Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15

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Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 is a liquid foundation developed by dermatologists. It helps even out skin tone immediately while working to reduce the appearance of age spots within four to six weeks. It contains broad-spectrum SPF 15 to prevent future pigmentation from appearing on the skin.

Available in 22 shades.


Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15


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A very lightweight foundation with a natural dewy finish that blend out evenly and doesn't dry out my skin.The foundation is long lasting and doesn't crease around my eye areas or near my nose areas. It doesn't look thick or cakey on skin and doesn't oxidise which is a plus.
I have had fun with trying different brands of foundation over the years but I keep coming back to Clinique as I love the natural look and feel it always has on my sensitive skin. At the moment I'm using Even Better as it gives moderate coverage with a dewy finish. Even though Clinique is more on the expensive side, they are loyally my choice of makeup.
I was happy to receive a complimentary mini makeover and foundation samples from the Clinique counter, as I’m ever on the prowl for a  good mid-range foundation (my favourite foundation is unfortunately way too expensive for ongoing use). After cleansing my skin and applying Dramatically Different moisturiser, the sales assistant matched me with CN 40 but gave me another darker sample too. It’s a light to medium weight foundation, and gave my skin a lovely dewy appearance in the store, and looked somewhat lighter in store than out in the real world, which often seems to happen. Although she didn’t use a primer, I saw no sign of this foundation sinking into the pores of my chin and nose. Clinique Even Better has been developed to actually improve your skintone and  diminish age spots or acne scars, and contains skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin C and antioxidents for this purpose. Has it has actually improved my skintone? Hmm, not sure, but the SPF 15 is certainly going to prevent any further damage to my skin and that is definitely a good thing. I apply it after my SPF 50 primer for extra protection and coverage of tricky large pore areas. A little on the light side at first application, it is a dream to build with a flat make-up brush until I have  the coverage I want, then just a quick blend with a sponge. Even Better Makeup has the very natural look I prefer and is fairly long-lasting, only fading towards the end of the day. It feels nice on the skin, fluid and perhaps a touch oily - but most importantly, it does not LOOK oily at all. Anything that can make my dry skin feel hydrated and smooth is always going to be a winner with me and I’m happy as always with the minimal scent in any of Clinique’s good quality products. So I definitely have positive feelings towards this product,and really like that it has so many shades to choose from – in fact, and because I CAN, I will try another sample in different light settings, until I’m sure of the perfect match, before buying the full size! The only Cons? A slightly higher SPF would be welcome for a warm climate like ours. If you were looking for a full matte coverage then this foundation would probably not be for you, but I think anyone else would love it! 
I hadn’t used a Clinique foundation before so I grabbed the opportunity when I was given a chance to try the CLINIQUE Even Better Glow Makeup SPF15.    A Clinique consultant at adepartment store matched my skin to ‘cream chamois’ which is a perfect shade for me.   Before applying the foundation I go through my normal routine of cleansing, toning, and applying serum, moisturiser and primer.  At first I found the foundation difficult to spread because it kept finding pores I didn’t know I had and it left little white dots over my face.  I always use my fingers when applying foundation or BB creams so I persevered in blending the foundation until it looked okay and then finished off with a sponge which smoothed everything out.    The foundation has a creamy texture, lightweight consistency and provides a light to medium coverage.  I have dry/combination skin and prefer a dewy finish rather than a matte.  I usually wear a BB cream because generally when I wear a foundation it feels as if my skin can’t breathe.  However, I have found that the Clinique Even Better Glow Makeup SPF 15 doesn’t have that suffocating feeling, remains in place all day and doesn’t feel drying.   I’ve tried this foundation using different serums and moisturisers underneath and not every combination works so for me it’s a matter of sticking to the same serum, moisturiser and primer each time I wear this foundation.  This way Iknow I’ll achieve an even, smooth finish that will last me through the day. 
This foundation was a pleasant surprise in how well it performed! I'm used to spf foundations having quite a heavy, unpleasant feeling so the lightweight formula of this product was a dream to apply. I found a colour-match very easily which is always a pleasure.  Clinique have always been spot on for my moody skin but I wasn't expecting their makeup line to be so cohesive and lovely. This is a true winner that covers all the right spots and blends easily and looks very natural!
