COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick

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COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick is a long-wearing waterproof lipstick enriched with a blend of lip conditioners that work to colour, protect and hydrate lips.

Available in 12 shades.


COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick


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I love this lipstick for being a gloss/lipstick hybrid. I find the colours a bit like tinted pigments in a gloss rather than a true lipstick, but without the stickiness that comes with a lot of lip glosses. The formula glides on and is very soft and moisturising on my lips. My favourite thing about it is that upon application this lipstick gives me an instant polished look without going over the top, however the downside is that is doesn't last very long when eating/drinking requiring regular re-application.
Cover Girl is great for a quick makeup fix....and this little gem was a good pick up (along with the groceries).I love a good balm,and this was just the right mix of balm soothing,gloss glow and colour hit.Outlast Long wear Lipstick doesn't flake or feel too "greasy" or dry,it's super moisturising and stays on not too bad considering the super cheap price (mine held on for about three hours).I chose shade 935 "Into The Fuchsia" (a cream bright pink) for a bit of a summertime rewind,but there a so many other shades to try that i may just pick up a couple more (and you will be able to find one that you love too) and the slight,lolly type scent made me feel like a kid again.As far as packaging goes,this is a fairly cool looking,silver plastic,wind up case with clear cover,but be does break easily,so if you drop your bag,put it in your back pocket and sit on it etc,it will end up a mess.I also noted that the transfer factor on this was pretty transferred onto my cup,my friend's cheek and it bled a bit into those little lines around the take care when smooching.The plus sides were that it did feel lovely on,was a really fun shade and it was great as a "lip balm with benefits". All in all,not at all bad for under $18,but not really one i will go out of my way to get again. TIP:Apply over the top of a similar hue matte lip colour to add some shine and an extra layer of "pop" to it.
I bought this lipstick for the first time a short while ago and use it recently.  The colour I have is Into The Fuschia which is bright and vivid.  I wasn't sure initially whether to believe the claims as I find long lasting lipsticks can sometimes end up quite dry but surprisingly this does not.  My lips truly do feel moist and soft and the lippie really does last a long time - woohoo!
I am fussy when it comes to lipsticks but I have finally found my all-time favourite with this one and I am reaching for it daily over much more expensive ones in my collection.  The shade Magnetic Mauve it is now my go-to lipstick for everyday wear and I love it.  It is very luscious looking on the lips, with a hint of shimmer to it (but just a hint, I hate shimmery lipsticks!).  The formula is thick but creamy, it doesn't overly transfer onto teeth or cups and is nicely hydrating. The colour I chose leaves some stain to the lips so even as it wears off during the day I am left with some colour.   It feels very comfortable to wear during the day and by the end of the day my lips are feeling smooth and comfortable with no hint of dryness or flaking (a common issue with other lipsticks for me).  I am surprised that the price is so reasonable as it gives the look and performance of a high-end lipstick - totally adore this one.
Great product thats true its name i was a bit iffy and thought it wouldnt last but it did put it on around 7am was still looking good at  3pm and i had lunch and coffee .Great prize and colour range  to
COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear + Moisture Lipstick is a luxury lipstick at a bargain price!   It is lovely windup lipstick that is so easy to use.  This lipstick comes in 12 long lasting shades that really do last the distance. The lipstick is creamy, hydrating and moisturising, aswell as being long lasting, but without any drying effects.  The lipstick stays moist on your lips, does not feather or bleed, and lips stay comfortable and moisturised while you have it on.  The case is lovely too, infact I feel feel really special bringing it out, it is shiny and looks elegant. PRO's Comes in 12 greats to suit any look you want Lipstick stays on but does not dry out your lips Lips remain hydrated and moisturised. Easy to wind up with no risk of the lipstick snapping off. No lipstick bleeding. Good for all kinds of weather conditions, even in the cold and windy weather, lips stay hydrated and moist. How fabulous to have a long lasting but shiny lipstick too! This lipstick is fabulous for everyone, who doesn't want a lipstick that is not only shiny, but remains on the lips for many hours, leaving your lips supple, hydrated and moisturised.  A great price for a fabulous lipstick, it's as good as others 4 times the price.
I recently tried this lipstick for the first time and was impressed, the colour is long lasting and I didnt need to reapply for hours. It feels creamy and moisturises my lips to prvent horrible dryness. The colour pigmentation is great and I actually got compliments. It comes at a great price so I would buy this again
Yes yes and yes to this lip colour!  It is affordable, and applies smooth and creamy and didn't flake or dry my lips. The colours are true to what the shade looks like in the tube. Usually I have to apply a lip balm as a lip primer/conditioner and then apply my lip colour when I usually wear lipsticks. It is fantastic that this lipstick applies soft and glides easily over my lips and my lips feel nourished and supple. When I wear this lipstick, I can smile without worrying that my lip colour will crack! The colour stain lasts a couple of hours on my lips, and gradually fades after food or drink. so I reapply when needed. I have tried many lipsticks and this is one of the more affordable lipsticks which actually provides colour without drying my lips.  Pros: smooth and creamy, affordable price Cons: reapply after few hours or food Tips: apply directly onto lips for instantly moisturised lips Recommendation: this lipstick would suit anyone who wants an easy to lip colour which doesn't flake or peel off.