COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Mascara

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COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Mascara - Create the high-volume lash look of your dreams with Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Volume Mascara. The volumising mascara has a clean, vegan formula free of Parabens, Sulfates, Talc, and Mineral oil that’s infused with Argan and Marula oils, leaving lashes feeling conditioned. This long-lasting mascara creates 10x the volume of bare lashes with no smudging or clumping. The brush applicator separates and defines for longer, fuller lashes.

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COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Mascara


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Worst buy.

This is the most horrible mascara I have ever used. The packaging looked appealing and hence I thought to give it a go and to be honest, I used this mascara for about two weeks before throwing it out. So this review doesn't come after just using it once. The mascara did absolutely nothing to my lashes. It didn't lengthen, it didn't make them thicker and I could barely see the black colour that was applied. The wand was thickly covered with the product so the bristles were not able to access my lashes properly and every attempt was left with mascara on my eyelids in addition to my lashes. I would not recommend it to anyone.


Great affordable mascara. Love the package colour. Also the wand is great and easy to apply when I apply the mascara is doesn't come our clumpy as I've noticed with some other brands. It goes in my lashes very nicely, it's smudge proof and I had to use the make up Remover twice to remove it completely qt the end of the day which in my books is great. However it you desire any lengthening effect or more thicker lashes you will have to apply a few coats of this. For me this gave me a nice tint but it was very thin. I had to apply a few layers to make my lashes pop a bit
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I’m actually pleasantly surprised by how my eyelashes look! This clean formula is infused with Marula and Argan oil which helps nourish the lashes! Definitely left me with more volume without clumping or smudging. Luv that it is made without mineral oil, sulphate's, parabens. A clean vegan mascara that is effective without being as damaging to the lashes as other products. I loved the packaging for this Lash Blast Clean. I liked being able to checkout the brush before it had mascara on it. Let me tell you, this little gripping brush picks up and delivers A LOT of product. Work the volumizing formula root to tip and bam! Volume! I didn’t have any issues with raccoon eyes throughout the day (in humid weather). Covergirl is a great affordable brand. You typically can’t go wrong with it.

Lengthens and separates well

I loved this cover girl vegan mascara. The formula was really silky and the black pigment rich and luxurious. The wand is a little thin but did make application easy and it separates lashes really well. I thought the mascara added a nice volume and it did lengthen lashes well. It leaves a nice sheen and lasts throughout the day without smudging. I also love the fact that I got no clumping with this product. It comes at a great price so is good value for money and the soft green packaging is pretty. Overall a great mascara I would recommend to anyone who finds vegan products important and wants good value for money.
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What a great macara

Being in the hair and beauty industry it takes alot to impress me but I give this mascara 10 out of 10. Not only is the packaging great. Love love love the soft green and it make you think vegan freindly when you see the mascara. The wand is so good. Love the fact that the macara comes with the wand separate so it stay fresh till you are ready to open. Great volume and definitely smudge proof. This is my go to mascara for everyday wear. It is at a good price point and i find it better the the more expensive counterparts. Only need 2 coats and my eyelashes look amazing. Love that it is more of a natural product which is super conditioning on my lashes. I dont have as much fall out since making the switch. Hands down will definitely be recommending this mascara to everyone. Final note if you want a macara that doesnt clump, is super gentle on you lashes, give amazing volume and is smudge free look no further. Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Mascara is the Mascara is the one for you.
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No Clumps!

Pros: thin wand, easy application, no clumps, separates lashes well, subtle tint, good hold Cons: no volume or lengthening effect, not a strong hold, would have to be applied in combination with other mascaras My first thoughts on this mascara is that I love the wand. The wand seamlessly separates my lashes even after multiple coats which is a must for me. The hold on this mascara is also good except it doesn't last all day for me. Nor does this mascara have a strong darkening/volume/lengthening effect. I use this in combinations with other mascaras for that effect, but I do hope that they make another mascara with the same wand and no clump formula but added lash effects. This is a great mascara for an everyday office or natural look!
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Very Impressed

I am always skeptical of trying new mascara. I have been using the same brand for 10 years. Whenever I have ventured to try a new one, I've always been disappointed. Not with Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Mascara!! Personally, I really loved the large brush as it allowed my to get right into the lash line and build up a really full and voluminous effect. I have naturally longer lashes, although they are very pale, so this formula worked well for me. However, I'm not sure how those with naturally shorter lashes will find it. Last Blast Clean Mascara did not smudge through out the day and I found it wore really well, even when I was wearing my glasses for most of the day. My eyes were not irritated by this Mascara and it did not feel cakey or flakey while on. I was really impressed with this Mascara and I will probably purchase it again once I'm finished this one. That's a pretty huge deal to me! I would recommend this product to people who like a cleaner formulation but who still want a full, luscious effect.
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Slightly Underwhelmed

