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Clinique Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly is a clear hydrating moisturiser. It provides protection from pollution using Clinique’s Clean-Shield Technology™ while glycerine and hyaluronic acid attract and bind moisture to the skin for intense 24-hour hydration. A blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract and cucumber fruit extract work to further hydrate and repair the skin. The jelly texture is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin. The formula does not contain parabens, phthalates or fragrance.

Size pictured is 125mL. Also available in 15mL for $12 and 50mL for $29.


Clinique Dramatically Different™ Hydrating Jelly


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Hydrating and lightweight

This is a unique moisturiser that has a clear light jelly texture with no added fragrances of colours. It absorbs into the skin instantly and doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. It feels slightly sticky at first but this disappears quickly. It immediately leaves my skin feeling hydrated and plump. However given that it’s oil-free and mainly has hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, algae and cucumber, I need to apply a more nourishing cream on top. It creates a nice smooth base for makeup, almost like a hydrating primer. I also occasionally apply a thicker layer on my face like a hydrating mask, given that the 125ml bottle seems to last a while. This moisturiser can also be used with the Clinique iD cartridges to address various skin types and concerns. I have been using the jelly on it’s own and although it’s not moisturising enough for my skin, I definitely like the refreshing and hydrating feel. I would recommend this product to anyone with oily skin who doesn’t want a rich, greasy moisturiser.

The product you didn't know you needed!

I haven't NOT used this product since the day I first tried it. It has been a great addition to my skincare routine for both morning and night. It adds in that extra hydration boost my skin desperately needs. I don't think it is enough to act as a stand alone product like a serum or moisturiser, but it is THE best product I didn't know I needed to add into my regular routine!

An average day cream

The Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly is a decent everyday basic moisturiser. I’ve used much better, I’ve used much much worse. The Jelly absorbs into the skin really well and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. My skin is well hydrated and it doesn’t add any shine to my forehead which is fantastic. I don’t feel like the Hydrating Jelly does anything in terms of tightening, brightening or smoothing but with the right combination of serums and such it would probably be ok to ‘seal’ in all the goodies.

