Clinique For Men Moisturising Lotion

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Clinique for men Moisturising Lotion is a lightweight men’s moisturiser that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it hydrated and strengthened. The oil-free formula also helps soothe shaving irritation and improve the overall condition of skin.


Clinique For Men Moisturising Lotion


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I bought this for my significant other who is quite a 'manly man' (I.e. not very keen on beauty products & whose regime & product reportoire pretty much consists of shampoo, shaving cream & cologne). While initially resistant to trying it, I did force him to use a little after shaving on a few mornings (thankfully this cream is easy to apply & absorbs quickly) & I have been happy to report he has quietly started using it every morning as he noticed his skin was smoother & more soothed particularly after shaving! The product has a male-friendly design (looks sleek & manly and is easy to dispense & apply) and as for results - miraculously I have been asked to give input into his shaving products & possibly a (much needed) hand cream now, progress! Ladies I fully recommend sneaking this into your guy's product cabinet, it works!
This is on my husbands behalf. He loves this product. He is an every day shaver so his skin can become a little irritated, dry and scratchy. I actually purchased this for him and over a couple of weeks use he has noticed a major difference in his skin texture. His skin looks more refreshed, is soft and the irritation from shaving has disappeared. He loves the fact this moisturiser doesn't leave a greasy film on his skin. It is absorbed into the skin instantly. It is easily applied after shaving in one step so it isn't time consuming and doesn't have a strong smell to the product which he really likes. I, myself, have noticed a major difference in the appearance and softness of his skin. I would highly recommend this product (on behalf of my husband of course) for those looking for relief from shaving irritation and looking for that extra bit of moisture and softness to skin.