COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer

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COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer is an oil-free concealer that works to conceal imperfections, blemishes and fine lines and wrinkles whilst brightening dark circles.

Available in four shades.


COVERGIRL Ready Set Gorgeous Concealer


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I have a bit of a love hate relationship with this concealer. I absolutely LOVE the fact that the lightest shade is actually light enough to highlight my under eye area, which is is not very common in a cheaper product for someone that is so pasty white. The price of this concealer is another perk. My biggest issue with this product is how light the coverage is, if you are after a very light product for the purpose of layering or if you don't need much coverage than this if probably for you, but my dark circles are clearly visible. I can't use it on any redness or blemishes as it does absolutely nothing, maybe if I were to layer the product a few times it might offer coverage but I can not be bothered with that amount of effort. I do use this product with a heavier duty concealer underneath and then layer it on top for a brightening effect. It isn't a product I really recommend unless the person has perfect skin and all they want is brightening.
I'm a fan of the ready set gorgeous foundation, so I thought I'd try out the concealer as well. It is a nice concealer. It covers dark circles well, and makes the undereye area feel moisturised. It does crease after a few few hours of wear, but it doesnt look absolutely terrible when it does. It struggles to cover blemishes as it's such a watery formula. It isn't all that opaque, and I find that if I have any breakouts I have to really layer this up to get the coverage I need, ending up making it look cakey.
Who hasn't woken up after what you thought was a good sleep to discover dark bags under your eyes? Its the worst! I have pale skin with pink undertones, concealers always seemed too yellow on me and I simply forwent that step of my makeup routine because what I had tried only attracted attention to the area.I was wandering along the makeup aisle when this gem caught my eye. I stopped because the shade on the cardboard packaging looked so light, I picked it up and the concealer bottle also looked pretty pale-i was excited to say the least. I have the shade light pale. Pro's: >Palest concealer I have been able to come across whilst not being too yellow >Oil free >Lasts me a good day-10+ hours >Really light formula >Multitasks for both concealer and highlighting areas such as bridge of nose >Easy to use sponge-tipped wand >Covers dark circles >Super affordable >Light pleasant scent Con's >I cannot fault it. Tip >I have read negative reviews on this product and I'm hoping that my review will help. The concealer is oil-free and therefore a little lighter in consistency, however it is perfect for under eye concealer/around your brow to define. I wouldnt use this alone on large blemishes as it may not cover as heavy as you would like. I use this concealer after my foundation, I apply from the inner under corner of my eye out to the tip of my brow like an upside down triangle. I then go in with a slightly damp sponge to set in place and then set with powder straight away. Overall >I have never had an issue with this concealer and I love the way it glides over my skin with ease. It is the perfect shade for my skin and hides all under-eye sins! I am super pleased with this because it is effective and also it is super affordable. Definitely recommend.
The concealer is light weight and doesn't crease. The only disappointing thing is the coverage is very light and there isn't enough shade options! It is great for every day use if you do not want a heavy coverage. Great price and love the applicator. I probably wouldn't recommend if you have very dark circles.
This concealer has great coverage and a creamy consistency. Doesn't feel cakey at all and once blended it will not crease at all. The price is a bonus too. Highly recommend for those looking for a cheap drug store foundation
I love this concealer for the price, it delivers great results without breaking the bank. It is  light and blends in really well. I use it to conceal imperfections, pigmentation and the odd spot, it works really well under foundation, a great little buy for the money
This is my go to concealer. It's super light weight so it doesnt get cakey and it covers my dark circles really well. I use it for highlighting under my eye area and being really pale I struggle to find concealers light enough but the latest shade is super light and just perfect. Absolutely love this concealer, and it's a great price too!