Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate

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Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate is an ultra-lightweight, intensely moisturising eye serum with a water-gel texture that helps maintain hydration levels in the under-eye area for up to 96 hours. The eye gel utilises auto-replenishing lipid-sphere technology to instantly brighten and tighten the under-eye area and gradually improve the appearance of dark circles over time. The eye gel is free from parabens, phthalates and fragrance.

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Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate


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The clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate is a really nice product and eye serum which claims to not only provide hydration, but improve skins ability to maintain moisture. I think this product does just that. This can be used day or night and has a lovely thin watery texture that is extremely spreadable- meaning a little goes a long way. The pump disperses the perfect amount for both eye areas.
I really loved this product the coverage was amazing you only need a tiny amount and it goes a long way, it has improved my eye area dramatically. My skin is very dry and it is hard to find products that work and make my skin look moisturised so when I first started using the product I saw the impact that it was having immediately. It is worth the cost as you only need a tiny bit so it lasts ages and it works. The only issue I had was that I couldn't get a small amount out of the bottle, apart from that I definitely recommend this.
I have mixed feelings about this product - it is supremely hydrating and feels refreshing and soothing to apply, however that seems to be the extent of what it does! It claims to "instantly brighten and tighten the under-eye area and gradually improve the appearance of dark circles over time", yet even after twice daily use for weeks I haven't noticed any difference besides the deep hydration.  The container is very high quality yet the product overall is overpriced for the effects it delivers.
I adore Clinique skincare because it is actually fragrance-free like it claims. Perfect for those with sensitive skin like mine. The water-gel texture absorbs super quickly, leaving your under eyes hydrated, refreshed and brighter. It has become my new favourite eye cream and I can't recommend it enough! I've noticed a difference after a month of using it. My fine lines are softer/blurred, my concealer glides on and blends like a dream, and I've been able to completely ditch my usual under-eye gel patches. I love it so much I'm considering getting it as gifts for upcoming birthdays!
Wowzers - that should give you an idea of how much I like this stuff! So, I've been a fan of the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser for quite a while (4 years, to be exact), and I was so excited to try the Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96 Hour Hydro Filler Concentrate. This lightweight eye serum comes in a 15 ml pump bottle, and it's easy to get the product out. Squeeze a small amount of this onto your ring finger, and dab dab dab to get it onto the under eye region, then just kick back and wait for the magic to happen! I love that this really hydrates the under eye region, making me look less tired, and that the fine lines are kept at bay with this. The absorption doesn't take long, and the results are fantastic - so worth it! 
I love this eye gel, if comes in a clear bottle with a silver pump, very clinique. You can see the beautiful pink gel though the bottle so you know just how much is left.  You dispense a little bit of the gel onto your middle finger and warm it up with the other middle fiber and dab on below your eyes. It feels hydrating and soothing. I love that is fragrance free Sens helps with dark circles.
I was so happy to receive this eye gel to try! I have been wanting to find something to make me look a bit more 'awake' with long days and early mornings taking their toll. I apply this morning and night and I have noticed a more 'awake' and 'fresher' appearance. It isnt often I go without makeup but I find that this gel has made it alot easier to go bare faced as I dont look so exhausted. It lightens my under eyes and makes my eyes really pop. I am loving this product and the packaging and visible spheres are so pretty. I will keep my eye out for this one as it is high priced, but it does last a long time.
I loved this eye gel a lot. It was lovely and soothing on application and worked a treat instantly. It hydrated the skin under my eyes instantly and got rid of tired and puffy looking morning eyes. The bottle is very cute and easy to use. It's a pump bottle with a small hole the product comes through so you don't get product wastage, I dabbed a pea sized amount under both eyes first thing in the morning after cleansing and voila! instant eye hydration and lift. You can also use it as an eye mask massaging the product under the eyes, leaving for 3 mins and rinsing. I loved the absorption rate of the gel so didn't feel the need to use it as a mask. It wasn't sticky, heavy and it settled nicely into my skin. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for an instant eye boost.
