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Eau Thermale Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream

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Eau Thermale Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream is a daily moisturiser that preserves the skin balance for dry to very dry sensitive skin and soothes hypersensitive skin. It is great for allergies, acute irritations and for use following minor dermatological procedures. Skin is hydrated and soothed with a comfortable feel. The moisturiser is formulated using the ‘Sterile Cosmetics’ process that eliminates the need for preservatives, including paraben, fragrance and alcohol. It is formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reaction and it is non-comedogenic.


Eau Thermale Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream


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The Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream is the BEST cream for sensitive and irritated skin. I first received this cream as a sample size. My skin was left feeling hot and prickly and was rather red and irritated after using a face mask, when I decided to put my sample to the test.  The cream is a rich consistency, but a small pea size amount goes a long way in being able to be applied to the whole face. Within 2 minutes of application the redness completely disappeared, my skin was relieved and felt so incredibly soft and hydrated. This cream sits really well under makeup once it is completely absorbed (around 3-5 minutes) and gives me lasting hydration throughout the day, despite my skin usually being an oily type. I am lucky enough to not suffer from sensitive skin too often, but I think this would be the perfect answer to those who do and have trouble finding products that cooperate and work for them.  This product is free from preservatives, parabens and fragrance and is perfect for all skin types.
Avène products are the staple of my skin care saviours.  I suffer from dry skin and rosacea and the Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream is an essential in my daily routine.  It's stored in a sterile packaging that means every time you use it there are no worries about germs getting into the product and onto you skin.  It's light and smooth, with a mild fresh pleasant smell, no overpowering fragrances, just simple fresh and clean.  On your skin it goes on very smoothly and a little goes a long way, making it great value for money too.  The Cream contains Avène Spring Water which soothes and heals the skin - it's a product I would honestly say is the closest thing to a natural miracle.  It's suitable for all skin types, and especially for sensitive, dry, hypersensitive or reddened skin.  Use morning and night and redness and dryness is healed quickly.  Avène is the only brand I have found to really fix my skin problems, not just cover them up or mask it for a short time.  I highly recommend any products from the Avène range, including this wonderful cream, you won't regret it for a second!
This is a very good cream for sensitized skin. It calms it right down, and doesn’t add to the sensitivity your already experiencing. It soothes red skin and if you put it on before bed, you wake up with noticeably less irritated skin. I would recommend this cream to anyone, as it is a great moisturiser to also put on top of any active ingredient serum or retinol product.
Avène is a staple in my beauty regime...after all,it's French,it works,it is as pure as they come and it is for every skin type you can care to claim to have (the most sensitive of the sensitive ? This is your Holy Grail product line right here). After a somewhat "painful" experience after an eyebrow waxing,i got this to help heal and nourish my face...and it was a true miracle in a tube.At around $60 for a 50ml tube,granted it isn't the cheapest cream out there,but the sheer calming,soothing feel it gives (thanks to the amazing Avène spring water) is worth every cent.So,what makes it so great ? The rich yet soft texture is great for even younger,breakout prone skin,it is scent free and non-comedogenic (no clogged pores),it restores and illuminates your complexion,and soothes the nastiest of skin flare-ups (even my raw,burnt eye area.A week later,skin healed up enough for me to be able to apply coverup...trust me,THAT was amamzing).It is a perfect under makeup base (no oily residue to inhibit application) and seriously,a hell of a mutitasking product (men in your life will adore this post shave).At night,it calms windburnt / sunburnt skin beautifully,and lets you wake to a softened,silkier visage that shows fewer signs of ageing and weather extremes.Another plus ? NO SCENT / COLOURS OR PARABENS to create havoc. So,any drawbacks at all ? If i am to be honest,yes a tiny one....the tube.As you get toward the 1/4 full mark,the tube becomes hard to manage and impossible to get product out of...leaving you with no option but to cut open the package to extract the remaining,precious contents (i know the rationale behind this is to stop contamination,therefore prevent the cream from it's optimal purity,but it does mean a lot of wastage if you don't open the tube to get the last few mls from it) ,otherwise,this is skin heaven. Oh,and in case you too are a microdermabrasion lover (like me),this is a silken-sheet like Godsend post procedure...the redness and irritation go away like magic,and leaves you with skin reminiscent of a bub's bot bot. Winter or summer,you MUST keep this in your skincare arsenal for whatever you throw at your face...or any other family member's for that matter.It suits even your littlest person's skin without fear of reprisals.Go on,give Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream a try.If severe dermatitis or psoriasis sufferers can attest to this product,you can too. TIP:Need a little extra TLC for your skin now that winter has bid us farewell ? Try this with a spritz of the Avène water spray underneath to lock in the moisture and leave your skin glow-y.Also a must have for the men in your life if razorburn is a reality for them....this calms it down,pronto.
I have sensitive skin, and it can be hard to find suitable skincare that addresses my concerns particularly during periods where my skin is particularly irritated / flares up.  I have been an avid user of the Avene range, and a standout for me is the Tolerance Extreme Cream. I use it nightly and apply a layer, after spritzing the Avene Thermal Spring Water.  It helps to calm any irritation/itchiness and helps my skin to heal without aggravating it. It is quickly absorbed, however it does feel a bit tacky on the skin, this doesn’t bother me as much because I use it mainly at night, not during the day.  The ingredients used are gentle and well suited to my skin, it doesn’t contain any fragrance, preservatives or alcohol which I steer clear of and is my go-to no-fuss moisturiser and perfect for those searching for a solution tailored for sensitive skin.  The squeeze tube packaging is also hygienic and easy to use, however when you are almost finished, it is hard to squeeze out the remaining product.  This product has helped to heal my skin flare ups, so I have continued to repurchase. I would describe it as a good, essential moisturiser. If you are looking for anti-ageing or the latest high tech ingredients this might not be for you, however if you are looking for a moisturiser particularly tailored to sensitive skin issues this is definitely for you!