Basic fragrance-free HA gel moisturiser

This moisturiser comes in the form of a lightweight gel that absorbs easily into your skin. It has hyaluronic acid as well as some plant extracts. It has a lovely texture and absorbs easily and it very comfortable on my combination skin. Since it absorbs well, other products like sunscreen applies very nicely on top. It's also fragrance-free and doesn't irritate. However, it's still a basic moisturiser in terms of ingredients - there are much cheaper alternatives out there that are in gel form that do the same thing.
I think this is a fantastic moisturiser for a hot day. It absorbs super well into the skin and is almost undetectable after a few seconds post application. It wears very well under makeup and doesn’t make you feel shiny or greasy in any way. I love that it is anti pollution because it makes me feel like I’m protecting my skin during the day. It is non irritating at all, as it doesn’t contain any fragrance at all and is allergy tested. It’s packaging states that it is designed for all skin types but I think from wearing it in winter when my skin is drier, that it’s not moisturising enough for dry skin types. I would recommend it for summer of if you live in a humid environment. Also it would be great if you have oily skin.
This is super a lovely hydrating jelly which is very lightweight on skin and I love to use it during summer. When my skin feels a bit dry I would apply a thick layer and leave it on overnight and it doesn't give me any breakouts. The next morning my skin is so plump, firm with radiant.
This product is a life-saver for adolescents going through their acne phase or people with oily (yet dry) skin. I came across this product when i went shopping for skin care for my niece who is in her teens. She has broken into bad acne and was unable to use the dramatically different lotion anymore. This product is just right for her acne prone skin at the moment. It soothes her skin without irritating it, and hydrates without providing too much moisture. Hope it makes sense.
I have always wanted to try this product and was lucky enough to get a sample of this. My skin tends to be on the oily/combination side so I'm always looking for a moisturiser that doesn't make my skin more oily. This was a product that didn't make my skin more oily. A little goes a long way but I did find it took longer to absorb into my skin than I expected (I may have used too much?) BUT once it had it was like I hadn't put anything on (in a good way). My skin was moisturised and it sat well under my make up without creating a weird texture. I would recommend to try it if you were thinking about it. If you are still unsure, go to MECCA MAXIMA and ask for a free sample to try it out!
I've always loved dramatically different gel moisturiser, so I was pretty pumped to try out Clinique's new moisturiser. Initially, I thought the formulation might be a bit of a gimmick with no real benefits, but I've been very pleasantly surprised. Having used it for a few months now as my main moisturiser - night and day - I think it does a great job of providing moisture without the sticky, cloying feeling other richer textures can leave. Will purchase again!
This moisturiser worked really well for my skin! Application was smooth and it soaked into my skin quickly. Unlike other moisturisers it didn't feel oily or sticky afterwards. After using this product for a couple of weeks just once a day I noticed my skin looked smoother and less pigmented. I also used it as a primer under foundation. I like that it has minimal smell as it doesn't linger once it has soaked in. Highly recommend!
I am usually very minimal when it comes to skin care, which is probably why I love this Jelly. It goes on super light, spreads really well, absorbs quickly and feels like I’m not wearing anything. I was a bit unsure about the texture at first, and it took my skin a couple of days to get used to it, as the first couple times I used it I felt like it still left my skin a bit dry. But after 1 week it felt great. I also love that it’s odourless and would definitely recommend it.
This is a must have product. It’s lightweight and very moisturising to the skin. I have been using it for a week now and I can honestly say that it has improved my skin from dry to a healthy glow. This will always be a part of my skin care regime night & day.
I love testing beauty and skin care products, that’s obvious by now surely and it’s surely why I’m lucky enough to be on the Beautycrew supercrew review team, because you just can’t get me to shut up about my passion for everything beauty. I’ve loved it passionately and wholeheartedly for as long as I can remember. Getting to test beauty and skin care products means I get the opportunity to try different products and different brands that I might not ordinarily try in my everyday life. I step out of my comfort zone so much and I’ve found products that I absolutely love and can’t live without now, and I absolutely give most of the credit to the beautiful girls and wonderful website that is Beautycrew. One brand that I truly love and use a lot is Clinique. It has a lot to love about it too, it’s Australian made and owned, cruelty free, fragrance free and gentle and of such high, dermatologist quality. Love the take the day off cleansing balm and the moisture surge range, particularly the over night mask, my dry skin drinks it up and adores it’s moisturing and skin plumping qualities.  The new addition to their moisturiser range that I tested recently is this dramatically different hydrating moisturising jelly. The latest trend in skin care lately is jelly textured products, that are said to be super hydrating and plumping yet still light and easily absorbed. I was intrigued yet not quite sure about this so I stopped by my local Clinique counter and picked up a sample to test out before deciding whether to buy the full size or not. Next morning after double cleansing and layering serums and treatments, I applied a small amount of this jelly to my face neck and décolletage and massaged in thoroughly. It sank in quickly and easily enough and my skin certainly looked bright and smooth glowing but as the day went on I didn’t stay feeling hydrated or moisturised, far from it, I felt even drier than usual. I used my usual night cream that night and the next morning, I used this jelly again but this time applied another richer moisturiser on top, which helped with the dryness better. I’m really glad I only got a sample of this as I would never purchase the full size. I think it’s more of a serum than moisturiser and better suited to oily or combination skin types, definitely not dry or dehydrated skin that needs serious moisture all the time. I still love Clinique, this is just the first bad product I think they’ve released but it won’t stop me purchasing Clinique in the future, far from it. Beauty is my passion, my lifelong love and dedication. It’s all around me and influences so much of what I do in my career and life. Being part of the Beautycrew supercrew review team is just the best thing ever, the icing on the cake in my beautiful world.
