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Clinique iD is a custom-blend hydration system that allows you to combine your choice of a hydrating moisturiser base with an active cartridge concentrate for a personalised serum-infused moisturiser that is tailored to your skin’s specific needs. There are three moisturiser base options: a moisturising lotion for very dry to dry combination skin; an oil-controlling gel for combination oily to oily skin; and a hydrating jelly, suitable for all skin types. The five active cartridge concentrates are each formulated to target a specific skin concern: Irritation works to calm and comfort skin; Pores and Uneven Texture is a retexturising serum that reduces the appearance of pores; Uneven Skin Tone helps tone and brighten skin; Fatigue is an energising serum that revives skin for a healthy glow; and Lines and Wrinkles works to plump skin and smooth fine lines.

Available in 15 unique combinations.

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Clinique iD


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Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion is a product I have always enjoyed using so to find it is the base product of a new moisturizer, made me very happy – the only thing better than a good moisturizer, is a moisturizer infused with a good serum! I knew this was a 2 in 1 with a difference. Others, like Clarins Double Serum, combine two serums in the bottle but everyone gets the same serum. Clinique has gone a step further and customized things, not once but twice! First you choose the moisturizing lotion base that is made for your skin type, then the serum cartridge suitable for your skin issues. I was intrigued by this and wanted to try it – it seemed quite expensive but I had a chance to buy it duty-free, so of course I jumped at it. There are three different moisturizing bases for dry, oily, or all skin types, and being the other side of 50 with dry skin I chose the moisturizing lotion, with the Lines and Wrinkles active concentrate– because what mature lady doesn’t want to deal with those? One squeeze of the plunger ejects a pea sized amount of serum-infused lotion. I mix a little in my hand to combine properly and then smooth over my face. This is a nice light lotion with virtually no scent, just like the original Dramatically Different Lotion, and I actually find it a rather sticky texture, probably because of the line-smoothing concentrate, which contains whey protein. I have found my complexion brighter and firmer, with a plumping effect, especially around the cheeks and mouth. As it is so light I will probably reserve for day, as I prefer a richer cream in the evening. I really love the way it firms up my skin texture and congratulate Clinique on developing such an innovative way of treating  my skin.
Been using the Clinique ID Hydrating Jelly with the Active Cartridge Concentrate for Uneven Skin Tone for quite a few months now. The jelly has a beautiful light texture which I find to be very hydrating but also refreshing in the morning, especially if the bottle is kept chilled. I can't really commend on whether the cartridge has done anything for my skin tone though as I use plenty of other active ingredients such as AHAs, Niacinamide etc in other products.
This a such a game changer and I am in love again with Clinique. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion was my very first moisturiser and I used it for years and loved it (no rash, no breakouts and no oil slick!). When they changed the formula to + it just wasn't the same for me and my skin was horrid. Now with 15 unique combinations available we were able to customise my perfect blend again! My skin looks hydrated and is silky smooth. Thank you Clinique for listening to what your customers need.
I’ve been using the Clinique iD since late August and I am loving it. I chose the ‘all rounder’ jelly and the purple anti ageing cartridge. I was unable to have the iD device determine my need as it wouldn’t recognise my face as a face (had myself, girlfriends and Clinique staff in hysterics). I have combination skin, oily t-zone and dry everywhere else and have found that this is the perfect blend for me. My skin is clearer, smoother and more radiant.  It sits really well under sunscreen or makeup and doesn’t contest pores when in the middle of many layers. 
Absolutely my holy grail product as a 51 year young woman I’m absolutely in love with the way this product makes my skin feel I use the ID purple cartridge for lines and wrinkles and it truly is amazing If you have not tried it yet it’s a MUST
I've been loving this combination ID would use it in the future,  it has moisturised my skin a lot and provided it with a firmer texture. I had only used it for a month but I could see the difference perhaps due to its hydration content,  it was definitely nice to see something different in skin product from clinique. Having used the older range in the past, it has definitely improved in terms of smell
A combination tailored to your skin’s needs. Clinique ID has been great for my skin since trying it out for the last 2 weeks. The ID adds a personalised element to your skincare. The process starts with identifying what your skin concerns might be through their new Clinique ID technology. I always thought my weakest points were dryness and irritation because of my sensitive skin and consistent need for extra hydration.  Clinique ID offered an insight into what my skin wanted the most, moisture and an active concentrate to nourish and even out my skin tone. With sensitive skin I’m always worried about trying new products but I can definitely recommend this product. Definitely swing by a Clinique concession and ask for advice and find out what suits your skin the most and you’ll be surprised.  After 2 weeks I can feel my skin being more hydrated, supple and having more clarity all round.  I picked the lotion for the hydration base which is great for winter and has no issues being absorbed. It doesn’t feel like a heavy cream based product and the Japanese Angelica Root has been wonderful for my skin tone. 
I choose the hydrating jelly with the skin irritation serum. I find the jelly a little too drying for my skin especially in winter, so I would definitely choose the lotion next time round. As far as the serum to help with skin irritation , I feel it has contributed to help clearing the irritation that presents in my forehead pretty well, I used in combination with a clearing serum as well. The concept is great I will continue to use it!
