ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

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ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is an anti-wrinkle moisturiser clinically proven to improve hydration, leaving skin looking and feeling firmer and more radiant. Meet the ultimate anti-ageing cream that is giving people the confidence to go makeup free. This super moisturising, yet ultra-lightweight gel cream delivers essential hydration for younger-looking skin. Formulated with powerful marine and plant-based actives, Pro-Collagen Marine Cream helps improve the look of firmness and elasticity for a rejuvenated appearance.


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Marine Cream


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Ultimate luxury skincare

It’s easy to see why this luxury brand enjoys almost cult status among skincare enthusiasts, and this pro-collagen anti-wrinkle marine day cream is probably the most well-known product of the line. The texture and moisturizing qualities of this rich but light cream are next level, so easy to apply but leaving a hydrating layer on your skin to keep it velvety soft. With some unusual ingredients – such as marine algae for firmness and gingko biloba for cleansing, along with other actives and more usual moisturizers like shea butter and vitamin E – it is noted for its anti-ageing benefits with ongoing use. I absolutely love the way this makes my skin feel, my skin feels so soft for the rest of the day, and if I use it in the evening, I wake up to velvet skin the next morning. The marine cream has a distinctive but hard to place scent (perhaps reminding me of beach-themed items in a homewares shop), distinctive but quite subtle. Such luxury skincare definitely does not come cheap, and at $195 per 50 ml jar it is certainly not in my usual budget (or most people’s for that matter), and when the chance comes to buy discounted Elemis it sends skin care enthusiasts running, not walking, for the nearest online store. I was fortunately able to pick up one of these beauties in a deluxe size and have been enjoying it ever since. This is definitely a product to invest in, and I would highly recommend acquiring some of this day cream if you can - your skin will love you for it when you do!