Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1.0

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Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1.0 is an exfoliating lotion that works to remove dull flakes from the skin’s surface to reveal a fresher, healthy looking complexion.

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Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1.0


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Gentle, hydrating lotion

Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1 is step 2 in Clinique’s 3-step skin care system – clean, exfoliate and moisturise. This particular clarifying lotion is suitable for very dry to dry skin. After cleansing my skin I use this clarifying lotion on a cotton pad to sweep across my skin to remove dull flakes to make my skin look brighter. This process not only removes any remaining traces of dirt but also makes my skin look and feel smoother and softer. Clinique Clarifying Lotion is a gentle, hydrating lotion which prepares my skin for the application of serum and moisturiser to complete my skincare routine.
The Clinique Clarifying Lotion 1.0 is very gentle on my dry skin but does the job very well. I use this clarifying lotion with the liquid facial soap as recommended by the beauty advisor and I can see improvements on my skin. The clarifying lotion helps to remove all the residues left on my face from makeup without drying out my skin, my skin feels very smooth with radiant. I have used up one bottle and didn't have any breakouts, redness or irritations.
I tend to alternate using this mild version of Clarifying Lotion and Clarifying Lotion 2 or 3, as I love the clean, soft feel it gives my skin. I do have sensitive skin that can get oily in the T zone, and find this version doesn't irritate my skin but can leave it a bit oily. This formula would definitely suit more dry, mature skin and isn't as astringent as the other Clarifying Lotions and leaves more of a dewy feel on the skin. I usually apply a small amount of this lotion to a cotton pad and apply to my cheeks which tend to be a bit dry. It does a pretty good job removing residue and grime, but can cause a few breakout in my T zone area if I use it too often. I do like that it's fragrance free and  not as harsh as the other Clarifying Lotions, as well as the gentle exfoliation this lotion it provides. It's definitely a winner if you have dry, sensitive skin and want something gentle and mild.
Of  all  exfolators...this is toner  that you can see and feel the diference and cleanliness.Blackheads disappear after a few cleansers.great price and wonderful  idea of  a cleanser
First off, I enjoyed that this toner made my skin feel refreshed after a cleanse. However,it does feel slightly sticky when applied on the skin and It doesn't absorb into the skin after a few minutes. The packaging could use a pump as I sometimes accidentally pour too much onto my cotton pad. Overall, I didn't feel like this product made a difference in the 3-step process.
I'm always looking for toners without alcohol and this ticks the box. Even after double cleansing and I think all trace of my make up is gone when I follow with this toner applied on a Daiso cotton puff to prep my skin for oils and moisturisers. I find it gentle enough to use both day and night. So far so good!
Pretty average toner doesn't have much affect on my skin as it's oily but refreshing to apply and does remove excess make up,
It has nice easy to use packing, I used it with cotton ball. It has light smell which is not so over powering. It has very runny watery consistency, so I need to use it carefully. I soak cotton ball in it and then apply it after cleaning my face. It absorbs quickly, feels refreshing and makes my skin hydrated with out leaving any greasy residue. It works well with my sensitive skin and does not cause any negative reaction or break outs. This product claims to exfoliate skin, In first few applications I have not see much difference in my skin. But after few days ofuse, the overall condition of my skin is improved a lot.  My skin looks soft, hydrated and nourished after regular use.  All dry patches and dull areas are converted into healthy smooth skin. This toner is very gentle on my skin and it removes dead skin and dry patches effectively. I feel that this lotion should be used regularly ifyou want to see improvement. This is not a product which can do a magic overnight, so wait and see the result.   I think that I still need to use it for fewweeks more to see the real improvement. I highly recommend it for those who want an exfoliating toner with real results.
This is one of those products that gently exfoliates (you can use it twice a day) and is the second step in the three step skin care system by Clinique. I noticed a massive difference after about 2 weeks of use and got a lot of compliments about how even, fresh and bright my complexion was. I also found that it softened my skin a prepared it well for the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion. I'd highly recommend this to someone that wan't to swap their abrasive exfoliater for something more gentle that delivers results!
I used this clarifying lotion after using the liquid facial soap. I found the lotion made my skin feel clean but a bit tight and I was worried that it would dry out my skin, but when used in conjunction with the moisturising gel I found that it did not dry out my facial skin.