This was a product i received in a subscription box i receive,and i was truly eager to give it a try.I have used Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser on and off for years,so when this hydrating jelly format came,i knew i would love it. This is a clear,gel formula moisturiser that plays really well with makeup (no slipping and sliding of your base) as well as providing protection from pollution (a must in today's environment).A mix of glycerine and hyaluronic acid promises 24-hour hydration (i am a really dry skinned girl,and whilst this DID feel great,i think this is more of a summer weight type product for just didn"t feel as nourishing as i like,although it did last all day).The jelly texture is lightweight and easily absorbed by the skin,so you can apply makeup straight away after use,and being scent free,it would be suitable for those with skin who can barely tolerate water...let alone any type of product.Another big plus is the sits at a range that rivals supermarket finds,so you can purchase some truly great product at a price you won't have to hide from your bank statement (hahaha),and a little (say the size of a 10cent piece) will cover entire face and neck.I would recommend this as a moisturiser for teens,parents...anyone in your home who needs a no fuss,no miracle promising product.
I found this product to be a really great moisturiser. It had no discernible odour (which I love!) and had a great lightweight feel to it. My skin felt so smooth and hydrated, and not oily at all after I used it. I would definitely use this again and recommend it to others.
I was really excited for this product to be released as a person that has used hydrating jellies from Korean brands for several years now and when I eventually got to try it I was quite unimpressed. Instead of hydrating the skin this jelly felt like it smoothed out the skin a little bit but felt as though any benefit disappeared once it was absorbed into my skin. The fact that my skin wasn't dry at the time also made me more sad about this product.
What is a jelly? And if it hydrates, where does it fit in with your moisturiser and/ or serum? And how do you know if you're protected from pollutants? What are those even? I confuse. With combo skin, I'm a bit apprehensive of adding more stuff to my routine. My skin is best with a 'less is more' approach.  So this product threw me a little. Having used it as a daily moisturiser for over a week, applying it after my serum, I'm pretty comfortable with it. Spreads amazingly, very lightweight and absorbant. Neutral smell and a small amount of product goes far.  For me, in winter, I need a richer night cream and some days even an oil. Bit tricky all up. May be more of a winner for non-combo skin types. 
I’ve been using the Clique hydrating gel for just over three weeks now, and I absolutely adore it- it’s a fantastic addition to my skin care routine. I’ll admit I was hesitant in switching out my usual moisturiser however, I am nothing but impressed. I’ve noticed a huge change in my skin, it looks brighter, hydrated and re-energised.  I will definitely continue to incorporate this product into my skin care routine morning and night!
As someone with an irrational fear of the word “moisturiser” due to that niggling suspicion that adding more moisture to my skin will mean adding more spots - Clinique’s Hydrating Jelly was something I was keen to get on board with! I’ve recently introduced this product into my skin care routine, morning and night, and love the weightless feel as well as this new (desperately needed) addition of hydration to my skin - without the addition of spots!  Would recommend!
Not for combo skin. Nice, but underwhelming. I'm a hydration fiend. Anything that hydrates and anything that promises new or great results, I have to try to sate my curiosity and to see what works best for me. It's a lovely product. I usually have issues with Clinique products drying out my skin but I found this one didn't do so. I would say that for me, this is the most hydrating and high quality Clinique has come out with. In fact, I would say this is the nicest Clinique product I've used.  It adequately does the job and it is INCREDIBLY priced that I almost want to give it another star, but for its results I only give it three stars. It's tackier than I expected, and I would NOT classify it as a jelly to say the least; it's a gel, if anything. I had to use two or three times the recommended amount for it to work as expected especially in my driest areas, and I can't say I truly noticed it working any magic. I also got my mum to try it (I have oily/combo skin and she has dry; she also uses a Clinique moisturiser and has more loyalty to the brand than I do), and she agreed that while it was nice, it didn't show an overwhelming difference to her skin or hydration as really great moisturisers do.  I think it would be suitable for sensitive skin as it was very gentle despite having hyaluronic acid. I want to try it in summer/different climates to see if the different conditions change the effects I've seen. If it is within your price range, definitely give it a try, however if you are willing and can afford to go a bit higher, I'd open up your options and do some research into what truly will work best for you individually.  Find the moisturiser you love and works with your skin. For me, this isn't quite it.