It was a great experience, to be invited for the  Clinique iD Discovery event. The staff at clinique were friendly and welcoming.  What was super interesting was that they had an App on site which scanned your face and the algorithm in the app worked out all the skin issues . The App highlighted that my skin is fatigued under my eye are - which is true as I have really dark circles and my under eye area always looks tired and dull. It was scary to see all the lines and wrinkles highlighted on the app. Hmm did not know I had so many wrinkles . The app picked out that I had uneven skin tone which is 100% true. The app then asked a few questions related to your skin and then customized a solution for you. I picked the lightweight gel moisturiser plus the white cartridge for brightening your skin tone. The moisturizer feels so refreshing on my skin and it melts into my skin right away. leaving my skin looking fresh and dewy. Love the fact that the product is fragrance free . The cartridge has concentrated active ingredients to help tackle the problem you are facing. In my case as I chose uneven skin tone the cartridge has Japanese Angelica Root that brightens your skin and helps to even out your skin tone. I have been using the moisturiser twice a day for at least two weeks now and I can definitely feel my skin improving.I feel my dull skin looks a bit brighter. My skin is looking fresh and plump. The pump delivers a fresh dose of the active ingredient mixed with the moisturiser. The hydrating jelly really keeps my oily/combo skin moisturised for the whole day. i just love love and love the texture of the jelly and how it absorbs into my skin immediately without leaving a tacky feeling behind. It leaves my skin soft and supple too.Already planning to repurchase when I run out because I am loving how fuss free the moisturiser is. I also love the price point of the moisturiser. It is quite affordable for a great brand and quality.
I was chosen to participate in a Beauty Crew event to test and trial Clinique’s new ID moisturiser system. Firstly they explained the product to us and said how they customise the product to suit your skin types and your skin concerns.  After this they took a scan of our skin using the IPAD diagnostic tool and it told me that my main concern was fine lines and wrinkles which was accurate considering my age. We then received a full size product of the moisturiser with the gel insert that was the serum to help with my skin concerns. So after using this product for a few weeks I am extremely impressed. I have previously used other products that are not Clinique and nearly double the price but am now definitely going to purchase the Clinique ID moisturiser.  It made my skin feel so soft and supple and after using way to much at first I realised a little goes a long way. I have already noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin and it feels so much softer. I also get dry patches on my nose and cheeks due to the cold weather but since using this product they have disappeared.Some fine lines have definitely disappeared but I am waiting for the deeper wrinkles to fade as well but fingers crossed if I keep using it they will. The only downside of this product is that it doesn’t contain sunscreen which is a must if you a using a retinol product and a vitamin C serum, which I use. So I just put on a sunscreen after this moisturiser. Overall I am impressed with the product and super impressed with the wonderful night that the Beauty Crew staff put on. All of the girls were super lovely and friendly. It was a great night especially to get a bit of pampering
I love the customisation of Clinique ID! The technology for matching is very nifty and did pick up on my skin concerns. I got the lotion + uneven skin tone combo (been using for 2 weeks) and it has been perfect during winter - very moisturising without being harsh. It’s my go to serum + moisturiser combo and perfect for he gym bag.
I absolutely loved trialling this product. I was blown away by the Clinique ID app, the detail and level of personalisation. It takes a photo of your face and ranks your skin concerns, and then provides a recommendation of what moisturiser base and concentrate to get. There are 3 bases to choose from, I chose the hydrating jelly (suitable for all skin types) which was so light and felt greet applying on your skin and I chose the fatigue concentrate - recommended to me by the app. I really loved using this moisturiser, and I would definitely be repurchasing. There’s not many moisturisers that let you have the level of personalisation and address the key concerns of your skin. Highly recommend every person giving the app a go!
After a biometric facial scan via iPad, performed at the Clinique counter at Myer, my face was assessed for my "main skin concern". My skin was looking tired, nice obvious dark circles, so I was prescribed the "Fatigue" cartridge. Next step of the process was to choose the type of base for the moisturiser, for which I chose the hydrating Jelly. The Fatigue cartridge canister was then suspended into the Jelly to create my Custom "ID" blend of serum-moisturiser. I chose the Jelly base as I've never used this type of moisturiser before, as I'm used to thicker cream-based moisturisers. I found the this combination very very light! At first it almost felt too light, as if it wasn't really hydrating my skin as it felt as light as a splash of water. But I actually found it left my skin feeling refreshed without a thick, oily residue. It absorbs SO quickly! I think this will be sensational over summer (or any hot environments), as it's so light!  I do feel like it gave my skin a wake-up and dampened the darkness of the bags under my eyes to some degree, though it's not a immediate "wow" moment. I would recommend this product for anyone who craves a lightweight moisturiser (the jelly really is awesome!) and some assistance  for skin that is in need of waking up.
