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COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation is a long-lasting foundation, primer and concealer in one that works to conceal imperfections and even skin tone for a flawless finish that lasts all day long.


Available in six shades.


COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation


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I remember this used to be my favourite foundation because it saved me so much time every morning when I only have 10 mins to do makeup. This foundation has a creamy but lightweight texture which is easy to apply and blends out evenly. I have very try skin so I do primer my skin before applying this foundation. The foundation gave me light to medium coverage without looking cakey or flakey at all and could last for a whole day without needing to touch up.
This was one of my favourite foundations when it first arrived in Australia. At the time, I was a teenager and had full on acne with oily skin, Now, with dry/combination skin and preferring a lighter, glowy base - it's not one I go to anymore. That, and the shade range (as others have mentioned) is pretty awful. There isn't a shade that really matches my skin tone. Who it will probably be great for: Those with oilier skin (though some people with dry skin really like this!) or combination skin looking for a medium- high coverage that lasts all day long. This is also excellent for acne prone skin as other than the great coverage and staying power, it doesn't cling to anything and glides over the skin. It is also matte but not flat. If this sounds perfect for you, go have a look at the shade range and hope you aren't one of us who can't find a match!  Who it may not be best for: Those with dry or dry/combination skin looking for something lightweight and glowy. This is a thicker creamy formula, which is a bit heavy for me these days.
I like that this is a 3-in1 product. Saves time in the morning when you're in a rush. I would still use a separate primer and concealer on days where I have time. It's a very liquidy, lightweight consistency. Offers light-medium coverage and feels very nice on the skin. It does slightly oxidise throughout the day, so it's something I'd be wary of when picking a shade. It has a nice, inoffensive light floral scent. Really nice, heavyweight glass bottle as well. Overall it's a good drugstore foundation and I liked that it has added SPF. Lasts well throughout the day with a powder on top.
I enjoy this foundation. It has a 3 in 1 benefit, combining primer, foundation and concealer into the one product. While I still use both a separate primer and concealer as well, I do think some people could get away with using this product alone. It has great coverage, and blends flawlessly into the skin. It doesnt emphasise my pores, and doesn't cling to any of my dry patches. It lasts throughout the day and doesn't rub off when I touch my face. I'll definitely repurchase this as it's such an affordable option for the quality. 
This foundation is my all time holy grail foundation. I have been using it for years on and off. It has an excellent medium coverage and looks naturally dewy and radiant. It generally last around 8-10 hours without touching up. I have dry skin and this foundation doesn't cling to my dry patches at all. In summary, this foundation is excellent for the price and a fantastic foundation for those with dry to normal skin.
COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Foundation Covergirl Outlast All Day Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, comes in13 shades. On this occasion, I tried the Shade 820 Creamy Natural. Which worked perfectly with that natural winter glow, you get off the moon on your walk home and the rays of light emitted by your work PC. The 3 in 1 Foundation has the benefits of ensulizole sunscreen and broad spectrum SPF 20. It is said to be an All in one foundation with a long-lasting formula that fuses primer, concealer, and foundation in one easy step! So too easy, let’s get into the details.. The Foundation comes in one of those pump action little glass jars, which we have all come to love. It works, so they have kept the simple deign, plus it’s easy to take with you travelling etc, with its plastic lid it’s harder to dry out. The liquid itself has a good consistency, not too runny and not too cluggy. It applies well, providing an even and lightweight distribution of tone. I applied this foundation with two different techniques, a sponge and a foundation brush and both applied well. Personally, I wasn’t sure if it applied any differently to any other foundation I have tried, and since I don’t usually use primer, it stacked up to any other product I have used in the past. So maybe it’s all just a little bit of hype. Though I can confirm it provided me with a flawless look that lasts all day long. So it technically did its job. Directions for use: Using a disposable sponge wedge or clean fingertips, dab a small amount of foundation on the centre of your cheeks. Blend outward toward the edges of the face, concentrating on uneven areas and decreasing intensity toward the hairline.
I loved the formula of this foundation! HOWEVER the shade range is terrible. I have an oily t zone and found that this lasted all day and I didn't need to touch up at all during the day! I also love that it has SPF in it. The only downside to this is the shade range. There are no shades that suit olive or yellow based skin tones. I tried to mix in a darker foundation hoping that it would work but it just didn't. Unfortunately I was unable to keep using it because I looked like a white ghost! If they brought more shades I would definitely use this foundation again.
