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Dyson Corrale™ Straightener uses patented Dyson flexing plates that shape to gather hair, delivering enhanced styling with less hair damage, whilst also providing cord-free versatility. Achieve outstanding style anywhere, at any time – quicker.


Dyson Corrale™ Straightener


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Did not expect this...

Remember those days not being in the mood to vacuum that mess again and again, just one area where the pet, kids or your partner just made mess again? Dragging out the giant clunky vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard/storage, dragging cord out and finding closest power output (hoping here there is no stuff to move out to access the power plug)...then putting it all back. Then Dyson comes out with sleek, minimalistic cordless device that just hangs on the wall always charged and ready to go? And you just take it, walk around, mess gone, click the cordless vacuum back on the wall...ah bliss. So... When was the last time I had a fab hair day and actually made an effort? Dragging that device out of the box, not having power outlet near my mirror and all tools I need, getting tangled while flipping my extra long hair around and about, leaving the device to cool with cord lying everywhere, placing it back in the box, in the cupboard later on....having to do hair treatment to restore hydration to my ends...Do not remember when I wore my hair down and looking nice (oh, last year's 'special' event?) ....until now. [drumroll] Dyson - The Game Changer. Take the Corrale device off the dock, move about, pop it back on the dock. Go. Having lightened/bayalaged hair bits, very fine texture, plenty of hair that reaches tailbone...damage was evident and logical. So to take care of it, repaired it with -plexes and I needed to avoid heat styling. That meant fuzz ball hair style (I have wavy to frizzy straightish fuzz)...that just hangs in there. Looks like a broom. Then Dyson does it...said something like: our new innovation has flexy plates that corrale your hair, 100 times per second checks and adjusts temperature, evenly distributing heat trough all hair squished in between plates, keeping hair put (does not slip sideways and gets caught and ripped), 3 heat levels options (you adjust what you need for your hair type/results you want), 30 min on battery charge cordless (lower heat setting longer battery life, highest 210 degrees less)...etc etc For my hair state and type, this device is a game-changer. Since getting the Corrale styler (3 weeks ago), I have used it after every hair wash (2xweek). My hair same healthy, soft, shiny and silky. Claim that does not damage hair as other stylers can, yup, correct. On one battery charge I style my hair twice on mid setting (185 degrees C), so charging Dyson once per week. This is when I do fast and fab Corrale and Go styling. I keep the styler on its dock that takes so little space (size of my Galaxy s10+). Having no power outlet near my mirror, this cordless one gives me freedom to actually see what I am doing now! Walking around the house, on the go I do finishing touches while sipping beverage. It is freedom that cordless feature gives that means everything to me! Oh...and results! Hair ends are usually stiff when I was styling with my old device, and did not move in a healthy fashion after (felt dry). After Dyson, hair does not lose body, hair from tips to ends soft and flowy! And shiny. And silky. Just bliss. Even more amazing thing: I can finally wear wavy spirally locks! And beachy waves...and everything. Not just sleek straight hair after ironing it. With this styler I am wearing hair differently each time. Changing texture and shape. I could never have this before! Last time when wavy locks were attempted was by a professional stylist and best tools on the market, plus finished with hairspray... 15 minutes later I took picks, on which my hair was straight! People who were with me witnessed what I meant by: my hair does not, can not, will not do anything but hang down fuzzy or straight (if ironed), can not hold any style...my hair was straight. yup. All that effort...poor guy. Strangely after doing my hair with Dyson, style and textures I do now stay (I use heat-protect/conditioning spray before styling). And stay. Also on a windy day (previously on a windy day my hair wood look like a giant puff, so had to be braided or in a bun all the time)! All day unchanged! And first time since I can remember...I got random compliments from people while passing by on my hair! This made me realize: yes, there is something to this gadget. Rambling again...in short: cordless, 3 heat setting, fast charging, not damaging (to my hair), leaves hair soft to the ends, silky, shiny, creating different textures in a jiffy while going around and about sipping beverage, makes style actually stay put (unlike in past, my 'locks' created by other styling devices would go straight in about 15-20 minutes.) without using hairsprays or texturizers. Comes with heat resistant well made travel mat, charging dock, magnetic click on cord (that attaches either to the device or dock). Using Dyson Corrale to me is like using my paddle brush. That easy. And that fast to create hair style that looks (way) better than my fuzz fur hairdo. Price? It is (per quoting of my local hairdresser in Sydney on my hair length/amount and styling that I do at home myself "from 350$") not even two visits to a hairdresser.
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Game Changer!