Thank you BC for including this product as part of the supercrew kit.   I have been using this product for about 3 weeks and I really enjoyed it.   I use Clinique's Moisture Surge Supercharged Concentrate (for face) and found this eye gel to be of a similar concept. It contains lipid-spheres that breaks upon contact on skin to give extra nutrients.   The gel texture is my preferred texture for eye product as anything too thick tends to give me milia in the area. I also like the pump packaging which is easy and hygienic.   This eye gel is clearly doing a good job in providing hydration.However, my main concern is not lines and wrinkles (so I do not really need a"filler") but more my dark circles and bags. The 3 week period is too short to test out the effects on these concerns (unfortunately due to the Supercrew review deadline I HAVE to submit this review).  But I plan to continue to use this eye gel.
I have used Clinique's Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate for few weeks now and I'm in love with it as I see results. My biggest problems area round my under eye areas with dark circles, large pores, and fine lines. The eye concentrate has a gel-like texture which is super lightweight and easy for the skin to absorb without blocking the pores. It is fragrance free so I feel safe on sensitive eye areas. I use this eye concentrate every morning and night after toner and my under eye areas are noticeably looking more hydrated,plumped with radiant. Definitely not the most affordable eye concentrate but a little goes along way and it works. Recommended for people with dry to combination skin. 
The Clinique Moisture Surge eye serum comes in a cylindrical shaped air tight tube with a pump for dispensing the product. I love the pump as it keeps things hygienic and the air tight tube keeps air out so the ingredients don't oxidize and degrade.  The eye serum is a clear gel with beads suspended in the gel. The serum is fragrance-free which is great because scents can irritate and make my sensitive eyes tear up. The beads in the gel burst and blend in with the gel and I apply it around my eye contour with my ring finger in a light tapping motion.  It feels cool and refreshing going on and absorbs with no greasy residue. I wait a few minutes and follow it up with a good moisturiser. Having used this for a few weeks I can say that it is really hydrating and soothing going on my eye area. I'm not sure about its 96 hour moisture claim as I wash and moisturise every day but I'm just glad it keeps the moisture levels up in between my morning and evening cleanse. 
I was very excited to try this eye cream as I have a very sensitive under eye area. This has no fragrance and doesn't sting at all! I have used it every morning and night and the consistency is very light. It absorbs nicely, is not sticky and wears really well under make up. I also love the packaging and much prefer the pump bottle compared to jar a to keep the product clean. Definitely worth giving this eye cream a try!
I was pleasantly surprise by this product because normally I don’t go to the clinic because I feel like their products take quite a while to see results however with this product I saw results in a matter of a week my skin felt really smooth it felt clear and not only is the product really easy to apply but the packaging is super cute. I applied this twice daily so in the morning and at night to my skin. It’s super versatile and can be used as a part of your routine at home or even when you’re travelling just pop it in your handbag or your bag and you can take it everywhere and take it out pop it on and then continue on with your day!
I have used many of their products in the same range and I love how they add instant hydration to my skin. I equally love this eye gel, I think this eye gel is more suited to summer time when the sun dries out my eye area and a cream with more moisture would be better suited with winter. The annoying thing is that the pump stopped working after two weeks which meant I couldn’t use it anymore.
Clinique Moisture Surge Eye 96-Hour Hydro-Filler Concentrate is my favourite product in my Crew kit.  It comes in a round transparent bottle with pump which I love.  It is almost fragrance free which I always prefer for skin care items. The formula is very light weight and it instantly absorb without leaving any greasy residue. It instantly moisturises my skin and improve the appearance of fine line around my eyes. It keeps my skin hydrated for hours. My makeup glides smoothly over it. I have not experience the improvement in my dark circles but I hope regular use can bring more changes.  Overall, I really love this product and I recommend it for everyone. 