The foundation claims to be a 3 in 1 product with the lasting power of a primer, coverage of a concealer and blendability of a foundation. It also contains SPF 20 which is a huge plus. The foundation is packaged in a glass bottle with a teal coloured plastic pump and a clear plastic lid. Whilst I can't fault the glass bottle and I love the pump for easy dispensation, it is the garish colours used in the packaging design that I dislike (red and teal colour combo) that I think makes this product look cheap. I used the foundation in 810 Classic Ivory and found that it was an excellent match for my skintone. I like to use my finger tips to apply the foundation into my skin as I find the warmth of my fingers makes foundation blend more easily. It is a really light thin liquid which helps to blend in more easily too. I then use a stippling brush to buff it all out. I found it had really great light/medium to medium coverage and did an excellent job of evening out skin tone. Darker areas with post acne pigmentation did still require concealer though but I probably did need less concealer than with other foundations due to the coverage it gave. Overall it resulted in a really lovely natural finish and felt like it dried to a powder finish rather than being a bit tacky. As a result, it really felt like it was a 'second skin', your skin but only so much better and even-toned. I have used this with and without an additional primer and found it to last just as long as with a primer underneath on 12 hour long days. I didn't experience any issues with the foundation oxidising on my skin either. I have dry skin however my skin does tend to produce oil and gets a bit oilier throughout the day particularly on my forehead. The foundation was not completely matte but rather a demi-matte finish and even at the end of the day did well at controlling the shine on my forehead. I honestly did not expect to like this foundation as much as I did but I would highly recommend this.
This is a creamy light foundation that gives excellent coverage without being too thick and heavy. I love covergirl foundations and have tried quite a few of them as they are such a great price. I love the pump bottle as its easy to use to get just the right amount of product. The foundation blends in really well and has a natural finish. I love that it does not feel greasy and skin feels soft and moisturised after. This foundation lasts well and does not get oily. A great product that I would certainly buy again
I purchased this foundation the other day to try. It was a shade too dark but using lightening drops it creates a perfect match. It was lightweight but medium coverage and super easy to blend.
An awesome daily staple. Let's start at the beginning. Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation comes in a glass 30ml bottle with a clear lid and a pretty blue pump which is clearly visible. It has silver and black writing which is easy to see and read. I also like that the colour of the pump is used in the 3 in 1 part of the logo. The product claims to have 3 products in 1. Primer, Foundation and Concealer. Just for a little something extra it also has a broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen in it too. There are 6 shades in the range with the lightest being great for the porcelain skinned ladies. The shades don't seem to go all that dark but it can be hard to tell through the bottle without actually swatching them. The foundation is a cream but not too runny. I have used it a few times after just washing my face and not adding any other products before the foundation. I'm not a big fan of doing it this way. Although it doesn't need it I choose to wear primer underneath just so I have that extra staying power and a kind of barrier between my skin and the foundation. I also chose to still add sunscreen as my pale skin burns quite easily and I didn't want to take any chances. For those that don't require daily sunscreen or the more tanned skinned lovelies could probably skin the additional sunscreen but it's personal preference. It does have a slight scent that is neither pleasant nor unpleasant. It does fade after a little while so if it's not to your liking bear with t for about half an hour to an hour if you can and you won't notice it anymore. I also asked a few friends and they hadn't even noticed there was a scent. Maybe I just have a sensitive nose. For my actual application I tried both my fingers and a brush and for this one I found both worked well but it's one of the few times I actually preferred the finish of the application with a  makeup brush. It applies really smoothly and doesn't cling to any dry patches or imperfection but instead covers, smooths and makes them practically invisible. I have normal to slightly dehydrated skin. The oil free component of this product might make it more suitable for those with slightly oily skin but I think it would work well on most skin types. I didn't have any signs of irritation and it felt nice and light to wear. it does seem to have an almost matte finish but I didn't find it drying at all. The addition of the concealer in the product helped when covering my redness and a few pimples. It also didn't make them worse or make me breakout which is AWESOME. (how could that not be a bonus?) I like the fact that it has a pump for hygiene reasons, longevity of the product and the fact that 2 pumps is the perfect amount for full face application. Although i chose to add additional primer and sunscreen it really doesn't need it and works just great without it. When applied it looked really natural and I felt like my skin looked perfected and smooth without it being obvious I had a full face of foundation on. It has as a really good staying power which I assume comes from the addition of primer. It's perfect for everyday use but I have also worn it for special occasions and it has held up beautifully. U didn't have any problems with oxidising and though it looked just as great when I checked it after a few hours as it did when I applied it. It is a practically flawless product and it is an incredibly affordable foundation. It is comparable to some more expensive brands. It always comes out on top for me and I would highly recommend it to everyone. It is a staple piece in my makeup bag and although I have tried a few foundations this is one I keep coming back to. Dermatologically tested and I think suitable for most if not all skin types.
