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Covitol is a versatile cream that treats a broad range of common skin irritations and offers a thick, smooth barrier for long-lasting protection. Covitol is specially formulated with high levels of Cod Liver Oil, which is naturally rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Omega 3. It also contains Zinc Oxide, Paraffin and Lanolin. Together they seal out moisture and germs and help skin irritations to disappear quickly. Covitol Cream provides a thick, smooth barrier for long lasting protection and helps to relieve nappy rash, mild eczema, dermatitis, sunburn, cuts and scrapes. Colour and Fragrance Free. Low Allergy.

Directions for use: Massage the tube for few seconds before use. Apply to affected area three times daily.

AUST L 101190

Always read the label. Contains hydroxybenzoates and fish products. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.

Available in 75g RRP $7.95 and 150g RRP $12.50




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Soothes and protect

This stuff is amazing! This cream is not just great for babies. It is a great cream for skin irritation, sunburn, scrapes, eczema and dermatitis as well. I used this for my kids skin irritations. I am happy with the healing process. This cream has a pretty thick creamy paste like texture that kind of sits on the skin. It smells not nice. But it is bearable. I would recommend this cream to anyone who has any skin irritation issues or sensitive skin, as it is very gentle on the skin. Definitely buy this one again.


I highly recommend Covitol as a nappy rash cream because it has worked for my babies nappy rashes. The cream is thick so I find that when I apply it to the nappy rash and put a fresh dry nappy on my baby it does stay on the skin and doesn't rub off onto the nappy. And when my baby has a wet nappy the cream stays on and the skin is guarded by the cream from getting any worse. I find that it hydrates the area and soothes as my child doesn't cry when I wipe the sore nappy rash area with a baby wipe since using this amazing cream. I also love that it contains natural ingredients which are: Zinc oxide Cod liver oil - Rich in Vitamin A & D and Omega 3 Paraffin Lanolin Beeswax Highly recommend.