This was the product I went for straight away as soon as I tore open my SUPERcrew kit. I have tried a few Clinique products in the past and been very impressed so I was excited to try this product. The Clinique Eye Surge comes packaged in a slim cylinder tube with pretty pink and green balls suspended in a clear gel like substance .Apparently this product is only 15ml. I find that hard to believe-looks at least double that! To use, I pump a small amount onto my little finger and dab around eye area . Initially there is a little stickiness, but it absorbs fairly fast,leaving my eyes smooth and refreshed.  I generally get a bit of irritation and sensitivity with most eye products but have had no issues at all with this one. I find it works well to diminish the appearance of fine lines and crows feet but it doesn't work for puffiness or dark circles in my experience.  Not sure if hydration lasts the advertised 96 hours .I have only gone 48 hours before reapplying.   Been using most days for a month and this still looks quite full so good value for money. A hydrating eye gel which soothes and cools and leaves eyes looking more youthful and radiant.
This eye cream is one of my new favourites! The texture of the product is a light, gel consistency that absorbs well and provides intense hydration to the delicate eye area. One of the tips that I have for correct application is that a small amount goes a long way - I only need to use half a pump for both my under eyes. Also that you need to rub the product together between your fingertips before applying so that you break and activate the spheres. On application the product felt very hydrating, silky and it has a gentle tightening effect. It is lightweight and I didn’t experience any irritation. The skin around my eyes looked brighter and the fine lines were less noticeable as the gel helped with plumping them up. It is a moisturising product which really delivers a long lasting hydration boost without feeling heavy/greasy on the skin. It is very effective in treating the dryness around my eyes and also works well under concealer. A HG eye cream and one that will remain a staple in my skincare routine. 
Another exciting supercrew box of magical beauty goodies from the lovely Beautycrew girls, so much love to you all. Easily the biggest passion in my life at the moment is playing around with beauty products then writing about and telling people about my experiences, good and bad. Clinique is definitely one of my favourite skin care brands at the moment, love everything I’ve tried so far, especially the Take the day off cleansing balm, HG status for sure for me, and I love their Moisture Surge range too, so good for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin types like me. Unfortunately, eye creams are a controversial topic for me, personally. With a background in beauty therapy, I know that there is no difference between face cream and eye cream ingredients, exactly the same if you look at the list of ingredients so there’s no real benefit to using them, waste of time in my honest opinion. In the interest of testing all the products I received in this package, I added this to my skin care routine for a couple of weeks so I could give a true opinion on this product. In true Clinique style, there’s no nasty scent or ingredients and the pink packaging really appeals to my girly side. It felt cooling and refreshing around my eye area and makeup and the rest of my skin care products applied nicely on top. Did I notice any noticeable difference? No. Did my eye area look any brighter or smoother? No. Would I buy this again or continue using it? No. Will I continue to use and love Clinique? Absolutely, yes.
I’m a big fan of the Moisture Surge range from Clinique and I was so excited to see this new eye concentrate in my SuperCrew box (thank you Beauty Crew ). Being closer to my late 30’s I’m all about getting on top of keeping my skin and especially my eye area in top condition.  During the day I like a lightweight hydrating gel that doesn’t clog and wears well under makeup, which thankfully this delivers on. I would recommend this product to everyone especially those wanting to hydrate, diminish fine lines and reduce dark circles and puffiness.
I was beyond excited to see this in the Super Crew review kit as i had been tossing up whether or not to buy it myself. Firstly, i am 37 and have fine lines and am quite dehydrated around my eyes. I am forever trying to find a product that moisturises and plumps the area, and i am happy to report that this product worked really well! I apply it morning and night and then follow with an eye cream. On the days that i forgot to use this, i did notice that my lines looked more pronounced. It is a lightweight unscented gel that applies easily and absorbs quickly. It is not sticky and i did not experience any irritation. It also layered really well under the rest of my skincare an makeup.