The corrale is INCREDIBLE. After 2 babies I have a mess of new greys, different lengths of post partum regrowth, and to top it all off my ‘old’ hair and ‘new’ hair are two different textures - one of which is style resistant, frizzy ringlets. Let me tell you, I had tried EVERYTHING. Expensive and cheap stylers, creams, sprays. Nothing kept my baby hairs from frizzing and curling after 20 mins. That is, until I tried the Corrale. One pass at 165 degrees with no products and my hair was sleek, straight and SHINY - for 3 whole days! I went out, went for walks, slept on it, tied it up multiple times and all it needed was a quick brush and I’m ready to go. I still can’t get over it. The cordless feature is SO convenient. I can style my hair anywhere I want! And have rarely used more than half the battery doing any style on my medium length hair. Curling is so easy as I’m not getting tangled with a cord, not to mention the flex plates that keep my section of hair together from root to ends for a complete, perfect curl. My favourite part is that I only need to use 165C for styling! Love that I don’t have to compromise the health of my hair for amazing results. If you style your hair, especially if you think you have frizzy, uncontrollable hair - I highly recommend this! It’s unlike any other straightener I’ve tried and I don’t think I could go without it.
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Expensive, but amazing!!

Thanks to BeautyCrew I was able to participate in the online virtual masterclass for the new Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener, learning all about the product and picking up a few tips and tricks on how to use it effectively. The experience was very positive and well run, so big kudos to all that were involved. So in to the product review.. this straightener is the latest hair styling tool released by tech giants Dyson. They have previously released a hair dryer and curling/styling tool, both of which I have heard nothing but positive reviews of, but neither of which I have purchased given the high-end price point. The main feature which I was attracted to in this hair straightener is the fact that is it cordless. The battery lasts around 30 minutes, which is more than enough time for me to style my hair, but it does come with a charging cord which you can attach while continuing to use. The fact that there is no cord to get tangled or caught on is a massive yes from me. (The battery can also be disconnected and taken onboard planes.) Another feature which I thoroughly appreciate about the hair straightener is that the body of the straightener does not get hot. This eliminates those accidental burns on the skin, as well increasing the ease of use of the straightener, especially when it comes to curling the hair. I found I could move my hands over the entire body whilst using it without having to pull my hands away because of the heat. The straightener can be used on a number of different heat settings. I have naturally rather straight hair which isn't too thick, so I have been using the 165 degree settings. This is more than enough for my hair, and less than what other straighteners offer. This means that my hair does not get anywhere near as hot as it used to when straightening, and I would assume this means I am causing less damage (hopefully). The flexible plates felt a little different on my hair when I first started using the straightener, but before long I did not notice it. They did seem to gather my hair a little better than other straighteners, but again my hair is pretty straight so I haven't had a lot of issues in the past. My main concern of the dyson straightener was the weight of it. When I first opened up the box I couldn't believe how heavy it felt in my hand compared to other tools I have used. However, as soon as I started using the straightener I never once noticed it's weight. It is so much easier to manoeuvre, I only need to run over hairs once, and I never noticed any fatigue in my hands or arms after extended use - which was my main worry. Overall, the Dyson Corrale was an absolute delight to trial. It was very easy to use, has some very handy features, and left my hair looking and feeling great. Is it the best hair straightener I have used? ABSOLUTELY! But do I think it's worth $699? Hard to say. I probably wouldn't pay that much for it as I don't style my hair all that often, and I don't think that many of my friends or family would be able to justify such a big spend. So I don't think it's accessible to a lot of people, which is a shame because I think it would probably convert anyone who tried it. (The price point is the only reason I dropped a star from my rating.) But it does come with a solid warranty and it is a game changer, so I would probably recommend it for hairdressers, hair enthusiasts or anyone just looking to splash out and treat themselves really.
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A Game Changer Invention