Was a little underwhelmed with in this product.. the packaging is clean and crisp but the colour of the blue is bit dull. The wand was easy to hold for application but the bristles are very short. I didn't find it gave me any length whatsoever but gave a small amount of volume. It would be ok for a low/no makeup look but wouldn't recommend for an event or going out. The mascara formula itself was nice, i didn't get any flaking at the end of the day and removal was easy. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this product over others i have in my collection but if you purchased it for a light day-to-day mascara then it'll do the job
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Too Many Oils For People With Oily Skin

I found the Covergirl Lash Blast Clean Mascara to be very interesting. The packaging was simple and very similar to most Covergirl products, there was a fair amount of unnecessary plastic but I feel that’s not particularly surprising in the makeup world; though considering this is a “clean and vegan” mascara it’s a little disappointing. The colour of the tube is a pretty, light green and is easy to find in a handbag. The formula is a nice, dark black and glides on very easily, creating an enhanced but natural look. It was very smooth and there was no clumping, likely due to the Marula and Argan oils. However this led to my biggest issue, longevity. As I have naturally oily skin (even under my eyes and on my eyelids) and fairly long lashes, I think the oils in the mascara reacted poorly with the oils on my skin and the mascara started flaking off within an hour of putting it on. Overall I think this is a great, everyday mascara but just not for me, and maybe not for anyone with oily skin.
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Every day standard

I really like that the brush is not in the mascara when you buy it, I like that you can see the brush, but that also means an extra plastic lid as well. Unfortunately the bristles on the brush are much too short for me to use easily. Whilst its creat there are a nice thick bunch of bristles to seperate my lashes, they were just to short for me. The mascara itsself was fine, nice coverage, not clumping on any way, seperated my lashes ok. The wear wasn't as long lasting as I expected and it didn't lift or lengthen my lashes to a noticeable effect that I though wow this is great mascara. I work on a hot kitchen and to ots credit it didn't run nor smudge the whole day, but also did seem to wear off before the days end. Overall jist a standard mascara for me, nothing special or wow factor about it, be a good choice for anyone wanting good speration on application and an everyday wear for non strenuous activity. I wouldn't choose this one again,just because of the shortness of the brush bristles on the wand, and the extra plastic lid which I feel is unnecessary.
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Nice formula

Thank you Beauty Crew for allowing me the opportunity to trial Covergirl's Lash Blast Clean Mascara. My initial thoughts were positive...I liked the gorgeous mint colour of the mascara tube and the tube's shape. The brush applicator is a good size with tonnes of soft bristles. The colour is a dark black. I love that it's a vegan friendly product and has none of the nasty ingredients....✅✅. My lashes have been almost non-existent the past few months due to an effect of Botox injections I'm having for migraines. They are only now starting to poke themselves back out. Due to this I did find the mascara was hard to apply, as the brush is quite big and my lids kept getting in the way. A major plus was that I found the mistakes easy to remove, so no hassle. I found that the mascara more defined the lashes, not volumised them. Once dry, the mascara was hard to budge.I had my mascara on all day and then slept in it because I was too tired to cleanse.....I know, blasphemous! I was amazed to see that by the end of the following day, the mascara was still on my lashes. I had no panda eyes. I did need a good double-cleanse to remove and will probably buy a specific eye makeup cleanser to make the job easier and not need to pull and wipe at the fragile eye area. I was really surprised with the longevity of this mascara and I love that I'm putting a brand/product on my face that is socially aware.
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Natural kooking and defined lashes

When I received this from Beauty Crew, the first thing I noticed was the lovely green of the packaging. It definitely suits the 'clean' formula. I love that the brush is silicone rather than a bristle brush. It's better at separating my lashes than bristles and applies better. When I applied it, it glided onto my lashes and was easy to build up without clumping or crunchiness. By the end of the day my lashes still looked good, felt soft and flexible, and I had no smudging or flaking. Despite the long lasting formula, it also removed well with micellar water and a pad. I wear minimal make-up so this mascara is enough for me. However if you're wanting something more dramatic you'll have to look elsewhere. Like the product suggests with its 'clean' formula, you will get an enhanced 'natural' look. It does the job for me so I'm happy with it.
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Great but no blast

