Dove Intensive Repair Moisture Shampoo

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Dove Damage Therapy Intensive Repair Moisture Shampoo is a nourishing shampoo for dry hair. The formula contains Keratin Repair Actives, which work on the keratin in hair to strengthen the proteins at the cellular level. At the same time, it strengthens the hair fibre and prevents split ends. The formula features a Micro Moisture Serum that nourishes
the hair from root to tip and seals lifted cuticles to help protect against future damage. 

Price above is for 320mL. Also available in 640mL.


Dove Intensive Repair Moisture Shampoo


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This is a very rich shampoo that is great for bringing back some life to dry hair. Even without the corresponding conditioner, hair feels and looks soft - great for when your straw-like hair needs an overhaul. Having said that, let me repeat how rich this is. Very. So while it nourishes the hair strands, it also brings a lot of moisture the scalp. I end up with greasy roots really quickly with this shampoo, which then weighs my hair down. So while I do end up with soft hair, I can't maintain any volume at the crown plus my hair looks greasy really quickly. It's a good enough alternative to hair masques for when your hair needs a little TLC, but I find I can't use this long term.
While I am giving this 4 stars, please read on! First off, so you know where I'm at - I have long, curly hair with highlights and balayage. As my hair is naturally drier than someone with straight hair (of course I am generalising, totally realise it is possible to hair dry, straight hair!), along with having it lightened every 8 weeks or so, hydration is EVERYTHING. That being said, so is hair health in general. If given the choice, I will only ever use products with safe, gentle ingredients. That being, if there is something on the ingredients list that is also in your car wash ingredients list, it shouldn't be going anywhere near you! I give this product 4 stars because it is the only chemist/supermarket brand product that leaves my hair soft and hydrated. it is my go to if I run out of my usual shampoo/conditioner and can't access/afford a salon brand. That being said, this should never be used long-term no matter the hair type (sorry!). As our Lord and Saviour Johnathan Van Ness says, Sodium Laureth Sulfate is the main ingredient used to clean your car - it has NO place on you! Unfortunately, while this shampoo and conditioner delivers wonderful short-term results, if used for an extended period of time you will begin to notice it actually effecting the overall health of your hair in a bad way. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is one of the main ingredients.  Sorry to be a party pooper, but this information is SO important to me. Again, still my favourite in a bind. 
Dove shampoo is our family staple shampoo and conditioner. It is suitable for all the family and is of high quality like all Dove products. Whilst I switch around my shampoos, I default back to Dove. Neither of the kids complain about using this and it seems gentle on their scalp too.  A high recommendation from all of us on Dove Hair Therapy.
This is the only range that my husband and I both agree on and believe me I have tried some MUCH pricier options from my hairdresser and we keep coming back to this and at the price it is an absolute bargain.  The scent is not too floral - which is why we both use it and the products (shampoo and conditioner) and leave my very long hair feeling healthy and full of condition but also suit his short hair.  I love this shampoo and feel it really cleans well - I always combine it with the matching conditioner but if you have very oily hair I'd possibly look at one of the less rich conditioners in the range. I would recommend this for people wanting to combat the effects of sun and styling products on their hair and wanting quick effective results without having to fork out a fortune!!
This shampoo smells great with an appealing slightly soapy perfume scent which lingers in my hair some hours later. The shampoo leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished and is perfect for daily use. I apply the shampoo while massaging it into my hair focussing on my oily roots and damaged ends. I also use the matching conditioner to apply extra nourishment and treatment to my hair. This shampoo would suit anyone who wants an everyday shampoo which isn't drying or damaging to their hair. I feel its suitable for the entire family. This shampoo is suited for those with normal to dry hair, not if you already have very oily roots.
LOVE IT! I finally found a great shampoo from the drugstore. I've been searching for one in a very long time and this is the one. It leaves your hair clean but yet moisturised, smooth and very easy to style afterwards. I have extremly dry,frizzy and damaged hair so this shampoo works wonders for me! BUT if you have extremely oily hair steer clear from this product! It won't do any good it'll only add more moisture to your roots and oiliness. Overall the packaging is great, the price is wonderful and you get a decent amount. It's recommended using the Intensive Repair Moisture Conditioner as well but any normal hair mask/conditioner would do the job.