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Ella Bachè Special Eye Cream

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Ella Bachè Special Eye Cream is an eye cream that was designed for the delicate eye area, introducing protection and moisture to fight against dryness, fine lines and crows feet. The eye cream is rich in lanolin, vegetable oil and mineral oil. It leaves a protective film over the skin to trap moisture, prevent dryness and surface tightness, and increase hydration. The presence of peanut oil is rich and nourishing, while lecithin and cholesterol alleviate dehydration. Squalene provides the emollient and lubricating benefits of the cream, giving it it’s whipped and lightweight texture. Skin is left feeling light and protected, without being weighted down. To use, apply morning and night with a small amount onto the fingers. Pat gently around the eye area.


Ella Bachè Special Eye Cream


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