COVERGIRL TRUblend Makeup Primer Combo Skin

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COVERGIRL TRUblend Makeup Primer Combo Skin is a primer that works to prepare skin for smooth and flawless foundation application. The long-wearing, balancing formula helps to minimise shine and keep dry patches hydrated. 

Suitable for combination skin.


COVERGIRL TRUblend Makeup Primer Combo Skin


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This is a surprisingly really nice primer! I've never found a primer that I've truly liked- I hated the feeling of Smashbox and Make Up Forever primers, and I don't think most setting sprays work for my skin, but this actually does a really nice job in combination with my moisturizer and foundations I'm currently using. My skin is very oily, and it tends to run rampant as the day goes on, and I was convinced nothing would really be able to help with that. This helps my makeup last longer, it helps it stay in place, and it controls the amount of oil I see on my face, the feeling of it, and the shine. It really helps everything stay matte, and it hasn't caused any irritation or breaks outs yet. My only concern might be that it could have the potential to be too drying during the winter, but other than that, it seems to do the job I expected, and it surpassed my expectations. The consistency is exactly like a lightweight moisturizer. i apply a thin layer of Clearasil moisturizer wait for it to sink in, then apply this primer focusing on my t zone where i get most oily. This really does work well for oily skin. 
This primer is pretty average. For the price, it's an ok product if you'd like to get I to using primers for the first time. But having tried many primers, it's not enough for me. It's very lightweight, and sinks into the skin well. It's almost as if it's another moisturiser. I don't find that it effects how long my makeup wears at all. I feel as though my foundation wears off the same as if I were just applying it to my face without primer underneath.