COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Mascara

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COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Mascara is a long-lasting black mascara that works to boost volume and coat each lash from root to tip.

Available in two shades.


COVERGIRL The Super Sizer Mascara


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Covergirl's Super Sizer mascara definitely gives me super-sized lashes! It plumps, curls and lengthens them, and the pigment is jet black. Really opens the eyes for a fresher look. The only drawback for me is that because of the plastic brush, it doesn't separate lashes and makes them look kind of clumpy. Other than that, zero smudging or flaking. The tube is huge too. If you layer it with another separating mascara then it's awesome.
This Mascara is fantastic! It gives you volume, length and still keeps your lashes separated. It doesn’t flake at the end of the day and one tube lasts and lasts. To me this Mascara is better than some of the more expensive Mascara’s that are constantly advertised. It gives you a great curl if you wriggle it at the base of your lashes. I can’t find one fault about this Mascara.
I saw that this mascara had good reviews elsewhere but when I finally bought this mascara it was awful.  I have blonde brown lashes and a good amount of lash but this did hardly anything even though I tried the recommended way of applying it.  I don't usually have problems with mascaras, I usually look for deep colour, volumising and a bit of length.  But this mascara fell short unfortunately.  It might be good for someone with different lashes. 
Previously I never had any luck with Covergirl mascaras, but after hearing so many people rave about this mascara, I finally picked it up when I saw it on sale. I normally get smudging with most mascaras, but this is one of the few that don't smudge or transfer on me. When you first open it up, it's quite a wet formula, but after about 2-3 weeks it becomes thicker and it performs amazingly. I get the effect of fake lashes when I use this. My lashes become longer and thicker and it really makes my eyes pop, which is a miracle with my small eyes. I also love the thin applicator. I find that it easily brushes through my lashes to stop clumping while also being thin enough to get close to my lash line without smudging everywhere.   Coles and Woolworths often have Covergirl on sale, so I normally will pick up one when I see them on sale. I'm currently on my 5th tube! I can't rave about this enough and it completely deserves the hype it gets. 
I always use max factor 2000 calorie mascara which is amazing but when I went to buy more recently my local store was out so I bought this simply because it was on special and I was desperate. I was pleasantly surprised it coated well and evenly, did not flake, great easy to use brush and left my lashes long, thick and luxurious. I would still go back to my max factor but this runs a close second for me
This is a great mascara. I initially picked it up expecting something decent but not special, but over time, it's become a favourite and I repurchased when I finished the tube - the ultimate tick. I love the plastic wand, it makes for even distribution and a natural look. It's my go-to off-duty mascara, as it gives me natural length and definition, and never looks cakey. My lashes feel light while wearing it, and once dry, it doesn't smudge. My only downside is the chemical scent, but this is admittedly not too strong and unnoticeable once the mascara is applied and dry. I often find myself reaching for it to use as a second coat for other more thickening mascaras, as the brush tends to seperate lashes at the base far better than other, thicker formulas. It also tends to be the one I throw into my handbag for reapplying mascara throughout the day or night.  It's a great little all-rounder, especially for the price. Would recommend to anyone.
This mascara gives me a lot of volume and length to my lashes like false lashes and it also enlarges my eyes after I applied it on my lashes. It does not gives crumbs but very smooth. It has a great mascara brush that brush my lashes perfectly, and the tiny brushes on the top of the wand also help brushing my lashes in the corners of my eyes. In addition to the drug store price mascara, this is my only drug store mascara I keep buying and I highly recommend this mascara!
I tried the Covergirl Supersizer on the recommendation of none other than Tati aka glamlifeguru on Youtube after running out of my Maybelline Miss Manga mascara. And I have to say between the 2 I prefer the Maybelline one. While the Super sizer is good. It volumisers and lenthens, but the Maybelline one does it much more. Its a good mascara, im not saying no. But there are others that I like better. I love the wand in the supersizer. Its so thin that you can apply it to the bottom lashes like a dream and I can clearly see it DOES make a difference.  I wouldn't say dont buy it. Its a good place to start if you dont use mascara that often or if you dont need much help with your lashes.
The COVERGIRL Super Sizer Mascara has been one of my absolute favourite mascaras in the last year. Introduced in a favourites video by none other than Lauren Curtis, I was urged to try this little bottle of magic.  The formula is of a smooth consistency and does not smell too potent either - unlike some other mascaras. The narrow wand and fine teeth, make separating and coating each individual lash super easy. This really gives my lashes a lot of volume and length without looking overly crumbly. Simply wriggle the wand from the base of the lashes to the ends in a curling motion. I do recommend, however, waiting at least half a minute between each coat of mascara to avoid it looking like a clumpy mess! Try to avoid rubbing your eyes when wearing this mascara as it does go slightly crumbly with contact. Not waterproof either, but will hold up if your eyes happen to water a little throughout the day! Overall, a great mascara by COVERGIRL - so much better than the Lash Blast series!