Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily

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Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily melts into the skin, removing traces of dirt, makeup and impurities. The formula works to cleanse without stripping protective lipids, leaving it soft and refreshed. Suitable for combination oily or oily skin.

Price above is for 200mL. Also available in 400mL.


Clinique Liquid Facial Soap Oily


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This is my go to facial cleanser for years! I have combination skin  and like to use a facial cleansing cream in winter and a soap based cleanser in summer time. This product is perfect for my skin on the warmer days as it takes away the extra oil on the face and yet is gentle on the skin.
i love this liquid facial soap as a really effective, gentle cleanser, I adore the handy pump bottle to give just the right amount of product with no mess.This is a great product for anyone who suffers from an oily t-zone as I do, it cleans all impurities, dirt, ground in grime and makeup, it feels really silky and rinses to reveal skin that is clean, clear, smooth and radiant. My  skin always looks great when I use this product. I highly recommend this
I love this cleanser!!! It removes all traces of makeup (including long wearing & waterproof makeup) without irritation to the skin. You don't need to use a lot of this cleanser for it to work too, so you get much longer out of the bottle. It's fantastic at cleaning oily skin, without stripping the skin too much. An amazing product!
I've been using this cleanser off and on for two years now. Generally I'll change it up to something else in winter or if I have a hormonal breakout. A 200ml cleanser for $29 is an affordable price not to mention to longevity you get out of it. Great to use in the shower and perfect paired with a cleansing brush. My skin never feels right after use and is comfortable in sensitive spots. Highly recommend   
I love using this Facial Soap by Clinique, especially for my combination skin. My skin tends to get oily in the T-zone and across my forehead, whilst my cheeks are drier. I find this is the perfect product to clean my skin and my pores, without excessive dryness of the rest of my face.  It comes in a lovely green pump bottle, and smells nice and fresh. I use this cleanser as part of both my morning and night routines, because it's gentle on my skin whilst still giving my skin a good clean. I haven't experienced any irritation or breakouts since changing over to this cleanser, so it's been a good option for my sensitive skin.  I've found that I get the best results when I team it up with the Clinique Toner and Moisturiser afterwards as part of the 3-step routine, but when I previously used the cleaner alone, it was still a good product.  Whilst a bit on the pricey side, I think the results are definitely worth it, especially if you have sensitive skin.  
This is hands down my favourite cleaner to use!! It successfully removes my makeup 100% of the time and leaves my face feeling fresh! I find that my skin looks radiant after I have used it, especially when I pair it with the Clinque toner. Highly recommend this product for people with combination skin and don't want to spend a fortune to look great.
My ALL TIME favourite cleanser, as the other reviews mention its great for oily skin, I also use with a cleansing brush to maximise cleaning power and exfoliate my face.  My skin feels soft and silky smooth but not overly dry, my skin drinks in a serum and light moisturiser after the cleanse so I feel fresh and revitalized.  Overall I would highly recommend :)
I really like this as I have oily skin and it does a great job of cleansing my face and making me feel nice and clean afterwards.  Soft light scent is quite pleasant also
Very nice to use on my skin and doesn't sting and dry up my face. Love using it with my face scrubbing brush but doesn't reduce the appearance of blackheads by itself.
I used this after using cleansing oil as my double cleanse. I found it works best with my clarisonic to remove all traces of makeup and dirt. I particularly like this as it does not dry out my oily skin.
I have been using this cleanser for a couple weeks and I have found that it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It keeps my face oil-free during the day and doesn't dry my skin.
Been using this product for the past two weeks and have noticed a huge reduction in the daily "Shine" I experience throughout the day as someone with oily skin will be able to sympathize with.  My skin also feels a lot smoother. Highly recommend this product ... it's working brilliantly for me :)
I absolutely LOVE this cleanser! Finally I have found a product that is perfect for my oily skin. It gets in deep to take away all the dirt & grime and helps keep my oil minimized. I'll never use anything else again.
Love this! Staple cleanser in my beauty routine, leaves skin clean and fresh and helps skin stay oil free all day even it under heavy makeup. Only thing this could do better is remove my make up :)