Nice gentle cream, it is super smooth and moisturising. I have quite sensitive skin so I was hesitant to try this, but it worked great! My skin felt supple, soft and without the gross build up of product it usually does. Great light lotion, I would recommend this to a friend!
This crea, is my saviour for when it's red and irritated from everything else I try. The cream is beautifully soothing and in a few days I am back on track. The cream would Ben too heavy for my skin every day, but is perfect as a treatment cream. I would use this for a few days every fortnight, it is perfect!
The only product I've ever managed to find (barring Avene's Compensating Cream) that sparks no reaction on my ultra-sensitive skin. Super gentle and fragrance free which is important to me, and has not triggered any break-outs on my acne-prone skin. I've already recommended it to a few people. However, minus half a star due to the high price; I've not been able to pick it up as often as I'd like, and have co-used it with other, cheaper moisturisers. Minus the other half a star because of it having the world's worst dispenser - it's fine when the bottle is still around 3/4 full, but gradually gets more impossible to squirt out. I've had to cut open the packaging with a good amount still inside the tube, as it just gets to the point where you can squeeze all you like and it won't come out. Also, you can't really control the amount dispensed - resulting in having to use other containers to store excess moisturiser. 
I strongly recommend Avène Tolérance Extrême Cream as it is white cream that is highly absorbent easily, fantastic for dry or irritated skin. When this  product is applied your skin is instantly relieved . After a day of applying the product your skin will be feeling relieved and recovered! My initial thoughts after using this product was amazing, my skin had recovered and was feeling fresh and back to normal. I highly recommend this product as after my first use I knew that I could rely on this product for any issues on my face as it is smooth and easy to apply leaving excellent results to my face, however this product is slightly grease, leaving possible unwanted shine to the face so i recommend this product for nighttime!
I've received a few samples of this over the last few years and always enjoy using them. The moisturiser is white ,scent free and quite rich but at the same time ,very lightweight. It absorbs quite fast and my skin is left feeling smooth,soft and hydrated. My skin is combination and sensitive and I find this cream to be very gentle and soothing whilst also evening out the dry and oily zones of my skin. This cream is perfect for even the most sensitive of skins as it is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and just incredibly gentle. I personally wouldn't purchase just because it is a bit too bland for my liking-I like a little fragrance, a little colour/character on the bottle. Something that looks and smells pretty in my bathroom. The price is also a little much for me for something that has no added benefits besides being moisturising.. Pros Gentle,hydrating moisturiser Fragrance free and hypoallergenic Suitable for all skin types and gender neutral as it is scentless Cons The price is quite steep for a moisturiser The packaging and cream are very simple and basic id recommend this for anyone with very sensitive skin looking for a gentle and effective moisturiser.
Avene makes products for skin that needs TLC as it is so sensitive and reacts to most other creams. It is soothing and moisturising and keeps my dry and sensitive skin feeling soft and supple. It absorbs beautifully and keeps my skin looking fresh and revived. I would never review a product that I felt did not work on me but everything I have tried from Avene works really well.
This is a fabulous face cream for sensitive skin, I gave it a try in winter when I was looking for a slightly heavier cream that wouldn't clog my pores.  It worked perfectly well and was fabulous for my skin but I found that because it was so perfectly unscented it seemed a bit dull to me. I know that sounds a bit silly but I don't have super sensitive skin and I like my pretty smelling creams in pretty bottles.  I found the cream to be quite thick but very absorbent and it does not leave any greasy residue. I would say it is a perfect Winter weight for my skin.  While this is a perfect product for anyone wanting an affordable, effective cream that works well on sensitive skin - I actually gave my second tube to my sister who has dry sensitive skin and she loves it. But if like me you are a fan of pretty smelling creams in pretty bottles this wont be for you. 
This is a gentle and mild cream which is kind to my skin. It is fragrance free and doesn't irritate or make my skin become too tight. I apply in the mornings and it is quickly absorbed and my skin feels soft and nourished. I wear this on days especially when I don't wear any makeup and once I apply this, I'm ready to go! It doesn't contain any harsh chemicals and I love how cool this moisturising cream feels on my skin. It also doesn't make my face oily by the afternoon, instead my skin looks soft and feels supple and looks natural.  My face sometimes gets red and itchy and it's especially on those days that I enjoy and am thankful for using this cream as it seems to settle any issues I can suddenly have with my skin.  Pros: low priced, non irritating, fragrance free Cons: it is medium thick in consistency, so apply less and then more if you need it           apply to face, neck and décolletage  Tips: I love that it's fragrance free, makes it seem much more fresher and cleaner on my skin Recommendation: I recommend this everyday moisturising face cream for women and men to use as a daily non-irritant moisturiser which keeps the skin feeling very soft. 
I trialed this product after receiving a sample from my local and pharmacy and its been love at first try! I have sensitive skin which reacts to most face creams and products. for this reason i have never bothered with a regime at all! This cream however has been a game changer. It smooths on easily, only requiring a very small amount for full face application. Its medium weight so i feel hydrated when its applied, but it doesn't sit heavy on my skin. It has no smell which means it has less irritants for me. I can apply it morning and it sits well under my makeup. I can apply it at night and feel my skin relax after cleansing off the day. The biggest thing is, not reactions, no redness, no itchiness!!! even if i have a minor itch from trying a new makeup i can apply this cream and its so soothing.  Now i have embraced my sensitive skin and can look after it with a reaction free skin care regime.