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COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara is a volumising mascara that works to define lashes and minimise clumps. The mascara features a curved brush with straight bristles that hug the curves of the lashes, allowing for a precise and even application.

Available in two shades and waterproof.


COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara


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Covergirl's best mascara

This is my all time favourite everyday mascara. I like the bright green packaging, it's easy to find and it's fun. The plastic bristles are a hit and miss on mascaras, this time it's a total hit. I think they have really nailed the opening to this packaging, where just enough mascara is wiped off as you pull the brush out that you don't end up with clumps swiped onto your lashes. Clump crusher is really an apt name. If you enjoy lengthened and separated lashes then you will enjoy this. It doesn't really have a scent, it doesn't flake, it's easy to build and it's easy to remove. At a crazy good price point it's worth a try when you see it half price at the supermarket or chemist.
This mascara is amazing quality. The bristles are short and straight, which really help to get between and separate the lashes. The wand is curved which helps to get into your inner eye area. It helps volumise and lengthen the lashes, giving them a false lash look. The formula is a wet formula, which helps prevent clumps. It doesnt transfer onto my oily eyelids at all. It doesn't flake off throughout the day and looks great up until the moment I remove it. This is one I'll definitely repurchase.
Beautifully separates and fans out lashes. Each lash is coated and magnified. Provides a fluffy lash effect. Only problem is that the mascara isn't pigmented or thick enough. The formula is very dry and thin, so lashes don't look that much different from your natural lashes, maybe only a tiny bit enhanced. Wish it did more than just beautiful separation.
I can never live without the clump crusher mascara by covergirl, it is my holy grail first coat mascara to ensure my lashes are separated, lengthened and wispy and will ensure that any additional mascara i put on top will not run or smudge. It is also perfect as an everyday one coat and out the door mascara.
I have this in black and love it. It definitely provides the clump free look as promised, and my lashes have never looked longer! However it does tend to irritate my eyes towards the end of the day, making them a bit itchy/watery, and it has a bit of a funky smell, but I do love the way it looks so I keep using it
I have been asked "What Mascara are you wearing?" more than once when I have put this mascara on. That's because this mascara is so unbelievable. You can keep layering this mascara to achieve the look you want, and all with absolutely no clumps! It comes packaged with freshness as it has it's own lid, without the wand in the mascara. You can view the plastic wand before you first put it into the tube, and you can see that it will coat each and every lash. The pros: You can keep layering and layering on the coats without fear of any clumps.                   Great definition of each lash, right to the tip.                   Never crumbles throughout the day or smudges.                   The way the wand is shaped, helps you get to the root of the lashes creating a nice curl. There are no cons, I think this mascara is fantastic! I would recommend this product, to anyone who wants definined lashes without any clumps.
Mascara is my absolute MUST HAVE daily wear makeup because I was born with a shall we say birth 'imperfection' (lazy eye on one lid - slight but I notice it immensely). For years I have tried mascara after mascara to try and minimise the imperfection to my liking with no real clear winner. This mascara has completely changed how I feel about myself for the better. It delivers on no clumping 10/10 but it also lifts my lashes high enough on the 'lazy' eye (and has staying power all day) that it is virtually impossible to notice that I had any issues. I will continue to buy and recommend this mascara because it has literally changed my life/ self esteem for the better. It looks amazing in photos; even close ups. I found the wand quite hard compared to other brands - it seems more plasticy but have gotten used to it. You can build the mascara up to achieve the look you're after. 
I am always buying the new big thing in mascaras. I have actually had this one for a while and not used it very much. But when I ran out of my current favourite I thought I'd give it a go. I liked the name from the start "CLUMP CRUSHER"- yeah sure. But this one is pretty good at just colouring the lashes and not forming clumps. I assume it has to do with the type of brush, one of those small plastic thingys that does not look like it has much mascara loaded up but actually gives a good coverage on first swipe. I ended up having to do two- sometimes three goes at building it up, but I am pleasently surprised at the results.