The mascara was so easy to use and went on smoothly and clump free. I wasn’t as impressed with it as I hoped. It didn’t give that blast I was expecting. A few strokes on each eye and I had a gorgeous look. Just not as bold and dramatic as expected. It was smudgefree and lasted all day so that was a huge plus for me . It is a lovely mascara to use but needs a name change and packing overhaul to make it really impressive . The colour was quite boring and the text was small a d had no impact or lasting memory
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Great mascara for a natural look

I really liked this mascara. Doesn’t clump on application, lengthened my lashes and also curled them a little bit. It didn’t add a lot of volume but did define each individual lash which was amazing! The silicone wand is easy to manoeuvre without smudging and it applies easily and evenly to the lashes. Also love the green coloured packaging, very easy to find in my makeup bag! Definitely more of a natural look which some people might not like (if you’re wanting a dramatic evening look). But for everyday wear I really liked it. I found that it didn’t smudge or leave dark patches under my eyes either. Great all around mascara for day time/work etc.
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People notice lovely lashes

I don't wear mascara every day as my lashes are quite short and i have all but given up so i was absolutely thrilled when i tried Cover girl lash blast clean mascara for the first time. I walked out of the bathroom and my partner said "Oh wow, your eyes look beautiful today" I couldn't believe my ears. I decided to wear it every day to see if people noticed and the following day my sister commented on how nice i looked. Amazing. I shall use this product forevermore. I love that it doesn't clump and it doesn't feel thick and gluggy like a lot of other mascaras. Thank you for letting me review this product. I love it and will continue to use it in the future.
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Working in an industry that’s child centred, i’m always on the hunt for mascaras that look good, are comfortable and are child-proof. I was pleasantly surprised with how this mascara held up to expectations, I applied it at 6.30am and by 5pm it was still in tact with little to no smudging with my lashes still looking like phenomenal. The applicator bristles are smaller than most mascaras, making it easy to reach and coat all the lashes evenly. Overall, i’m really impressed with this product and how it held up throughout the day.
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A nice, basic mascara

COVERGIRL Lash Blast Clean Mascara is a nice but basic mascara. Lovely for everyday wear, and gives your lashes a nice subtle tint and lift but nothing too extreme. I quite enjoyed inserting the mascara wand myself and being able to view the wand properly before application. I find by the end of the day it does smudge a fair bit and can sting my eyes (but I have sensitive eyes). Overall, I would recommend this mascara to someone starting out with make up or who is wanting a subtle everyday tint.
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A great-quality, every day mascara

I really liked Covergirl Lash Blast Clean – it worked well for me and I would definitely purchase it again. I'm in my mid-30's, and while I wear makeup every day I'm wearing less than I used to. I want eyelash definition, length and volume but I'm not after anything super dramatic. This mascara definitely gave me good volume, definition and length, and it was great for everyday wear. I'm hesitant to call it a specific 'volume' mascara though, as I think I would want more full-on, noticeable volume if I were purchasing a mascara for that purpose. The mascara was easy to apply, it stayed on all day with no smudging and – most importantly – it was easy to remove at night (I HATE stubborn mascaras!). The matte mint green packaging is very cute and the wand seems is good quality - not one of those flimsy plastic ones that poke you in the eye. I don't know enough about the clean formula to comment on it (I'm guessing it's better than a non-green formula, but the ingredients list still has a lot of un-recognisable words), but I still appreciate that major brands are becoming more willing to step in that direction. Will this mascara change your life? Probably not. But is it a great quality, dependable option for everyday wear? Yep!
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Excellent every-say mascara

I trialed this mascara as a part of the Beauty Crew review team. For reference, I have long lashes, that benefit from volume instead of lengthening. This mascara sat well, and definitely gave my lashes some added volume. Throughout the day, it didn’t smudge or drop under my eyes. I would call this an everyday mascara rather than a big ‘night time’ mascara as it gave my lashes subtle volume and lift, and was too ‘extravagant’ for day to day wear. As well, the mascara was removed really easily with a cream cleanser; and I didn’t feel like it pulled at my lashes when I removed it. A good everyday wear.
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Vegan and Smudge and Budge Proof

Firstly, I love that this this a vegan and clean formula and I really liked the applicator however I found I needed a couple of applications of the product to get a good lash effect. A definite positive for me that it was smudge-proof, I tend to be someone who inadvertently touches my eyes and lashes during the day and i didn't get any of the product flaking or drifting that tends to happen with other mascaras at this price point even after 8-10 hours of wear. Packaging was a bit meh but I like how you can see the wand when you purchase - that was another plus for me.