COVERGIRL Smoothers Aqua Smooth Makeup

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COVERGIRL Smoothers Aqua Smooth Makeup is a compact foundation featuring a vitamin-rich formula that works to conceal imperfections and even skin tone whilst improving skin’s condition over time.

Available in seven shades.


COVERGIRL Smoothers Aqua Smooth Makeup


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This use to be a holy grail product for me when I was in highschool. I wanted something I could apply easily that looked great and didn't cost a fortune. This compact starts out as a cream formula, but the product melts when applied to your skin, feeling like a liquid. It's easily blended and covers blemishes really well. It dries to an almost powder finish, meaning I never had to apply powder on top which was a huge time saver back then. It lasts throughout the day on my oily skin, and doesn't come off when I touch my face. This is a great product I'll always have a soft spot for
This was love at first use for me! I use creamy natural Aquasmooth which is a cream-to-powder sort of foundation, that gives me a velvety smooth finish. This foundation gives  a medium coverage without turning dewy or looking as though it has been caked on. With the sponge applicator included it is easy to apply and one of my instant attractions was the cleanliness as there is no after mess. Although it is damp after application it dries quickly leaving my skin with a naturally flawless finish. Being a compact foundation it is safe to pop in my handbag for touch ups, if needed throughout the day but it has especially become a travel essential.  There's no more worrying about spilled foundations or liquid restrictions. The only drawback is I have the sponge doesn't last for as long as the foundation so I replace it with an alternative midway through. Otherwise this is A+ product that certainly exceeds expectations and meets a need. 
I have this in shade Creamy Natural and must admit it doesn't work well for me with my normal-dry skin type.  I think it would be more suitable for someone with oilier skin.  I love the silky formulation and how it just glides across the skin upon application and how it dries down so quickly to a powdery, dry, matte finish.  What I don't like is that it can cling mercilessly to any faults, especially dry patches and fine lines.  I must make sure to have a well-hydrated base and use a really good primer with this one.  The compact I am not so keen on either, it's quite long and takes up quite a bit of room in my makeup or travel bag.  The sponge applicator is not so good either, I found it a little rough (no big deal, I usually use my own beauty blender anyway, just the sponge for on-the-go).  The mirror is quite tiny too, you really have to get in super-close to see what you are doing.  One good point is that is the formula has a broad-spectrum titanium dioxide SPF of 20 (and 9% titanium dioxide, very good!).  I think this formula would be more suitable for oilier skin types than mine.  If you love a quick-setting, dry matte finish you will also love it.