The Dyson Coralle Hair straightener is powered with a Four Cell Lithium Ion battery, which means you can charge your straightener (just like your phone) and use it CORDLESS !! That is a biggest game changer for me. I would say this is the TESLA of hair straighteners. I am always in a rush getting ready to go to an event or party . Getting my hair styled takes the longest of my time . With the cordless functionality I can now skip styling my hair and use that time to do my makeup and then straighten my hair in the car while my husband is driving. Since I got this Straightener I have already taken it to work in my handbag at least twice a week to style my hair for after work dinners. It is so convenient to whip it out of my bag and style my hair at my work desk just before heading out for the dinner. Also styling at home , I am not restricted to the bathroom where I can plug it in, I can straighten my hair while sitting comfortably on my bed :) The Straightener takes around 70 minutes to fully charge and the charge lasts for around 30 minutes. It comes with a handy charging dock which you can use to display/charge your straightener on top of your dressing vanity. I usually use the dock/stand to place my straightener while I am parting my hair to style. That way it gets charged in between giving you extra time to use it cordless. If the straightener runs out of charge you can easily attach the cord (attaches magnetically and rotates 360 degrees ) on the bottom of the straightener and use it the conventional way of using straighteners with a cord. Love the beautiful design of the straightener, it is very luxe . Love the OLED display that indicates the heat setting and battery charge indicator. There is also a nifty sliding lock switch that lets you close the straightener for storage and travel. On the other side of the straightener there is a clip with an airplane symbol which when you unclip it , it disengages/disconnects the battery . This is handy for when you are travelling on a plane for safety reasons , the straightener cannot accidently turn on or heat up inside your bag. My only concern is this clip can break off easily so have to be careful with how you handle it. The Coralle has flexing plates . Which means the plates hold down your hair , maintaining the tension as you glide the straightener down your hair. What this has meant for me is , it takes only one glide to straighten my hair. I do not have to go over one section more than once like I used to with my other straightener . This is so much healthy for my thin hair as it is not getting heat damage. The Coralle also maintains the heat settings , the most surprising thing is with the Coralle ,I use the lowest heat setting for my long hair 165 degrees Celsius and still get smooth , sleek hair. I have never been able to achieve the smooth hair with low heat settings with other hair straighteners. It made my hair straight , smooth and glossy in just one glide. After using it for several days back to back my hair condition is great, healthy and the ends do not snap/break as they usually do with other hair straighteners. I am 100 % happy with the condition of my hair. Other feature I love is that the Coralle has a 10 minute automatic shutdown. That is a huge relief because I am often forgetful and then worry whole day wondering if I have switched off my appliances. I also love the velvet travel pouch that you get with your Coralle. Great for storage and travel. I have been playing around with the Coralle to create different styles. I could create waves, curls , mermaid hair waves (by bending your hair back and forth with your Coralle) and I am loving the versatile styles I can achieve without damaging my hair. To conclude, I love the cordless functionality , the results of smooth, straight and glossy hair with the lowest heat settings and just going over hair once. The Coralle works faster than other hair straighteners. Leaves my hair healthy and glossy without heat damage. I know the price of the Coralle is a huge barrier but I think it is a great investment piece. Something you get to celebrate a huge milestone for example and be able to enjoy it for years.
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Makes heat styling your hair effortless!

