COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick

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COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick is a lipstick collection created by Katy Perry. The lipsticks feature a demi-matte formula that is made up of fine pigment and ultra moisturising waxes for a beautiful colour and velvety-smooth finish.

Available in 11 shades.


COVERGIRL Katy Kat Matte Lipstick


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This demi-matte lipstick is the hero for people with dry lips like myself. The lipstick has a creamy texture when gliding on lips and dries down to demi matte finish so that it doesn't amplify my cracks on my lips. It is very long lasting and doesn't fade out much throughout the day unless in contact to oily food.
I really enjoy this lipstick and have it in 2 lovely dusky pink shades (Catoure and Sphynx).  I tend to avoid matte lipsticks as no matter how many lip scrubs and lip treatments I use they always seem to dry and pill on my lips BUT this demi-matte lipstick has just the right amount of moisture to ensure that it doesn't have that drying effect.  I use it straight out of the tube and it has a lovely creamy texture that is incredibly pigmented and glides on with ease.  It does fade after a while (like most other lipsticks) but it doesn't pill and flake in an ugly way like a lot of other matte products do.  Great price point for this product as well - I think I bought mine for under $10 each.  Definitely recommend!
These lipsticks are good quality for being a drugstore brand. They are a soft matte finish, but they don't dry out your lips. It's easy to apply both out of the tube and with a lip brush. The formula is very opaque, meaning one swipe of the tube is generally enough. I don't find that it fades much when I drink through a straw, but it of course fades when eating greasy food. The shade range is great, and it would be nice to see more shades added.
I tend to purchase my 'first-time-try' products based on a mix of attracting to the eye detail or from reviews  I've read about. The Katy kat matte lipstick stuck out to me because of its contrasting appearance. In the midst of all these tubes of black and gold lipsticks was a row of white square-like tubes with plan block lettering on the front. It was when I was reading them that I noticed they were celebrity endorsed, I never purchase beauty products solely based on this as I find most times you get the regular product with slightly different packaging and a few $ more. I have the shade Crimson Cat and after holding the lipstick up against my teeth a few times in the mirror (much to the amusement  of my partner) I decided yes, this was a blue based red and it would suit my cool toned skin Pro: -The colour on the bottom of the tube to indicate the color is a true representation of the colour of the lipstick -It has a nice, slightly nutty scent -The packaging stands out in your handbag so your never rustling through endlessly again  -It is matte, but not too matte  -It doesn't dry out my sensitive lips -Affordable -Colour lasts a good part of the day Con -This lipstick does transfer quite easily, I have gotten it on my clothing and my teeth (argh.)  Tip -After applying i dab with a tissue and then set with a little translucent powder. While it does give a more matte appearance and sets your lips in place it does run the risk of cracking, so proceed with caution. Overall I am pretty satisfied with this lipstick it is super affordable and you can be sure when purchasing that the lipstick will be the same colour as it appears on the tube. I can easily find this lipstick in the contrast of black in my handbag and it lasts long enough during the day. I give it 4 stars as the transfer issue can be quite annoying, but i LOVE the bright blue toned shade and smooth application.
I'm always a bit weary of celebrity collaborations. Good intentions for products always seem to get compromised by the boring logistics of business. but i have to say, as both a celebrity colab and a makeup product, these are pretty decent. The colour glides on, sits moist but doesn't slide or melt. As a MAC lipstick devotee, I'd be reluctant to call these a true matte, but they're definitely close. They're a good compromise for someone who wants to matte look without the dry quality of a hardcore, old school retro matte lippy. It's a very good finish, as it's just a touch more flattering in some of the colours this way. The colour range is also really good - when was the last time you saw out-there colours like a black or darkest maroon in a drugstore or supermarket? All credit to them for filling the gaps in the market shade-wise. They also all look like lipsticks Katy would wear which lends a certain authenticity to the line. My favourite colours are Magenta Minx and Crimson Kat, but I like them so much I've found a place in my kit for nearly all of them. There is a slight scent, which is totally inoffensive. The packaging is simple, and it's easy to see which shade they are by the colour on the end. I like that it doesn't scream 'CELEBRITY COLLAB'.  I'd recommend these to anyone wanting a good, solid matte lipstick at a decent price. These just might be the exception when it comes to celebrity products, and I can see them sticking around in covergirls line for a while to come.
This is quite a luxurious, creamy and hydrating formula and not a dry matte at all.  If you were expecting a true long-lasting matte finish you will be disappointed, it is more of a creamy feel and the fact that it transfers so readily means it probably is closer to a creamy than even a demi-matte. It comes in a lightweight plastic tube with a reasonably secure lid. I chose the colour Kitty Purry, a pretty mauvey-pink. I really love the colour, it is just a perfect daytime shade. The longevity is not so good, it does transfer readily and doesn't really stain the lips either so you do have to reapply several times during the day.  I chose it solely due to colour, I really love it!   It has an unusual taste/smell when you first apply kind of fruity-vanilla with an old fashioned lipstick taste (you know the one!) but it is such a pretty shade I will continue to buy it.
I love this lipstick. It is very easy to apply and lasts hours and hours without fading, whether you eat or drink. I love that it's matte but it still stands out and doesn't look dry like some lipsticks do. I would definitively recommend this lipstick and the colour range is great