Whats all the hype about? I'm sorry girls but this is not a HG foundation. It looks awful on the skin, broke me out like crazy and it oxidises to a new ompa lompa shade! I was so surprised from all of the rave this foundation gets, Maybe its just me but this foundation is going straight into the bin.  Lets start with the good staff, there are a few, Pros:  + Packaging, nice bottle and comes with a pump + Price, you can usually find it in sales so the price is pretty affordable  + High coverage, now I didn't know if to put it in the pros or cons because this foundation has some pretty high coverage BUT it cakes up like crazy! looks horrendous  + Smell, the fragrance was ok not to overpowering  Cons: + Broke Me Out ! It gave me tiny red pimples all over my face and I almost never break out by foundations. If you have Acne Prone skin stay away! + impossible to work into the skin, dries within seconds of applying which leave your face with blotchy foundation patches  + Oxidises & Terrible colour selection, at first glance the colour looks perfectly fine but after 10 minutes you will look like you have an orange skin (it kinda looks like you did a really bad job with your self tenner). All the colours are super pink and unfortunately most women won't find a decent match +CAKEY, the texture of this foundation is awful! it cakes up so quickly, I tried to apply it with a beauty blender, with a it cosmetics foundation brush, nothing seamed to work!  + Drying , nowadays you know a long lasting foundation doesn't need to be drying towards your skin. But this one does, it emphasised every tiny dryness my skin had, even if I slap tons of moisturizer before.   It didn't work out for me, Maybe because I came with high expectations and got a total let down. In this price range, there are tons of other great foundation in the drugstore which are way, way better than this one! My personal favourite are the Bourjois foundations, the classic Revlon one is also very nice. Cover Girl, you need to step up your game.  
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Replying to Tal A.We’ve let COVERGIRL know about your reaction when using this foundation, and they’d love to be in touch to help make things right. Are you happy for us to pass your details onto them so they can get in touch directly with you?
I am using Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation for the last two years and honestly I have not found its alternative yet.  The foundation comes in strong glass bottle with pump which is very easy to use. The pump has twist function and I can close it after each use. It claims to be suitable for oily skin, I have dry to combination skin, so I was not expecting much from this.   I got the shade Buff Beige which is closest to my skin tone, not 100% same but still it adjusts to my natural skin tone nicely. I applied it with my fingers after moisturizing my skin. It applies easily and blends evenly on my skin. It has such a nice formula which does not dry quickly and gives me time to evenly blend the foundation on my face.    I used it with out applying any concealer and primer because it claims to be all in one foundation.  I am pleasantly surprised from the result, it gives me instant flawless smooth skin. It gives medium to full coverage which is buildable,  it covers my brown spot, acne marks , blue veins and blurs large pores.  It gives me natural matte finish which I love. Even it looks like I am not wearing any makeup.  It does not look heavy or cacky  on my skin and  does not oxidize. The foundation shade in the bottle looks same upon application, and this foundation is true to its colour. It do highlight dry patches so I need to prepare my skin before application. It blurs my large pores very well and even they disappear when I use good primer underneath.   It has very good lasting power and stays on my face for more than 8 hours. During summer when my skin transforms into combination, it still works perfectly even my oily T zone areas looks matte for hours. It is long lasting and truly all in one foundation as I do not need to use primer and concealer with it.   I got natural looking flawless, poreless and matte face which lasts for more than 8 hours. Whenever I use this foundation, I get complements from my friend and family. Surprisingly when I told them it is Covergirl, they all get shocked as it looks more than a drugstore foundation. Overall, I love Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation, this is my favourite and I am on my third bottle. I have used a number or foundation and none of them beat this. I highly recommend it for everyone, It is suitable for all skin types. For normal or dry skin beauties, I recommend using it after moisturizer and exfoliation.
This is my favorite drugstore foundation. It's full coverage. It makes my skin look so nice and not oily. I will always have one in my collection.
One of my all-time faves!  I have 2 of the paler shades 810 Classic Ivory and 820 Creamy Natural depending on the season.  One of the many good features of this product is the Ivory shade does not have a pink lean so is suitable for neutral or warm toned skin.  It comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser and overcap.  It has a mild scent and a nice creamy formula which dries down to a demi-matte finish.  Coverage is high but you can sheer it out to medium with a damp beauty blender.  I have normal to dry skin and it works well for me and easily lasts all day without slipping or oxidizing.  I love how it is an all-in-one product, I don't need to use a concealer or a primer and it is SPF20.  I don't find the need to use a powder to set this one, it lasts well and only when the weather is really humid that I will lightly dust some setting powder over it.  The only complaint I could make is that I would prefer a plastic bottle instead of the glass as it is a bit heavy to travel with and for clumsy ones like me with tiled floors I always have to be careful!