I was lucky enough to trial the Clinique iD system during a Beauty Crew Event and found the product and process really fun and interesting. I visited the Clinique counter and my face was analysed by a technology that Clinique call their Clinical Reality technology where an iPad scans over your face and they use their data to map out the concerns they can see on your bare skin and iD you with a moisturising base and serum cartridge. I was able to trial the Clinique Dramatically Different Jelly in combination with the Orange Cartridge Serum which was focused on combating Fatigue. I have oily dehydrated skin and i think it's a great moisturiser to layer over my other skincare products to ensure that my skin is hydrated day and night. I love the light weight consistency and its ability to sink into the skin really quickly. I think the concept of Clinique iD is really great as there are I think over 15 different combinations which means you will most likely find something that suits your skin. I've given this product 4 stars though as my favourite Clinique moisturiser is the Moisture Surge and although I love the Clinique iD range i think i would love it that fraction more if the Clinique iD serum cartridges could somehow be extended to somehow work with the Moisture Surge product as well.
I am really in love with this serum moisturiser,I have the Pore & Uneven Texture with Hydrating Jelly moisture. I can see my skin look more hydrating, my skin used to be dry around my lip area but it not dry in that area since I have used it for 2 weeks day and night, my pore looks minimise each day. I am very happy with the results so far, I will buy it again when it run out and will recommend it to everyone to try it, this is really good combination 2 in 1. Thank you beauty crew to set up for this trial from Clinique ID.
I was fortunate enough to be invited to BEAUTYcrew’s Clinique ID discovery suite for a night of skincare education. Using the Clinique ID technology I was assigned with the 8-hour skin strengthening hydration base due to my very dry skin and the active cartridge concentrate for irritation (no surprises for me there).  Despite at first not feeling like the combination was truly helping out my dry winter skin as my redness and flaky skin took a few days to subside, I have persisted with the product over the past fortnight and it has honestly transformed my skin.  Before adding this as a final step in my skincare routine day and night my skin was flaking and red around my nose, mouth and between my brows despite using my usual facial oils. Now my skin looks so much better without makeup and my makeup is sitting so much flawlessly on my face since the improvement, without foundation clinging onto dry patches like it was before.  I’ve enjoyed using this product and the results have exceeded my expectations
I was fortunate to attend the Clinique event, it was very well organised and I enjoyed mingling amongst the Review Crew. After being split into groups, we put our faces to an iPad where it scanned our skin. We were individually matched based on skin type. Mine was the uneven skin tone cartridge and I selected the dramatically different hydrating jelly as my skin was looking a bit dry during winter months.  I love products that have the pump, it gives just the right amount and it's much more hygienic to use. The uneven skin tone is clear along with the jelly so it looks like i am applying a gel to my face. Instantly I can feel the product being absorbed into my skin. There is no scent that I can smell. It's been 2 weeks and I can see that my skin tone is slightly more even and hydrated. 
A photo of my face was taken and my skin analyzed by the Clinique Clinical Reality and I was recommended the Uneven skintone cartridge to even and brighten skintone with Japanese Angelica root. The cartridge was immersed in the Clinique dramatically different Hydrating Jelly. With each pump, 10% of the serum from the cartridge will come out with the rest being the hydrating jelly. I usually like the serum to be the first thing that comes in contact with my skin after cleansing and toning so combining the serum and moisturiser is interesting.   I've tried the Clinique ID for exactly 2 weeks now and I've enjoyed combining the serum and moisturizer step into 1. However, I've noticed that the moisturiser jelly isn't as hydrating as I had expected it to be. Within minutes of applying the product to my skin, it feels a bit tight. I have to follow the application with my own moisturiser over it to keep skin hydrated. Maybe its winter or maybe I have prescribed the wrong moisturiser, I'm not too sure.  Because it's only been a couple of weeks of using the product, I haven't seen much difference to my skin in terms of brightening and evening skin out but my skin does feel softer to the touch. I will continue using the product to see if it makes a visible difference. 
The Clinique iD custem blends a moisturising base with an active concentrate cartridge. After a photo of my makeup-free face was taken and analysed, I was recommended the orange fatigue cartridge. Because my skin is on the combination-to-oily side, the hydration base recommended was the yellow dramatically different oil-control gel.  The custom blend of 10% fatigue serum and oil-free hydrating gel feels lightweight and easily blendable on my skin. Its fragrance free and free of parabens and other irritating ingredients. It absorbs quickly without any greasy residue. I do find that its not as hydrating as I would like so I apply facial oil over it after waiting for it to absorb for 10-20 minutes.  I've used it for 2 weeks now and my skin feels softer and smoother to the touch. I will continue using the product to see if the results persist. 
I was super excited to try Clinique iD because I love the concept of mix and match the right serum and moisturiser according to my skin type. I purchased the moisturising lotion with the fatigue active cartridge and have used it for a month now. The lotion has a lightweight texture that just glides onto my skin and is easily absorbed without feeling sticky or tacky on skin. I use it twice a day and my skin has improved a lot. I have dry, dull skin and my eye areas always look tired from lack of sleep. But after using this lotion for a month, my skin looks pumped with radiant and hydrated. Definitely my ride or die item for this winter. Highly recommend!