I have been using this Clarifying lotion as part of the Clinique 3 Step system and I LOVE it! I apply this to my skin with a cotton ball after cleansing with the gentle cleanser and it's incredible how smooth it has left my skin feeling and how at times even after a completely cleansed face that I can still wipe off a tiny amount of daily grime.  It's super gentle on my skin as some exfoliants can be quite harsh. I've noticed an improvement in the texture of my skin, appearing smoother and just looks fresher! Love!
The clarifying lotion was a great addition in the 3 step regime. It left my skin feeling smooth and exfoliated however I did find that as someone with oily skin it did leave my skin a bit shiny so I'd have to wait a while until I put anything else on my face after using this product. I have defiantly noticed a difference in the texture of my skin though, so i've continued using the product and would defiantly recommend this product to all.
The clarifying lotion was ok, i didn't notice any amazing benefits but it didn't make me breakout either, which is  a positive. One negative i have for the product is the packaging. The lotion comes in a sold plastic bottle with a screw on lid and a fairly large opening. With the only method of dispensing the product being to pour it onto a cotton round, i find that with the large opening i would often use a lot more product then necessary.
This exfoliant is gentle & mild but does it's job perfectly! My skin has never felt better and after years of struggling to find a skin care routine that works I'm so thrilled that I've finally found it!
I found the liquid facial soap to be a very mild and did not leave my skin dry like other exfoliants have. Its great product to use to ensure all the dirt and make up has been removed. I have also found it to be a handy product to have in my gym bag!
I was fortunate enough to trial this product in conjunction with the other steps thanks to Beautycrew. This was nice and mild and didn't sting or aggravate any skin concerns I have. The Clarifying Lotion was really refreshing and helped get rid of any excess makeup I had left on after using the liquid facial soap. At the start of the trial my skin was its usual dry self. I found that this helped get rid of dry patches and in conjunction with the other products my skin is remarkably different in just a few short weeks. I found this lotion to be gentle and hydrating and it really worked well with the other products in the line.
This clarifying lotion from Clinique comes on a solid plastic bottle that appears lightly frosted. It has a large plastic lid that unscrews to reveal an open top. I would've preferred if it had some sort of internal cover that squeezed out a few drops at a time. That said when I put my cotton ball firmly over the top and tip the bottle upside down to allow liquid onto the ball twice it seems like a pretty perfect amount for using over my whole face without drenching the pad or leaving it too dry. The lotion itself is kind of alcoholic smelling and is a very liquid consistency. When using there is sediment that will sit/ settle  in the bottom of the bottle so it will need to be tipped upside down a few times or shaken up to disperse it. If I don't use this lotion my face just doesn't  nice and smooth and clean. I also found that any products used directly afterwards are absorbed more easily and more quickly into the skin. Before purchasing the lady at the clinique counter washed both my hands with a liquid facial soap, then gently rubbed a clarifying lotion soaked cotton ball over one hand but not the other. On the hand she used the lotion on it absorbed quite fast. The other one pretty mush just sat on the skin leaving it looking and feeling greasy. It was a great demonstration as to what it would do to help my skin and also showed me why I needed to add it into my daily routine. Although it's recommended by Clinique to use it as a part of their three step skin care i found it to be no better or worse than when I integrated it into my normal daily routine. Every second day I use a cleansing brush with my creme cleanser. It hasn't caused any irritation to my skin even though my skin can be temperamental and sometimes sensitive. I haven't found it to be drying although I do always use a serum or moisturiser afterwards. It has helped control my minor problems with mature acne and I really notice a difference on the few occasions I have skipped it or not had it with me when washing my face. If I forget it my face seems to feel a bit rough and just not as clean. If I forget it for a few days I notice a few breakouts start to pop up which I try my best to avoid. I love this clarifying lotion. I don't always use it in the three step regime that Clinique recommend. I quite often will use my creme cleanser followed by the clarifying lotion then a serum, sunscreen and moisturiser. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and ready to face the day. I use it twice a day, morning and night. At night I keep it simple and just follow it by a moisturiser and an eye cream.
Loved this Lotion - left me feeling fresh and help slough away my dry skin
I used the clarifying lotion in combination with the liquid facial soap and the dramatically different moisturising lotion. It didn't sting like other reviews i have read, in fact i thought it was relatively mild, and great as a make-up remover at the end of the day instead of spending more money on wipes.
this product is the most gentle exfoliant I've ever used - you can see the results as it wipes away dirt and leaves my skin silky smooth