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Dr Roebuck’s Face Anti-Aging Moisturiser

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Dr Roebuck’s Face Anti-Aging Moisturiser is a hydrating face cream formulated with vitamin E, macadamia oil and rosehip oil to calm, soothe and hydrate the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Dr Roebuck’s Face Anti-Aging Moisturiser


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This is one of my favourite products, especially for under the eyes as an eye cream and my cheeks and dry spots. It is luxuriously smooth and creamy, but still lightweight and doesn't feel greasy and thick like some creams. Very hydrating, one of the best moisturisers I've tried in terms of actually moisturising! Great for sensitive skin, doesn't clog pores and I love that it has no overwhelming fragrance. This also works quite well as a primer straight under makeup, it sinks into skin very quickly. It is a bit expensive for the amount you get, but it feels like a special treat when you put it on, it's like you're treating yourself to a spa day!
This is as the name suggests, a very Pure moisturiser. I have not used anything as light and gentle as this cream. It is soft and light on my skin. I use this moisturiser on my face and my neck and décolletage. It is light and creamy and cool to touch and immediately sinks into my skin without feeling heavy or greasy. The ingredients are pretty impressive, with natural oils and is paraben free. There is no fragrance which is fine for me, because I am interested in the results more than the scent.  The cream is easy to use, I just lightly dab some onto my skin and my skin is soft and feels fresh and comfortable. There is no drying or tightness in my skin. The results I see is that my skin feels soft and very hydrated and touchable. My fine lines aren't as visible as my skin looks plump and dewy. Pros: Low priced Natural ingredients Fragrance free Light on my skin Cons: Don't expect immediate results, keep applying the moisturiser daily and look forward to smooth skin Tips: I also apply this moisturiser slightly thickly and use as an overnight sleeping mask, especially focusing on applying on my décolletag. In the morning, I wake up with soft and refreshed skin. 
I recieved this in a prize and had never heard of the brand. I have mature skin that is still a little oily so I find products for my age can be too heavy and greasy. This when rubbed in was surprisingly light and I did notice a difference in fine lines. I would recommend this for anyone who likes natural products, however  I would probably stick to my tried and tested bigger name brands
I recently received this in a Health Parcel and even though I've only used it for a few days ,I know what I like-and I like this a lot already! The sample size I received was in a little brown plastic tube. It appealed to me straight away being all natural (rosehip, vitamin e ,macadamia, lavender). We absorb a lot of the products we put on our skin and it instantly makes me happier to see natural ingredients and know I'm not poisoning my body with unnecessary chemicals.The moisturiser itself is a thick white cream and has a mild, earthy scent with a hint of lavender. I was initially worried by the rich creamy texture of this product as my skin gets quite oily so I stick to light moisturisers in general. However, once applied after cleansing , I found it felt surprisingly lightweight! It absorbed super fast and my skin was just left feeling soft and smooth. It was incredibly gentle and actually felt nice to wear. I generally use a separate moisturiser for day than I do of a night-but this one works well for both! It is rich and hydrating enough for night, yet lightweight enough to wear under foundation of a day. I wore it with my mineral foundation and it made a great smooth surface to apply my makeup on. I haven't noticed any incredible results on the wrinkle reducing front but I am young and don't have a whole heap of those to begin with! It definitely does provide soft and hydrated skin without being heavy and clogging . Will definitely look into purchasing once my sample runs out! Pros Lightweight Hydrating Natural Ingredients Fragrance free Suitable for all skin types Australian made and owned Cons Price is quite high but a little goes a long way so it would last a very long time I'd recommend this for anyone looking for a gentle, lightweight moisturiser that makes skin smooth, soft and supple and would suit all skin types.