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COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara is a volumising, lengthening and defining mascara. The mascara wand has an hourglass-shaped wire brush applicator that works to define, lengthen and separate lashes. The formula is smudge-proof, clump-proof and flake-proof, as well as cruelty-free and vegan.

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COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Mascara


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Great Mascara!

Love this fab mascara! Great brush that isn't too big and helps thicken and lengthen the lashes without drying them out. Doesn't clump or smudge. I really like it.
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This Mascara is a winner!

I have been looking for a mascara that doesn't drop out and doesn't clump for a long time and this one has been the winner so far. I liked the width of the wand and the look could be built with layers (avoiding clumping!) it wore well and didn't drop out! I would definitely re-buy!
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Will outlast the most hellish week at work!

Happy peepers! What a beautiful daily wear mascara. No smudging, flaking or crumbling and has survived a week long back to back meeting hellish week!!! Fabulous price point too.
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Covergirl Exhibitionist Mascara is a Gem

Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara is a gem. This mascara delivers what it promises at a good price point. I have worn this mascara for two weeks, daily wear, including at the gym, it does not flake or smudge, even after a workout, on me. I usually like to wear YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils, recently Bare Minerals Lashtopia, for a full volume effect. I then cover both with a coat of tubular Mascara like, Lashextend by Model Co, to avoid smudging throughout the day because both of them do - especially at the gym. I purposefully did not cover Covergirl Exhibitionist with a tubular mascara during my trial to see how it would wear; it did just fine. Covergirl Exhibitionsit, in colour Very Black, offers buildable carbon black mascara. It gives good volume and definition. While it is not waterproof, and so it will run in the shower or swimming, it is not as difficult to remove as waterproof mascara is at the end of the day. In short, it gives high-end volume mascaras a run for their money because it offers your lashes good volume, primarily, and also some lengthening at a good price point and is available in accessible stores. If you are looking for good volume and good staying power at a good price point, give Covergirl Exhibitionist a try, you won't be disappointed.
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Not bad

Nice and black, just found that a lot of product would come out at once which wasn’t that great, but still made my lashes look lovely!
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Too thick

I received the Covergirl Exhibitionist mascara to trial, thank you! The mascara comes in a plastic covered pack with a cardboard backing which contains the ingredient list as well as the scores it has previously earned from previous testers, including promises to define, lengthen and seperate the lashes. Unfortunately I found it didn't live up to its promises. The product is very thick and clumpy to apply and I found it smudged and flaked easily, this maybe worsened as I live in QLD where it is very humid. The things I did like is that it is vegan and safe for those with sensitive eyes and also contact lenses wearers. Overall not impressed with the product even at the price, I will stick to my high end mascara.
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Good Not Great

Good basic mascara. It is really lightweight when applying but while helped with length, found didn’t add volume or curl to lashes. It also easily transferred to my upper lid which was annoying. While a good go to everyday mascara can get better at even at this price point.
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So so

The product wasn’t to bad to use, however I did find it quite a thick consistency to work with and the wand held onto a lot of product. I didn’t mind the shape of the wand and felt it help separate the lashes whilst giving them a nice length and natural look definition. The overall wear was great as it didn’t irritate my eyes and was comfortable all day, unfortunately I did get a few flakes on my cheek I hadn’t tried any cover girl mascaras before and probably wouldn’t re buy for the price, unless on special
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It's smudge proof!

What I love about this mascara is the fact that it doesn't smudge and cause panda eyes which I find so many mascaras do. You can even safely use this on the bottom lashes without smudges. It creates volume and length with a matte black finish but its natural enough for everyday wear too. Plus no clumps! Its buildable too. Its not the biggest boldest lashes but definitely looks lovely for everyday use. The brush is a little too big and fluffy I find and it can get a little messy on the end of the wand so I tend to have to clean it off a bit before use. Overall though it makes lashes look great and I would recommend this to anyone wanting a natural look without clumps or smudges.
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Very thick

This mascara is a bit of a let down. If you like your eyelashes with more of the long look than the heavy volume I wouldn't recommend. The problem is not with the brush it's the formula, very clumpy took a lot of spooling to de-clump.
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The search for non transfering mascara continues

Always on the hunt for a good mascara, unfortunately the search continues. This mascara has that big chunky wand which all volumising mascaras have but I feel the bristles are too short and spikey to really separate the lashes as well. I also found I had transfer almost instantly and the formula is quite wet.
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Does what it says, but couldn’t hold a curl

I agree with claims that it doesn’t clump or smudge or flake - even when I wore my greasiest sunscreen under my eyes. Mascara had no strong odour to me and the formula was a nice consistency to work with. However for background I have fairly straight eyelashes and this mascara was not able to hold a curl - even set by an eyelash curler. My lashes would drop within seconds so the overall effect was negligible on me. While I wouldn’t repurchase for myself, I would likely recommend to friends looking for different results.
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Good everyday mascara

This mascara was nice, I love the packaging and the wand. It picks up enough product without being clumpy at all. I found I could layer it really well without it becoming too clumpy. I wouldn’t say this is a very dramatic mascara, I find it great for everyday and natural looks.
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Covergirl exhibitionist mascara is a good every day mascara. Packaging looked nice and sleek and the brush seperate my lashes well. I did find it doesn’t last as well as other brands and it did flake throughout the day. I probably wouldn’t rush out to purchase this particular one to be honest.
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Not for me

I found the brush was an annoying shape. When I used it, I would get clumps in my lashes from mascara, as there was too much on the wand. Also as I have oily eyelids by the end of the day there were black smudges on my eyes.
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Nice everyday mascara

This is a nice everyday mascara. The packaging is simple and sleek. The brush is curved in the middle and reminds me of the l'Oreal Paradise mascara wand (which I love). The mascara is easy to apply and does give a bit of length and volume, but nothing groundbreaking. It is great for an everyday look. It didn't smudge on me and it was easy to take off.
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Covergirl Mascara

I wasn’t a huge fan of this mascara, the smell is quite off putting and I noticed through out the day how quickly the mascara would flake off. In saying that it is a good cheap mascara for the price, however I would splurge on a more high end mascara.
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Amazing volume, not much else

Really really good for volumising, my lashes have never been so thick. However there is little to no improvement anywhere else like length or curl, and even when I curl them myself this doesn't provide any hold. Will definitely use this more when my lashes have recently been lifted, as that helps with length and curl plenty, but probably won't reach for it for much else.
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Good volume but does smudge

I really liked the brush of this mascara it lengthened and gave me volume. The only down sides to this were it smudges leaving dark under my eyes and was slightly clumpy.
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Promising but falls flat

The wand shape is good... but unfortunately there's not much else good about this mascara. It wasn't very black, and barely seemed like any product went onto my lashes. I had to put multiple layers on but it didn't really make much difference. The wand was good at separating lashes for a more natural look, but the formula just wasn't great or dark enough unfortunately.