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Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream is a lightweight eye cream with a massaging applicator that helps de-puff tired eyes. It contains a blend of seven peptides to stimulate collagen production, firm the skin and diminish discolouration under the eyes to promote a more youthful appearance. Caffeine works to reduce puffiness and a combination of botanical extracts soothe, brighten and combat the appearance of fatigue. Allergy tested and 100 per cent fragrance-free. 


Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream


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I am pleasantly surprised with this eye cream and how more smooth and hydrated my entire eye area is since using this! I don't normally use any Clinique skincare, but my younger sister loves their products and recommended this Pep Start Eye Cream, as I have been looking for a new and effective eye cream for some time. Firstly, I love the super cute (and slightly quirky!) bright orange packaging and applicator ball head, which make this product stand out from the rest of my skincare products. The eye cream comes in a plastic tube with a clear lid, however you have to pop out the ball tip applicator first and then squeeze the tube to dispense the cream onto the applicator ball, you then directly apply the cream using the ball tip to your entire eye area and then pat it in any excess cream with your fingertips until absorbed. This applicator is apparently designed to reduce puffiness, congestion and to "wake up" the eye area, especially in the morning. My tip: pop the eye cream in the fridge for a few hours and apply it to the eye area when it's cool to get even more eye de-puffing benefits, especially after a big night out!  The texture of this eye cream is lightweight, yet moisturising and hydrating, even if you have dry skin like me it still provides great dryness relief. The formula is non-irritating and doesn't sting my eye area or make my eyes itchy like some eye creams I've used that have added fragrance. Luckily this one is fragrance-free and allergy tested, so I think it would suit all skin types. My favourite thing about this eye cream is that it absorbs really well and leaves no sticky or heavy residue, so I can apply my makeup straight after using this and it doesn't smudge or settle into lines. The packaging is ok, but I don't think it's very hygienic applying the eye cream directly onto the eye area each time using the ball applicator head, so I use the this applicator sparingly and mainly squeeze the cream onto my fingertips and dab it around my eye area. I don't have very visible circles under my eyes, so I can't comment on the brightening effects of this eye cream. Overall this is an effective eye cream that instantly hydrates, moisturises and smooths the eye area. The unique packaging makes it different to standard eye creams, and I do like that it's suitable for sensitive skin. I would recommend this eye cream for all skin types, however very mature or dry skins may not find this rich or moisturising enough. Although it's not an high-tech anti-ageing eye treatment, it does contain some good anti-ageing peptides and hydrating ingredients, plus it is reasonably priced too. I will continue to use this eye cream and will consider repurchasing it in the future. 
I love this eye cream because it has lightweight texture and absorbs onto my skin fairly quickly. The applicator is very user friendly to use and helps to de-puff my dark circles. The eye cream is very hydrating, cooling and reduce my morning puffy eyes. I have used up two sticks already!
This eye cream has a nice and light feel to it but the results weren't as impressive as I thought they'd be. It's hydrating, just as most eye creams are, and isn't too heavy so it's really good for applying just before makeup for an extra boost of moisture! It made a slight difference in my under eye bags on those days I was really tired, and the roll on applicator felt cooling and refreshing on the skin. But sadly I didn't notice any difference to my lines and wrinkles or brightness - so I imagine if you're wanting to specifically target those like I am, that you'd need something much stronger.
I love everything about this eye cream. I love the bright orange coloured packaging which says hello to me every time I use it. I love the little pull out applicator tip which makes using it more effective and fun. It's a convenient sized product and I use it day and night to keep my eyes looking fresh and sparkling!  The eye cream itself is white and light in texture. It doesn't really have any scent to it. It applies like a light lotion and doesn't dry or irritate my eyes. Some creams go into my eyes and make my eyes teary, this cream doesn't do that, and works it's magic without any irritation. After using this eye cream, the skin around my eyes looks more awake and feels softer and looks natural and fresh.  I have to mention the cute and clever applicator tip. You have to pull out the round ball tip and squeeze out the product. Once you have enough of the product, pop the tip back in to close it. Then you can use your fingers or the round applicator tip to apply the cream. I like using both my fingers and the applicator. It feels nice and cooling to use the round applicator on the skin under my eyes. The round applicator makes my skin feel like it's getting a gentle massage while I'm applying the cream. Brilliant!  Pros: Innovative applicator tip Helps make the skin around my eyes look refreshed  Helps brighten the skin around my eyes  Cons: None Recommendation: This is a lovely eye cream from Clinique which is perfect for everyday treatment for the eyes to keep them looking young and natural. 
Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream is packaged in a bright orange tube with a pull top, ball applicator and is perfect for a quick morning pick up.  Pop the top and squeeze gently to apply the white coloured eye cream. It is a medium consistency but it feels relatively weightless within seconds of applying and absorbs quickly. I love that it is 100 per cent fragrance-free because it is ideal for me when I have sensitive hay fever eyes and I need to fake it until I make it. It instantly soothes and hydrates my eye area making it a brilliant base for my make up.  No balling, smooths fine lines and lessens wrinkles. I am on a winner!  Pros: *Lightweight *Quickly absorbed *Cooling *Hydrating *Depuffs   *Diminishing dark circles as it hydrates *Is gentle  *Brightens CONS: None! I would recommend Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream to anyone that wants to fake that bright eyed; I’ve slept for 8 hours look! ☺ 
I bought this after seeing a MUA use it before they applied their makeup to help hydrate the area. I really like this cream. It’s light and goes on gently (I use the ball at the end to help work it into the delicate area). It isn’t too heavy or too light - it’s just right. I found it made my makeup last a lot longer than usual and it made me feel and look more awake. It’s great.
This is a great eye cream for those of us who don't like or can't use rich or heavy eye creams. It's definitely true to its 'Pep Start' branding, as the spherical applicator helps massage and relax the eye contour, and immediately upon my first use, I could notice the brightening effect under my eyes. The product itself is a lightweight gel-cream which is perfect for my eyes as heavy or overly rich eye creams can make my under eyes splotchy if they block the tiny pores in that area, and I haven't had any problems like that since using this. Given the brightening effect and lightweight texture, this is also a great product to apply before makeup, especially if you don't like or use concealer under your eyes (as I often don't when I'm faced with the rush to get to early shifts). I can see how some consider the cost too high - and for some it will be, of course - but I think it's reasonably priced given how little you use and therefore how long one tube has already lasted me and the results.
Something stylish and new trend, looks nice and feels nice. Don’t feel much difference from using any other roll on under eye creams. It’s from a good brand and trusted one. I believe that is too expensive but for those who have sensitive skin it’s perfect for them. I do recommend and it holds for long time.
This is a creamy yet lightweight eye cream that's great for those who have dry skin, especially underneath the eyes and it helps depuff and smooth out the area.  I personally like that it has a metal tip applicator, it makes applying the eye cream a lot easier.  You control how much of the product you want and the metal tip is cool which helps the skin underneath the eyes look less puffy.  I blend it in with the applicator and then use my ring finger to dab it in gently.  It absorbs quite easily and it doesn't leave a residue behind.  It didn't cause any sensitivities or stinging in the area and the skin felt really hydrated.  I normally like to use it at night but I'll use it in the mornings as well before my makeup.  I find that my concealer and foundation looks much better when I use it.  It makes the lines and wrinkles less prominent and the area less flaky.
This is a great little eye cream that really hydrates, smooths and brightens my eye area. It comes in a cute orange tube with a round tip applicator that is designed to help reduce puffiness and congestion under the eyes. I would have preferred a metal tip applicator as I think that would be more cooling and effective in reducing puffiness. Having said that I don’t have too much puffiness under my eyes, and I’m more concerned about dryness and sensitivity. I really like the texture of this cream as it’s not too rich or heavy and it absorbs really well. There is also no added fragrance which is one thin g I always look for in my eye cream, so there is no irritation. One of the major positives is that there are some added peptides and anti-aging ingredients, and it’s therefore a great multitasking eye cream. My favourite thing is the affordable price tag, and I don’t feel guilty about buying this product regularly! I highly recommend this eye cream to anyone looking for a great, affordable anti-aging eye cream. Although the applicator tip doesn’t do much for my eye area, I will continue to purchase this product as it works really well otherwise!
This is a white eye cream which can be applied directly to the eye area with the applicator on the tube or by squeezing a little onto the fingertip and then dabbing and spreading all around the eye area.  I have sampled this and was impressed with how it left my eyes looking fresh and sparkly when they were not looking that way before.  This took a few minutes after application for it to achieve it's effect and I was so impressed that I now want to buy the full sized product when the current eye cream I'm using has run out.  I am looking forward to finding out how it makes my skin around the eyes look after regular use now that I've sampled it but I like the way it works pretty fast too. It feels rich and creamy but not greasy which is perfect for using before putting make-up on or as part of a nightly beauty routine.  On the eye area, it feels soothing and relieving on the skin.   The name of the product is very apt for the way it works on the skin around my eyes - a real 'pep up'.  It makes me look like I've had a good sleep!