I adore this mascara, I cant believe how good it is for the price. At just $18.95 it does just as good a job of a much more expensive brand. Covergirl always do a great product and this does as it promises and volumises lashes with no clumping. It coats lashes really well as the curved brush is a great design, it lengthens and separates and not a clump in sight. This product does not clump or flake or smudge, a huge plus. the black pigment is luxurious and has a nice sheen, the mascara itself is not at all drying and lasted all day leaving my lashes really thick and lush, very attractive. This mascara is so easy to apply and I recommend two coats for an even lusher look. This is an awesome mascara that I highly recommend
I LOVE this mascara. I originally was a little unsure when purchasing this product, as prior to this I had always used high end mascaras, but I read lots of glowing reviews online so I thought I would give this one a go - and I was completely blown away with how good this Covergirl mascara is! Separates, lengthens and thickens lashes without getting clumpy. My lashes stay put all day with no flakiness or fall out - I did find it dried up a little fast, but the consistency overall was excellent.
My absolute favourite mascara!! The curved wand lets you follow the curve of your eye and get easily into the corners, and the bristles don't leave any clumping. Brilliant if you want a light mascara look, but easy to build up and create a thicker lash look. Always makes my eyes look long and dark if I want to go for a more dramatic look. I've used it for a couple of years now and it's always one I recommend to friends when they're looking for a new mascara. It's very reasonable in price for such a good product
This Mascara is my one and only, I have not found one better no clumps and it gets all my lashes with out making a mess its perfect for me
I was searching for a less expensive mascara than the designer label product that I previously used, without compromising on quality. I was sceptical about this product as I had tried 6 mascaras prior to this one and turfed them all in the bin for various reasons, including panda eyes and clumping. Covergirl LashBlast Clump Crusher is now my favourite mascara and at less than half the price of my old favourite which I could only buy in the city.
I particularly love mascaras with curved brushes.  The brushes follow the curve of the eyelashes and really defines them.  My pet hate is clumped mascara and I find this product goes on really smoothly and easily leaving my eyelashes separated, long and clump free.
This mascara is one of my favourites because it lives up to its name- the 'Clump Crusher'. It doesn't clump at all, even if you apply multiple coats. It really is amazing. The bright green packaging is striking. It really stands out among all my other makeup. The design of the mascara wand is very efficient. It's slim, so it's not bulky and awkward to hold. What I like most about it though is that the brush is curved, which allows it to conform to the shape of the eye. This makes it easy to reach the tricky lashes at the corners of the eye. The bristles are very small too so each individual eyelash can get evenly coated, separated and fanned out really well. Perfect! Once applied on lashes, this mascara dries pretty quickly so lashes don't stick together and create a clumped mess. My lashes are quite short and thin, and I found this mascara doesn't do a lot in terms of lengthening and thickening. Also, it made my lashes only a little darker. That doesn't bother me too much though as I'm usually after a natural look, nothing too dramatic. Anyway, for those who desire a bit more of a dramatic look you can simply apply more coats, and you don't even have to worry about it clumping. It also doesn't flake or smudge throughout the day and it's easily removed with micellar water. I'm really happy with the end result of using this mascara. No clumps, my lashes aren't too dark or too light- just right, and my lashes are lifted. This mascara is nice to use for a natural everyday look. Pros: -No clumping -Easy to apply -Buildable -Natural finish Con: -Doesn't volumise lashes a great deal I highly recommend this mascara to people who like a natural eye makeup look and to those who are guilty of clumping their lashes (like me). You'll be impressed with the accurate application and beautiful finish this mascara provides.
This mascara has a brush design that truly delivers what the mascara promises - clump free lashes. It works brilliantly, with a well-designed curved brush that has short, flexible bristles that reach every lash easily. I love that it coats each lash without any clumping, leaving my lashes looking thicker, well-defined and longer. However I found I had to stop using the mascara after a couple of uses, as for the first time in my life, I definitely had an allergic reaction to a mascara.  I developed itchy, watery, red eyes, both times I wore it unfortunately. The itching, watery eye issues all stopped when I stopped wearing the mascara - so there definitely was an ingredient in the formula that didn't agree with me eyes. I ended up having to throw my new mascara away, despite loving how it made my lashes look when first applied. I'm not sure what was causing the reaction, but it was pronounced & made it unsuitable for me. Luckily it isn't an expensive mascara & my eyes recovered ok. I think I was just unlucky to have something in the formula not agree with me personally, and I'm sure most users would have no issues with the product.  It really delivers what it promises re the no-clumping.