COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation

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COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation is a lightweight, sheer coverage foundation with a hydrating formula that blurs imperfections, evens skin tone, and brightens the complexion for a healthy-looking glow.

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COVERGIRL Clean Fresh Skin Milk Nourishing Foundation


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Light natural coverage

I loved this foundation as it gave nice light natural coverage. This is quite like a bb Crewe with a sheer coverage, it’s not heavy and feels really light to wear. I recommend a good primer underneath for a professional finish. Nicely packaged, it’s eco tans easy to use as it glides on smoothly and you don’t need a lot. A slick of bronzer on cheekbones and I’m good to go with this product, I would buy it again
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Felt nice but a little drying

While I did love how well this well this blended into my skin tone and looked very natural (very sheer though so if you are looking for heavy coverage this is not for you) unfortunately I did find this to be quite drying and it emphasised my fine lines.
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Nice feel and finish

I was given an opportunity to trial this foundation in the fair/light shade. Overall I quite liked it. It was easy to use with a lightweight feel and a kind of sheer dewy finish. While I found it good for covering redness and minor skin imperfections, for me personally I feel it wouldn’t hold up as well on a bad skin day. While I actually liked the packaging (as I have a bad habit of breaking the glass bottles) I wasn’t really a fan of the fragrance. While I haven’t had a chance to trial how it holds up to a whole day at work yet so far I’m impressed and will keep using it.
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Natural look

I would describe this foundation more like a BB cream as it doesn’t provide a full coverage but Improves the general look, blurring imperfections of the skin but not all like heavy foundations. It’s good for the daytime when you don’t want heavy makeup but want a mild improvement to your natural look
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Nice light coverage foundation

This was a lovely light-coverage foundation. The application process was very easy using fingers to apply it (the sponge just soaked up all the product) and the results were lovely. I found it lasted for around 5-6 hours on my skin and didn't get too oily throughout the day, which is a rarity! My skin did not break out or have any issues with the formula, which was great. The formula was very light coverage, which was perfect for Zoom calls and meetings without having to go outside! The colour selection could definitely be wider, however I found that the colour being slightly darker than my skin tone gave me a nice bronzed glow.
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I absolutely love this foundation. As a light Coverage this Works brilliantly if you don’t want a lot on but you just want to Bright and refreshed look and just by letting it dry and adding it gives a fuller coverage. It’s soft and silky on my skin, I love the way it sets and my skin. Definitely a product I’d not only buy but definitely recommend
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Soft focus glow with sheer coverage

I like this foundation a lot! It felt much like a tinted moisturiser to me, rather than a "foundation" owing to the light coverage and the dewy finish. I absolutely noticed a blurring effect that was very flattering on my skin and gave a soft focus finish. I have taken away one star for two small issues that have not stopped me from using it, but are worth consideration. The first is the scent, which is strong and in my opinion unpleasant, although thankfully dissipates quickly. The other is texture when applying. I found there were very small lumps of product that felt similar to pilling - even when I applied directly to clean skin. Eventually with gentle massage these lumps would break up/sink in but it was concerning for the first few applications. It is definitely not a product that covers up pimples / scarring / under eye circles, but as someone who's skin is behaving fairly well right now (touch wood), spot concealing over the top of this foundation worked perfectly for me for no makeup makeup days. It did not oxidise on my skin either and I really liked that the foundation feels moisturising and the hydration lasts throughout the day. I am sure that I will be reaching for it regularly in winter, particularly when I need additional help with hydration and when I'm not as concerned with getting as much SPF as chemically possible into my base. I would recommend this product to someone who wants an easy to wear, light coverage tinted moisturiser that offers a dewy and soft focus finish.
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Affordable everyday satin finish

I rarely wear foundation and when I do, I like a soft buildable formula with a satin finish. I'd say that this product delivers on that. Although the product markets itself as providing a dewy finish, I did notice that the finish was a tiny bit chalky and so I'd describe it as more of a straight medium between matte and dewy. I also liked how easy the product was to build up. I like showing some of my skin through foundation and I liked how that was possible with this product. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are enough shades for this to be used by many Australians! Whilst 530 suited me really well with my pink undertone, the darkest shade appears to be 590 "tan/rich". For that reason, I've notched my rating down to 4/5 stars.
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grate foundation

i really love this foundation from first use. i loved that it was light on my skin and coverd really well i love the smell of coconut smell very amazed with this products i got shade 510 porcelain was exactly my shade i think i will buy it i love it easy to apply with blender and looks flawless thanks for letting me try it out big fan already
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Fresh and Dewy Foundation!

This foundation works exactly as it says it does! It is very fresh and light on the skin. It is definitely smoothing and does not exaggerate fine lines. The shade range is a bit limited, I picked Medium which is a bit too dark for me. It is definitely a light foundation, but if you add a bit of powder on top it provides more of a medium finish. I would recommend this as a good alternative to a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. It is also very reasonably priced.
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Nice lightweight daytime foundation

The Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk is a nice lightweight foundation. I received the Medium shade and it suited the neutral to warm tone of my skin perfectly. The coverage was light which is exactly as I expected from the product. This is a great foundation for daytime if you like a nice light dewy looking foundation. The product applied nicely and lasted well through the day. Overall, I would recommend this foundation.
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Cute packaging.