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is truly like no other heat styling hair tool. There are so many unique and incredibly user friendly features that make this styler the only hair tool I've been using since I received it! The fact that this tool is totally portable and cordless is a game changer! Using a straightener without a power cord has made styling, particularly curling, my hair effortless and so much quicker. No more untangling the cord or having it knock over my makeup and skincare that sits on my bathroom vanity. The portable charging station is quite compact and keeps the Corrale nice and secure in-between styling my hair. My next favourite feature of the Dyson Corrale is the copper alloy flexing plates. In simple terms, the flexing plates ever so gently grip your strands of hair to ensure that the heat is evenly distributed as you style. These plates are temperature regulated 100 times per second! The result of this is the ability to effectively style your hair on what I would consider to be quite a low heat setting. There are three heat setting options - 165, 185 and 210 degrees Celsius. No more scorching of your tresses for the sake of a good hair day! My fine and frizzy hair has never looked as smooth, shiny and silky as it does after I've straightened or curled it with the Dyson Corrale! Another quality feature that really makes the Dyson Corrale a great investment is the durability. During production testing, Dyson ensured that the Corrale could withstand being accidentally dropped whilst being used and it also includes safety features such as automatically turning off after 10 mins of inactivity. As a Mum of two girls, I really believe it is a great investment tool for all of us to use without the heartbreak of it being accidentally damaged!! I'm incredibly happy and impressed with the Dyson Corrale Straightener. The quality is unquestionable and another great product from the reputable Dyson brand.
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Outstanding results

The Dyson Corrale Straightener is hands down the best straightener I’ve ever used. Somehow Dyson have managed to make a straightener that adapts you your hair between the plates and corralles it into position, meaning less heat is required and less passes over the hair, win win! Use of the Dyson Corrale Straightener is so easy, even the very inexperienced can get professional results at home. You simple press the power button and select your desired temperature, wait about 10 seconds for it to heat (so fast!) and away you go. Amazingly the Corrale is a hybrid, you can use it cordless which is perfect if you’re popping away for a night or weekend, you don’t need to pack the charger or stand just pop out the flight safe battery chip, store it in the heat proof travel bag (included in the box) and away you go. If you need slightly longer to style your hair just plug in the magnetic charger and keep going. I personally found the 30 minute charge time to be enough. When not in use attach the charger to the stand and you’ll be ready to go for the next use. I’ve been using the straightener every second day for a bit over two weeks now and am amazed at the lack of damage my hair. After use and the following day my hair is smoother, sleeker, healthier, shinier and substantially less frizzy than with other competitors devices. I’ve stopped using a smoothing treatment after straightening which is amazing, a little bit of heat protectant spray is enough for beautifully sleek hair. Since I’ve been trialling the Dyson Corrale Straightener I have been so impressed with the quality and results I’m seriously considering buying the Air Wrap and Dryer. This is suitable for everyone with every skill level, from a complete novice to professional hairdressers (I know, my hairdresser tried to steal mine after having a play with mine!). It is worth every cent.
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Amazing new cordless straightener

Dyson Corrale Straightener is one of the prettiest straighteners out there. In addition to the straightener itself, the charging dock also looks absolutely awesome. If only I had enough room on my vanity, I would have it on display at all times.   When I first held Dyson Corrale Straightener, I was a bit scared of the weight of it. But as soon as I actually used in on my hair, the weight wasn't a problem at all! And the reason being - it is cordless! The option to use it cordless, anywhere in the house, means that I can wave my hand around and not worry about the cord getting caught in something restricting my movement. But if there is a need to use it with a cord, then the cable rotates 360 degrees. The on and off button is easy to use, straightener "opens up" when I click open and it is super easy to operate. OLED display shows the battery level and temperature, which makes it easy to know which one of the 3 temperatures I am using. The straightener has flexing plates, meaning that all the hair actually stays in place whilst being straightened; no more random flyways . I started by charging my straightener, then applied heat protectant and oh boy how easy the straightener was to operate. All my hair actually stayed in place and most importantly, was so smooth and shiny! I used the lowest heat setting because it the safest for my thin hair and I was surprised to see how healthy my hair looked. With some other straighteners, my hair has been left so dry and brittle. I have been using the straightener for making waves and straightening my hair, there are heaps of options to style my hair and it is so easy to use. It is also important to know that the straightener itself will not go burning hot, so there is no threat in having burn marks on cheeks or neck. Oh, and lastly - it turns off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, perfect for someone like me who has gone back home multiple times, just to check if I really turned the straightener off... I think this would be a perfect Christmas present to all the stylish ladies out there!
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Brilliant hair straightener

