COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus

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COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus is a self-sharpening eyeliner with a pigmented and blendable colour on one end, and a smudging tip on the other to enable an easy smoky eye application. The formula is water-resistant and long-lasting. Ophthalmologist tested and suitable for sensitive eyes.


COVERGIRL Perfect Point Plus


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The Covergirl "Perfect Point Plus" defends the line no matter how watery my eyes get! I cannot describe how easy it is to glide onto the eyelid. It provides a sturdy and straight line in terms of smooth and overall even application. The pencil itself is very effortless to control and unique the formula is excellent quality making it extremely easy apply which also gives me a natural desired finish.    No mess or wastage with Covergirl "Perfect Point Plus" as it is a self-sharpening eyeliner that's just keeps going on and on.  Also please note this is formulated gently enough for anyone with troublesome eyes that can be easily irritated as well. The eyeliner never fades away and the staying power is super long lasting as the product goes a very long way in terms of usage overtime. There's no tricks or extreme tips required. It's my time saving makeup that's delivers quality results every time I use it. I simply just apply and go about my day.   
I love using this eyeliner, living in the tropics eyeliners can get soft quick which makes applying them in a rush really messy.  With Perfect Point Plus I know I can apply it quickly and not end up looking like a panda.  Not having to find a sharpner and then deal with the shavings is also a huge bonus as I don't end up with bits of eyeliner smeared around the basin.  This is by far the best eyeliner I have and would recommend it to everyone.