I normally only stick to a particular foundation because it really suits my skin. I wasn’t in love with this one but could definitely use it as a back up. I found the scent to be a bit off putting for me, but the coverage is not so bad. Would be awesome under a different foundation for full coverage.
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Buildable and light weight on the skin

This product is quite interesting and appealed to me as it is a vegan product consisting of coconut milk and aloe extract (wins in my book). I love the consistency of it and how it applies to the skin as it allows me to blend in and build the foundation before it sets. It applies quite smooth and coverage upon first layer is quite light. I've been loving it a low maintenance look however it doesn't last on my face for a whole day. One thing to mention is that it does contain fragrance. I don't mind the scent personally but those with sensitive skins might be irritated. Overall a decent foundation for the price if you are looking for light weight coverage.
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Good for day time!

I don’t like a heavy foundation, so this was great. Light weight, sheer-medium coverage, super hydrating and left me with a nice fresh and glowy look!! Definitely a great day time foundation, I prefer a little more coverage for night time.
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A natural, fresh look

This is a wonderful foundation offering sheer to light coverage, with medium buildability, slightly dewy finish and breathability. I found it quite hydrating and the coconut smell divine. It matched my skin tone really well, I was in shade 550 light/medium normally I am a mac NC15-17. It looks natural whilst blurring minor imperfections like small pimples and slight discolouration. It covered some redness around my nose and cheeks well, not complete coverage but it was disguised somewhat with two applications. The squeeze tube application is very good and easy to use what you need. I love that its cruelty free and vegan. Overall I’m very impressed and would gladly purchase.
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Perfect foundation for everyday wear

I was initially hesitant to apply this foundation after first swatching it because the colour didn't seem like a good match for my skintone and the scent was quite unpleasant. However, once I had applied it and wore it throughtout the day, I was happy to have tried it. The colour I used is fair/light and although it is not perfect for my fair to light skintone, it looked fine when my blush and bronzer was applied. It blended out easily. I usually take my time applying my foundation and work section to section so the end product is blended seamlessly. Before applying it, I moisturised my skin as usual. The texture is quite runny but I didn't have a problem with that. I didn't even notice the smell once it was applied. It disappeared. I would say that this foundation is more of a satin finish on my skin. It wasn't overly hydrating or dewy. I had it on my face for about 6-7 hours and it wore quite nicely throughout the day. Before I removed it, I noticed it had gathered a little on my chin, but was still prefect around my nose. I will definitely be using this again. I enjoyed using it and was happy with the coverage it provided. I would say its a light to medium coverage foundation. So if you're after something for every day wear that provides a natural finish, try this. I recommend giving it a go as it's easy to apply and delivers on performance for everyday wear.
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Light Coverage

I got shade 510 Porcelain and the shade was a little bit too light for me currently. Usually, I would go for the lightest shade in Covergirl foundations, so to continue using I would mix this into a darker foundation. For a light coverage foundation, this does give good coverage and helped conceal redness. I found it best when applied with a beauty sponge, I am not of a fan of applying with fingertips as the foundation doesn't settle well.
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Nice finish, but too pink

My skin is dry at the moment as it adjusts to the cooler weather. This didn't emphasise any dry patches, but it did emphasise pores in my t-zone. I have this in the shade 530 Fair/Light and it has a pink undertone, which doesn't really work on my neutral undertone. I don't know what the other shades are like, but it doesn't look like there are many options. It was okay. It didn't last too long without getting very shiny in the t-zone, which I don't mind because just blotted it down. This is not one for those with oily skin, but if you have dry skin, cool undertones in your skin, and like a lighter coverage then it's an affordable one to try. I personally would choose a tinted moisturiser over this.
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Nice light foundation

I haven't bought a Covergirl product for myself in years so it was great to get a chance to test one of their new products out. The packaging is definitely a step up from Covergirl of old, and I was pleasantly surprised that the very specifc and overwhelming scent that their products used to have isn't present in this one. As for the foundation itself, when applied with my fingers I did find it streaky and highlighted dry patches I didn't know my oily, blemish-prone skid had, but I've had much more luck when applying with a damp beauty blender. It's more of a satin finish than a dewy finish, which is ideal for my skin in Winter, and whilst a very thin, almost watery consistency, and light coverage, it does a good job at evening skin tone and providing natural-looking light coverage. I haven't worn it every day as I'm currently working from home, but I've not noticed any increased oil production, breakouts or blackheads from using it, which is always a relief when testing a new base product. Whilst not the perfect foundation for me and my skin type, as I've found light to medium coverage formulas which contain SPF 30-40 which I prefer, I've recommended my mum try it as it seems better suited to her dryer skin type, but I will continue to use this on lazy days.
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Glad I Tried It!

Overall, quite a good foundation! I found it blended well and matched my skin tone. It is light and comfortable which are priorities for me when searching for a foundation. It looks natural and has a slight glow which is nice, but does not look greasy which is ideal for someone like me with super oily skin. I didn't even feel that it needed powder. Even so, probably better suited to someone with normal to combination skin. The only drawback was it was not as long lasting as I would have liked, but otherwise, a good drugstore foundation!