Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild

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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild is a soft, non-drying facial cleanser that gently removes dirt, makeup and any impurities from the skin whilst protecting the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Suitable for very dry to dry skin.


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Extra-Mild


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This was my go-to cleanser when I had very dry and sensitive skin. It has a lotion-like texture and it is very mild on my skin. It is fragrance free and does not irritate or dry out my skin after use. Because this is a mild lotion, it doesn’t remove heavy makeup thoroughly so I would remove my makeup with makeup remover first.
This is a beautiful cleansing lotion by Clinique! Although the cleanser has been designed for dry to very dry skin, I use it as a gentle morning cleanser on my normal, sometimes combination skin.  I particularly like to use this cleanser in winter as it feels very gentle and soothing on my skin. The cleanser comes in a semi-transparent pump bottle. I love the design as I can see exactly how much cleanser is left so that I can plan my repurchase.  Because this cleanser does not lather up at all, I feel that I have to use more of this cleanser in order to get a good cleanse. I use two pumps for my face and neck. However, at $29 for a big 200mL bottle I still think that this cleanser is of good value. The cleanser has a lotion-like consistency. I really like the fresh daisy-like scent of this cleanser, noting that it is fragrance-free so its scent must have come from plant extracts. The cleanser rinses off reasonably clean - perhaps there is a slight residue left but it is not unpleasant, and it does not bother me too much. My skin is left soft and supple. More importantly, it does not strip my skin dry. My moisturiser and makeup goes onto the skin very well afterwards. I would recommend this cleanser to others, particularly those who have drier skin type.
I have normal-dry skin but it is often prone to dryness as I use prescription strength retinol so I need a cleanser that is gentle and doesn't strip my skin.  This one is made in the UK, dermatologist developed, allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.  It has the texture and consistency of a creamy lotion and contains a decent amount of olive oil and is for dry to very dry skin. I like all these things and when I use it as a morning cleanser it leaves my skin feeling really nourished but then there is the coating it leaves. Water beads off it, so you can't really use any water based serums or creams over it because they bead off too. Lucky for me I use an oil based serum immediately after so I don't have too much of an issue with them repelling each other.  It is a nice cleanser for the morning cleanse, but it doesn't do much for makeup removal so I wouldn't be using it at the end of the day cleanse.
This is a great cleanser for those with dry skin and sensitive skin. The product is in a light cream form without any artificial colouring or scent. After using it, the skin doesn't feel tight. I have used the Clinique mild cleansing gel before but this is definitely gentler. I highly recommend it for those with dry and sensitive skin.
Many years ago I purchased the 3 step kit from Clinique after it did wonders for my friend. I wasn't wowed by any of the products except the moisturisor and in fact dropped the mild clensing gel in the shower and never repurchased. I wasn't aware they had brought out an extra-mild version until my sister bought it for me this past christmas.  It has a milky, thin consistancy with no fragrance. As it states it can remove makeup I used it with foundation and mascara on. It removed the foundation very well but just smudged the mascara. The clenser didn't foam at all. Too be honest it didn't leave that stinging, tight feeling you normally get so I wasn't convinced it had actually clensed my skin so I used a makeup remover wipe after and was surprised it didn't remove anything except the smudged mascara so the clenser must have worked! My face didn't feel tight after and there was no temporary redness after use. With skin that looks oily but it actually super super dry this product suited me perfectly and I have since repurchaed.  PROS: No smell (important if you have sensitive skin or just hate that flowerly smell!) No redness No tingling Suitable to use with makeup on (although makeup must not be waterproof so mascara will still need a seperate remover) No tight/tingling feeling post use DIn't dry my skin out CONS No foaming - so hard to tell if it's actually removing anything! Thin constancy seems rather cheap/not luxury With one size-controlled pump dispensing enough product for one use this product lasts for ages. As I have repurchased this product and will continue to do so I would 100% reccommend it! 
I found this cleanser a bit better than the mild version.  I still had a tight feeling after using but at least I wasn't red like with the mild. It felt a little better after a few layers of the moisturiser.
Liquid Facial Soap feels great on my skin, preventing excess oil and breakouts. As my skin is normal to dry and can be slightly sensitive, I use extra mild. I do recommend using a hydrating cleanser in this range during the winter time as this can feel strip the skin, leaving it feeling a little tight on my face. Being a gel, this froths up with water and only a little is required each time so your lovely large bottle of cleanser will last about 6-9 months. Even my husband loves the foaming action and the clean sensation that Liquid Facial Soap offers. It smells quite clean and fuss-free, very unisex. The packaging is simple and fuss-free as well as easy to use with the lock-pump.
Loving this cleanser! I double cleanse so use an oil cleanser and follow with this. The scent is refreshing and removes the greasiness from my first cleanser without leaving my skin dry.
The Clinique Liquid Facial Soap works great for those with dry skin. It managed to keep my skin hydrated and soft and not stripped and dry. Great packaging with the pump, making it easy to use. No harsh scent present. Definitely recommend it to those who have sensitive skin. 
Clinique liquid facial soap comes in aneasy to use packing. Liquid soap has a very nice consistency and it leathers very well. It applied easily on my face and removed with few splashes of water.It gently cleaned my face without stripping my skin. It removed all impurities and make up very well and my skin felt soft and smooth instantly.   I have very dry skin and it really very hard to choose a face wash for my skin type. But this works very well with myskin type. I used it for more than a week and I can see the results. My skinfeels much hydrated, smooth and soft. It did not cause any negative reaction or break outs to my sensitive skin. I always got a clean fresh face after using this cleanser.   I highly recommend it for those who want agentle cleanser which can clean impurities and make up.  
This is one of the most gentle facial soaps I have tried. Non-foaming and definitely removes make-up incredibly well, without drying out the skin or being overly abrasive. It also has a very low scent which I find to be more appealing in facial products.
I would highly recommend this cleanser to anyone with no matter what skin type. After every use, my skin felt clean but not stripped and super soft.
This cleanser does not clean as thorough as I expected. It also gave me break out right after the first use. It could be because it's not the most suitable type for my skin as my skin is usually combination but gets dry in winter. On the other side I like that it's non-fragrance and the packaging makes it easy to be used.
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Replying to Wan WisaniFrom Clinique: It seems as though the skin type you are describing would get best results from a Liquid Facial Soap Mild. Although you sound like your skin type feels drier in winter months, if you still have a comfortable/slightly oily t-zone then we would recommend the Mild formula. This formula is designed to remove oil from the t-zone, while not drying out the drier areas of the face. Developed by dermatologists, this facial cleanser “balances” out skin to give a clean, fresh, soft feeling. The Extra Mild version you have been using is best suited to a drier skin type that is uncomfortable dry and taught all over and therefore has creamier emollients included to comfort skin.
I was fortunate enough to trial this product for Beautycrew. I must admit I hate cleansers. They usually foam up and then leave my skin feeling really stripped of nutrients and tight, which isn't exactly helpful as I get pretty dry skin. This cleanser changed it all for me. I usually just rely on makeup wipes, but this cleanser was super effective and got rid of my makeup (even stubborn eye makeup) and was gentle enough to use around my eye area with no problems. I really felt my pores were clean and my whole face was squeaky clean without that awful tight feeling I tend to get after other cleansers. This product was suited for my skin type and my sister (who gets excema) tried it and has now bought her own as she loves the fact that it gets rid of her makeup and cleans her face without flaring up any of her skin concerns. Thanks Beautycrew and Clinique, I am now a convert and will stick with this system!