This is a definite 5 stars from me. I have noticed a difference in the tone of my skin when using this foundation. It looks natural on application not like a full face of makeup. It also wears well and that’s without using a primer, and only a foundation brush. It doesn’t make me break out and when I go to wash it off at night time, I am still pleased with how it looks even when not reapplying it throughout the day. I love the warm shades in this foundation range as they are not orangey, but have a lovely yellow base. I will keep using this foundation for sure. I would recommend this foundation to anyone that wants a foundation that looks natural but at the same time has ingredients that benefit the skin.
Skin type: Combination Dry Skin with the occasional breakouts and sun spots I got a 10-day sample from the Myer counter after getting an email to try out Clinique foundations. I was matched to Sand 09 which at the counter seemed a perfect match. I am an NC 35 in MAC foundations. I applied it and yes, to my misfortune, it was dark on me. I still tried it on. The formula was gloopy which I liked. The application was a dream. I used a buffing brush in small easy strokes and it worked like an eraser to my light sun spots and imperfections. This is a solid medium coverage! Pores and texture where? This is the first foundation that totally erased my pores and made my skin look like smooth ice after a Zamboni. Comparing this with the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, the Bourjois evens out the skin tone but does not give the beautiful coverage the Clinique Even Better gives. I have never encountered a foundation like this, and if the skin benefits are half real, I will stick to this for my everyday foundation because it still looks natural. Looks even better with the Mac Fix PLUS. The only con is Clinique foundations are pink so if you want a golden shade, you might struggle.
This is one of my favourite foundations in terms of coverage and choice of natural looking shades. The formula is light and oil-free, although I do find my skin can look a bit shiny when I wear this as it’s not completely matte like long-wearing foundations. I’m not a huge fan of the packaging and would have preferred a pump bottle, rather than the nozzle tip applicator which can make it difficult to dispense the foundation. This product contains SPF15 and no added fragrance so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I do have uneven skin tone and some acne scars but I don’t really think this has done much to actually even out my skin tone, although it does provide medium coverage and a bit of dewy glow. It never looks heavy or caked on yet provides just enough coverage to conceal imperfections and lasts well during the day. I like to apply this foundation with a makeup sponge to give me slightly heavier coverage, and find it is easy to build your coverage. I think if you have very oily skin or want full-coverage then this may not be the foundation for you. But if you want sheer to medium, buildable coverage that glides on nicely and doesn’t look or feel heavy than this foundation would suit you. I think it’s also reasonably priced and I will continue to purchase it as it leaves my complexion looking natural and even.
As always, I continue to be on the hunt for my HG (holy grail) foundation, the one that will apply like a dream, last all day long with no touching up until my evening routine, will layer up easily with no smudging or cakiness and will also make my skin look better but still like my own skin. I know I know it’s a lot to ask for from one little foundation, but I know it’s possible because I get closer with every foundation I test out. It helps that there are such beautiful and brilliant brands out on the market these days, one such brilliant brand that I adore more and more with every product I try is Clinique. It’s Australian owned and made, it’s dermatologically tested to ensure there’s no irritating colours or scents so it’s perfect for all skin types especially sensitive and their take the day off balm cleanser and moisture surge overnight mask and moisturiser are products my skin cannot live without now, I love them and will continue to buy and use these. So their skin care products are brilliant but how do their foundations stack up? Well I found out recently when I received a sample of their new even better makeup spf 15. It was the first Clinique foundation I’ve tried so far but because I adore their skin care already, I was expecting and hoping for big and beautiful things from this little pot of foundation. After double cleansing and applying serum moisturiser and primer, I dotted on small amounts of this to my forehead cheeks chin and nose and blended outwards with my it cosmetics angled radiance brush, buffing it into my skin until it disappeared with no signs of lines or obvious marks. It blended into skin straight away and beautifully, making my skin look so fresh and natural, not like a full face of makeup. I didn’t need much at all to cover my entire face and neck and it lasted beautifully all day long, no touch ups needed at all and still looked so freshly applied when I went to remove it that evening. The colour that the Clinique counter girl matched to me was so perfect for my very pale skin and I’ve been using this sample daily and I’ve still got heaps left as a very little goes a very long way indeed. I will for sure be purchasing a full size bottle of this gorgeous foundation when my sample ends, very happily. So, this foundation certainly ticks a lot of my boxes but is it my HG foundation, after all this time searching? Well it’s my favourite foundation at the moment, my HG foundation for this moment until I find something else that’s a lot closer to what I’m searching for, and in the meantime I will continue to enjoy this beautiful makeup related search.