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Eau Thermale Avène Micellar Lotion is a 3 in 1 no rinse lotion. It cleanses, removes make-up and impurities and tones the skin. The non-greasy, refreshing formula offers the anti-irritant and soothing benefits of Avène Thermal Spring Water and the moisturising properties of sodium hyaluronate. It leaves skin feeling soft and fresh. Micellar lotion has been specifically formulated for the cleansing and make-up removal of sensitive skin. Paraben free, it is formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reaction and it is non comedogenic. Apply morning and/or evening.


Eau Thermale Avène Micellar Lotion


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My skin is combination skin type with oily t-zone. Nice make up remover. Gentle clean the eyes mascara and doesn´t irritate the eyes. Great texture. the lotion suggested that we don´t need to rinse it off, it does leave a smooth and clean feeling in the skin where is applied. I do still cleanse my face with another cleanser before applying this lotion as a toner for me. I haven´t had any bad reaction to the product. I would recommend it for travel since it can do two things at a time. Worth thee price tag, amazing french pharmacy brand

So very effective

This is one of the most effective micellar waters I have used. It leaves no trace of makeup and is soothing and gentle on my skin. It is a bit pricey but because it works so well, I do not mind. Not a lot of product is required so this bottle lasts a long time.

Avène Micellar Lotion

I love Avène because it is so gentle on my skin. I wear makeup and cleanse in the shower and then I use the Micellar Lotion to make sure all of the residue has disappeared. It never lets me down and I will continue to use it.

Cleansing water, makeup remover and toner?

