COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Big Curl Mascara

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COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Big Curl Mascara is a mascara for creating bigger, curled lashes. The large, curved brush is designed to coat every lash from root to tip. It has long bristles with rounded tips to assist with lifting the lashes during application.


COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Big Curl Mascara


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I love covergirl and loved this mascara. The pigment is really high quality and it did not flake or smudge all day, it lasted really well yet came off with ease. I loved the plastic brush wand, it’s designed to lift curl and separate lashes. It opens up my eyes perfectly by curling lashes and giving a full lush effect. There was no clumping with this mascara even though it gives heaps of lift and volume. It’s packaged nicely in bright lime green and teal and it’s priced really well at under $22.00 so it’s great value for money and does the same job as a much more expensive brand. I loved this mascara and highly recommend it.
I really like this mascara! Let's just point out how cute the teal and lime green packaging is! Love it! The wand is super cool in my opinion, its a comb style plastic brush vs the usual just spooky looking brush you get with cheaper-affordable drugstore mascaras. The bristles are really small at the base and get bigger as it goes us. Which I find is easier for application with the small bristles and then combing/separating your lashes out with the longer ones. This mascara is fantastic and does what is advertised which doesn't happen all the time. Definitely adds length and a ton of volume! I wear glasses and if I put enough on can make my natural lashes touch the lenses of my glasses. Overall I will definitely be buying this again! It acts like a high-end mascara in every way except the price is super cheap at $5.50-$7.50 you just can't beat that!