I am really impressed with this Dayson Corrale Straightener as it is high quality product and has great innovative technology. This comes with lovely dressing table display stand.Once device has full battery it automatically turns off and ready to do the job.It is really convenient as it can use corded or cordless.I really like the feature of three temperature settings and flexing plates.It helps to gather and style my hair without damaging.It is easy to adjust temperature according to hair type. I always use the low temperature settings when styling. I definitely feels less tuggy and less breakage my hair when styling.This straightener glide smoothly and makes my hair so smooth ,sleek and shiny.I don't need to go same section of hair more than once and which cut down my styling time. I also noticed end of the straightener not hot like my usual one.I could touch it without burning my fingers when styling.This is quite heavy than my usual straightener but It's weight balance design provide good control when styling. This is a portable straightener it includes heat resistant travel pouch for safe storage when you are on the go.Also it has a lock to keep straightener closed when not in use.Which i found really useful when it come to packing them.I also like the safety aspect of this function. This is a super brilliant hair straightener that makes a huge different as i know how much heat i am putting on my hair and how much time i am saving.Also my hair look perfectly straighter, smoother and shine because everything applied evenly.I would highly recommend this anyone who wants to style your hair without damaging.
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Easy to use and cordless!

The Dyson Corrale hair straightener is amazing - it is cordless and can be used for up to 40 minutes before it needs charging and it makes my hair look great no matter the style. It sets the bar high for all other hair straighteners. First, looking at the design of the straightener, it's easy to hold, doesn't feel too heavy and it looks so sleek and modern. There is a charging station for the straightener which attaches to it magnetically. Even if you choose to do your hair with the cord it attaches to the end of the straightener magnetically and you can easily put it in and take it out! The straightener itself is awesome because it doesn't pull or tug at your hair and it glides so easily, distributing the heat evenly without leaving any lines in your hair. The good thing about the straightener is that you can put it at the lowest temperature and it still does a very good job of styling your hair while also causing minimal damage. Besides just straightening your hair the Dyson Corrale can also be used for creating loose curls, waves and ringlets. What's also special about the straightener is the exterior doesn't get hot so you don't have to worry about accidentally burning yourself. Overall, I've been really impressed by the Dyson Corrale and I've enjoyed using it.
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I cannot recommend this product enough, it has revolutionalised my mornings! Easy to use, cord-free styling and long -lasting charge. A huge improvement on my current, very popular branded product, that styles well at a cost to my hair health. The precision heating system of the Corrale ensures effective styling , with only one go over on low heat. Two weeks and my hair is smoother, shinier and healthier already. I can't wait to see the improvement over a longer period.
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Cordless, low heat straightening perfection!

The Dyson Corrale is very easy to use! Once you press the ‘on’ button, you are prompted via a screen to adjust the temperature and the straighter even beeps to let you know when it’s ready. I have wavy unruly hair that is coarse, even on a low temp of 165deg I got a smooth finish that still looked natural ( I’m not a fan of the ultra flat iron look!). I straightened my side fringe without a problem and I’m convinced it’s from the flexible plate that I got the perfect flick. What I liked the best was that my hair wasn’t hot to touch and I only had to go over each section ONCE, this never normally happens even with my very expensive popular branded straightener. I’m always going over each section 2-3 times. A once over really cuts down the hair straightening time. Being cordless is amazing, especially if like me, you have kids who are trying to grab at the cord. Also being cordless means I can straighten my hair in any room. I’ve already recommended this to family and friends, all who have various types of waves and curls or kinks in their hair. The Dyson corrale really is the ultimate tool for the modern women, who is time poor, usually running around doing her hair, chasing kids and getting ready in a hurry. My favourite function is definitely the cordless function but I also love that you can still get a beautiful shiny finish at a low heat.
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Amazing product

Im in love with this beautiful straightener. There are so many reasons why I have fallen in love with this product. First of all it’s cordless, the battery stays up to 30 mins but for me it only takes 10 mins to iron my hair so it’s perfect. Secondly i don’t have to go over and over again When I’m ironing my hair. I only had to go through sections just once. For me the the main reason why I like this is the straightened hair looks natural it doesn’t look dead straight. My hair looks natural straight which is amazing. I used the mid temp setting to iron my hair and it worked just fine