This micellar lotion is very gentle. I have combo to oily skin, big pores and do not wear makeup often. SPF when out on sun. With removing, I need micellars when taking regular mascara off, spf and lippy, plus grime and oils off the face. This Lotion also can be left as a toner. In the morning I would wipe my face clean and apply spf when going out and on the go. Since I got 400mL bottle I keep small travel bottle for decants when going away and staying over somewhere. Being gentle and not stripping, leaving skin feeling so comfortable and hydrated naturally, zero tightness...at times I do leave it on (as a toner) when too lazy to apply whole skincare routine. In the evenings I would use it to remove everything off, rinse and apply night skincare. Overall does great job at removal for me and my needs. It is gentle. Cleans the skin well. Does not leave skin tight, just healthy, comfortable and hydrated. Can be used and left as s toner. I buy when on sale, full price is 40 ish dollars for 400mL (even though it lasts for a super long time and can double up as a toner, not just cleansing water and makeup remover).
I just adore this Micellar Lotion. Its got to be one of my favourite products. Its very gentle on my skin but does such a great job at just gently wiping away impurities. I have bought it as a gift more than once for my girl friends and family, they love it too.
I like to keep a bottle of micellar water in my toiletries bag when I travel and when I cane across a small bottle of Avene micellar water the size sold me. The micellar water is great at removing my makeup but not so much my eye makeup, especially mascara. When a little bit got in my eyes it stung which I haven’t had from my ‘normal’ micellar brand.  I found it left a film on my skin which I didn’t like, I feel like I have to rinse or wash my face after use which defeats the purpose really. For me this is better suited as a pre cleanse if I’m travelling.
One of my favourite Micellar waters, in my opinion it is one of the best for sensitive skins. It is very gentle and cleanses well to remove makeup and impurities without stripping the skin of moisture. It keeps skin hydrated and can be used on the delicate eye area (so there is no need to use a separate cleanser) without irritation. There is also no need to rinse when using this product, and it cleanses effectively without leaving behind any sticky feeling or greasy residue. Skin feels clean, fresh and hydrated after use. The bottle is a generous size and well priced for a top quality skincare product.
I have been using this gentle micellar cleansing lotion for a while as my daily first cleanser and there's a reason for this - it is one of the most convenient and easy cleansers I have used. It can be very tempting to just fall into bed and leave all that make-up for the morning - never a good idea - but knowing I can pour some micellar lotion on a cotton pad and then swipe most of my make-up off without even turning on a tap, somehow makes the whole process less avoidable. Best of all Avene is non-drying, unlike that other convenient cleanser - the facial wipe. I prefer to follow up with a facial oil for an evening clean, but in the morning I just use it to freshen up. I love a product that doubles up and Avene delivers, as a pretty effective eye makeup remover which does not irritate my eyes at all. I usually  use a dedicated remover to move most eye makeup and Avene to gently tidy up after, but when I travel, versatile Avene goes straight in my bag and does the whole lot. It is certainly rather higher-priced than other brands at around $30 but the 400 ml bottle has lasted me AGES, which is great value. I could never describe micellar water as an exciting product, and it has a clinical, although not unpleasant, scent. But it is very effective and convenient and does the job, so that's 5 stars from me.   
This product was recommended to me in hope to reduce oily skin and reduce blemishes. I used this every day to remove the dirt oil and make up from my skin. It removed most of my make up but not all. I wouldn't buy this again as it doesn't leave me with a completely clean face.
The Avene Micellar Lotion is a gentle cleanser that helps me to remove makeup and impurities effortlessly. Besides using this cleanser to remove makeup, I also use it to refresh my face throughout the day especially during summer. When removing eye makeup, I usually soak up a cotton pad and press lightly on my eyes for 30 seconds so that the lotion can dissolve the makeup.
I used to think that all micellar waters were created equal, but after using this one from Avene, I now know that's not the case! Rather than using this to remove makeup, I like to use it in the morning as a skin cleanser. I put a small amount on a cotton pad and wipe it all over my face, and it helps refresh and 'wake up' my skin without being harsh or drying. After using it, my skin feels super soft and hydrated and ready for the rest of my skincare routine. It is a little pricey compared to some others on the market, but I do believe that you are getting a great quality product. Highly recommend! ( especially if you have sensitive skin).
I love all Avene products, always have. This product is great for all areas of my makeup removal. Take care in the eye area when wiping.  Pros: non drying, great for contact wearers, all skin types. Cons: sting the eyes if not careful.  Overall removes makeup without irritation to skin.
I love Avene products and this micellar lotion is super effective. I use this at night to remove all traces of the days grime, makeup, dirt and oil. It is super gently on my sensitive skin and never causes irritation. I use a small amount of this on a soft cotton pad for super clean skin that also feels hydrated and nourished. This product does not feel greasy but its soothing and I love the clean fresh feel I get after use. I dont need to rinse after using this, simply remove makeup and go, super easy. It is even effective at removing hard to budge waterproof mascara without causing irritation. It makes a great toner also if I have cleansed my face and just want that little bit of extra freshness. This is a great product that I highly recommend
