full coverage foundation and I found that this worked well when blended out properly if I didn't want it to look like a mask during more casual settings. This covered blemishes very well and I didn't need any other additional base products. I've only ever used silicone primers and this foundation worked very well over them. My only issue was the bottle with the doe foot wand which I felt was quite an unhygenic way to get the foundation out. I would have preferred the pump bottle that Clinique sends to their counters to dispense the foundation into the jars. I believe the massive hole in this bottle + the doe foot contributed to the oxidation of my foundation before I was able to finish it (My pump bottle foundations lasted a lot longer.).
t applied it went cakey and separated terribly on my face. Absolutely hated the foundation. I applied Mac prep and prime and used a blender before setting it with transculent powder!!! Absolute horrid!!! I did some research. To prevent this foundation from going cakey and separating you can’t use a silicon or oil based primer or moisturiser as the foundation is oil free. I applied it with Bobbi Brown primer and my blender before applying transculent powder!!! OMG brillIant natural looking lasting foundation. After 12 hour work day went to bed and didn’t removed my makeup. Woke up with flawless make up. Actually looked better after I slept in it o_O I have also used a round foundation brush and got the same finish with both using the blender and brush.
Love this foundation, I have mature oily skin and works great long lasting doesn't settle in fine lines or transfer.  Love using with the beauty blender. The only down side I would say I don't like the applicator I have a bit left in bottle but wand doesn't reach
Great concept and the best thing is it works well.  A multipurpose product giving you a concealer and long wearing foundation in one. Covers all my hormonal blemishes which is great.  Then you just dab a few extra spots on your cheeks and forehead, blend with your brush and voila flawless finish.  The wand applicator stops you from using too much product. The only flaw is that because it’s a glass bottle it’s hard to get all of the product out.
Clinique is known for their skincare but I think they're really changing up the foundation game. This foundation is a 2 in 1 foundation and concealer. It's very pigmented and gives full coverage to the skin. It covers all blemishes and leaves skin looking flawless. It blends really well, better so with a foundation brush than with a beauty blender due to the thick formula. It wears really well throughout the day and keeps my skin looking matte for hours.