I’ve never been a big fan of micellar waters and have found most of them to be quite weak in their toning and cleansing capabilities, but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried out Avene’s Micellar Lotion. It was instantly noticeable how powerful, but incredibly gentle this lotion felt. It removes all my make up with ease; even eyeliner and mascara comes off in a few swipes when other eye makeup removers have me rubbing my eyes senseless trying to get all of it to come off.  The only problem is if there is too much product on the makeup pad when removing eye makeup it can sting your eyes. Using less and keeping your eyes shut does help to prevent this, but this factor is a little disappointing considering the bottle says it can be used for eye makeup removal. Unlike other makeup removers it doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils leaving it tight and dry, but cleanses and completely removes all dirt from your skin so you don’t have to go over it several times for a clean finish.  And on the other end of the spectrum, it doesn’t leave an oily residue on the skin, but moisturises the skin leaving it soft and supple. To say I was surprised by how well it worked is almost an understatement. I considered not having to wash my face afterwards because of how clean and hydrated my skin felt and I am definitely a micellar lotion convert now. This is a product suited to all skin types, especially those with sensitive skin who have troubles finding a soothing makeup remover that doesn’t irritate, because this is all that and more. Despite the issue with the eyes, I feel I’ve found a winner with this one and will be recommending it to everyone.
The Avene Micellar lotion is a micellar water to keep things simple. This is used to remove makeup and cleanse the face.Like the better micellar waters, like Simple, it removes a full face of make up.It did not cause me to breakout or my oily and dry skin
Wow, where to start with this product. I had heard many great things about the French owned Avenè brand but had never tried it myself. Usually to take off my makeup I use whatever miceller water I can find as I assumed there wasn't much difference between the types. When I found a sample bottle in a recent beauty haul I was super excited to see what the hype was about. The lotion has a mild, pleasant smell, is translucent and has the consistency exactly of water. It has an easy pop top lid so you just need to rip the bottle up then swirl it around a large cotton pad. I wear heavy (dermablend) makeup and mascara, eyeshadow and filled in brows every day. This product removes it all no problem. You just hold the pad over your eyes until it feels warm on your fingertips then continue to wipe over your face. I have oily, sensitive skin and this micellar water has been a godsend, it does not leave my face sticky or dry. In fact, it swipes up all of the oil that has collected on my t-zone at the same time! Pros Mild pleasant scent Easy to use Takes off strong makeup Hypoallergenic Non-comegenic No need to rinse after Has a base of real spring water (-located in avenè, france-how fancy!) Cons I found that when i applied too much product then held it on my eye it can tend to sting. In saying this I have VERY sensitive eyes This is only if you soak the cotton pad and then hold it directly onto your eye. I have had success however being a bit more gentle and wiping instead. Overall This lotion leaves my skin completely soothed and fresh. I always look forward to using it at the end of a long day so I can relax with clean skin afterwards. I will definitely be purchasing when this bottle empties. I am now a devoted Avenè customer.
I have tried many micelar waters. I much prefer bioderma than this one. Total waste of money. This does not remove any makeup- which i only wear lightly anyway and has no hope to remove mascara. The bottle is easy to use which is a positive and the price is ok
I love a great micellar lotion that is designed for sensitive skin like mine! This one from Avène and the one by Sothys are definitely my top 2 favourites.  East to dispense and so gentle on my eye area I love it. I don't wear really heavy makeup, but when I do, I hold down the makeup pad with micellar lotion on it for about 30 or so seconds and then wipe. This ensures it removes that thick night time makeup. Beautiful product, highly recommend to anyone and especially a great brand if you have sensitive skin :)
I have tried a lot of micellar waters over the past few years, and I think I would have to say this has been one of the least effective. It is a real struggle to remove eye makeup with, and I don't just mean mascara. Brow products and eye shadows take a lot of rubbing to remove with this stuff. It did take off my regular face make up quite well, but I found I was having to use an additional product for my eyes which just felt like a waste of time. I think that the original Bioderma is still the best option out there, but the Simple micellar water is suprisingly good too! However, if you have sensitive skin or don't wear heavy eye makeup, this could be a great choice for you. Just too gentle for me.
I've been using this micellar water for a while and I think that it's okay.   I really don't like the opening to the bottle and find it difficult to apply the product to cotton rounds properly.  That will sound pretty weird, but I find that this sort of opener just doesn't work well for something that needs to be applied to a cotton pad.  If I open it using the push opener thing (like a shampoo/conditioner bottle), it's hard to get enough micellar water onto the cotton pad.  If I screw off the opener and go straight from the bottle, it goes everywhere.  It might be just me though. It has a light fragrance and does an okay job at removing makeup, but it definitely doesn't wow me.  I usually take off the bulk of my makeup with a makeup wipe, then go in with a few micellar moistened cotton pads.  I use one micellar cotton pad for each eye, flip it over and run them over my face.  I then use the remaining cotton pad with micellar water for my neck and chest as I put a bit of BB cream and powder there every time I wear makeup.  I use the cotton pads on my face because I've always found that (even 2) makeup wipes don't remove all my foundation.  I found that with this micellar water, I often had to use 1-2 extra cotton pads soaked to remove all traces of my makeup.  I find that the Garnier original micellar water does a better job, and is a lot more value for money.  At the price of this product, I was disappointed that it didn't work as well as other cheaper micellar waters.  It also irritated my eye once when I was removing my eye makeup.  All in all, I will use the bottle I have but I won't repurchase this.  Garnier and Bioderma are much better.